'Squash' this name is very familiar to everybody and all are remembering very thick liquid when we hear this name first. It was available on market long years ago but today we can make it at home very easily. We all are thinking that it is very difficult to make at home but here I am showing how to make natural squash very easily with fewer ingredients. We can make squash with different fruits and vegetables in any season. It will last for at least one month without any preservatives. Usually squash will have the mixed taste of sweet and sour taste. Today, I made Mango squash which is made by ripe Mango. I have made so many squash in my house such as Orange squash, Grape Squash, Beetroot squash and Lemon squash but Mango squash is my favourite squash among them. Squashes will be very useful drink when unexpected guests come into our home especially in summer season. We can serve it very easily with Ice Cubes and Ice Water. We need not to add additional sweet to this when we serve it that is the main specialty of this cool drinks. Everybody knows about the flavour and taste of Mango so its squash also will have that special and good flavour. Mango is my favourite fruit because I like its taste very much so this squash also became my favourite drink. I would like to have natural and healthy drinks so I won't buy it from outside. I am trying to make new drinks or squash based on my ideas and concept. Mango squash also is my new idea and its taste is really amazing. Mango squash is looking very attractive with natural Yellow colour. I haven't used any types of chemicals or preservatives to this so this is completely healthy and natural cool drink. I used natural homemade Mango fruit which was there in my house. It has a great cooling effect and our body and mind will become relaxed when we use this. This recipe will be very suitable to anyone who wants to make natural cool drinks from home.   

Preparation Time - 5 minute
Cooking Time -15 minute
Decoration - Ice cubes


Mango - 10
Sugar - 1 kg
Lime juice - 2 Table spoon
Water - 1 litter

  • Remove the peel of Mango and Wash it well and cut it as small pieces.
  • Put it in a grinder and make it fine thick paste.
  • In a pan, pour Water and add Sugar to this and boil it well.
  • Then strain the extract through strainer.
  • Add Lime Juice to this extract and mix well.
  • Then add Mango paste to this and mix well for 3 minutes.
  • Turn off the fire and leave it for sometimes to become cool.
  • Take a serving glass and pour 1/4 portion of Mango squash and dilute it with chilled Water.
  • Put Ice Cubes as desired and serve it cold and fresh.  
  • If you need too much Yellow colour squash add some Yellow food colour to this.
  • You can use a little citric acid instead of using Lime Juice.
  • It will last for one month if you add citric acid without fridge. 

Mango Squash



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