Papaya is one of the famous and healthy fruit which is available in Kerala. It contains a lot of health benefits because it contains vitamins, minerals, potassium and calcium. We will get this fruit from market with very less price so everyone can use it. This fruit is available in my house and everyone in my family like this fruit very much. Here, I am showing how to make very tasty papaya juice. This is very tasty and healthy juice and its method of preparation is really very simple and easy. I used completely natural and fresh Papaya which was there in my home to make this so this doesn't contain any poisons. All ingredients I used here completely natural so it can provide extra energy immediately after using this juice. We can make it at any time whenever you need but you have to use it immediately after preparation otherwise its freshness will lost and taste also will change and some bitter taste also come. We will all health benefits if we use it immediately after making.   Mainly it is very useful in hot summer season or when we tired or coming back from work place. This is very suitable to have after lunch. This juice contains the sour taste of Lime Juice and Mint Leaves taste. I am using Honey to get sweet to each and every juice so here also I used same to get healthier juice. You can change the quantity of it based on your choice. I would like to have natural and fresh juices so I am making this completely natural. Papaya Juice is very thick juice and I am trying to make this juice when I get natural Papaya because I don't like to use Papaya Fruit directly. If we make Papaya juice with some other ingredients its raw taste will change and also get a variety good taste. So this juice recipe is very useful to anyone who is not interested to have Papaya fruit directly. Papaya is very healthy fruit so it will be very useful to everybody especially children. It will have natural and attractive Orange colour without adding any food colours so we will have the tendency to drink it. It can use on daily basis and it increases skin glow and immunity powder. Different types of Papaya will be there and its taste and colour will change based on the types which you used. In my home 3 categories are there and I used very small and good Orange colour Papaya to make this.  

Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 5 minutes


Papaya Pieces - 1/2 cup
Lime Juice - 1 Tab spoon
Mint Leaves - 2
Honey - 2 Tab spoon
Cold Water - 1/2 cup

  • In a blender, add papaya pieces, mint leaves and cold water and blend it well.
  • Then add to this lime juice and honey and blend it for 1 minute.
  • Transfer it in a serving glass and serve it. 
  • You can add sugar instead of using honey to get sweet.
  • You can make it with orange juice instead of using lime juice.
  • You can avoid mint leaves if you don't have and taste will not change.
Papaya Juice

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