Mushroom is very famous and favourite vegetable for everyone especially vegetarians. Different types of mushroom will be available on markets. Milky mushroom and butter mushroom are the main categories in shops. Here, I used oyster mushroom to make this stir fry which I have cultivated in my house. Mushroom is one of the favourite item for my family members including me because it doesn't contain any poison. It will be very beneficial to prevent cancer and helps to increases the immunity power of the human body. Mushroom is very costly vegetable on markets. I haven't ever bought mushroom from markets because oyster mushroom is available in my house. It is very tasty mushroom and also looking very attractive and beautiful. In hotels and restaurants mushroom dishes are available with very high prices. Mushroom fry is using as the starter item and mushroom masala and mushroom soups are popular and available dishes of mushroom. Here, I made very easy and simple mushroom fry with traditional ingredients. I used bird eye chilli to get spicy so its taste is really good and variety. It has the health benefits of both mushroom and bird eye chilli. It is completely a traditional stir fry because its main ingredients are coconut and coconut oil. Oyster mushroom is very thin so it will not take more time to cook. It is a super combination with hot rice for lunch. I made different mushroom dishes but it is my favourite dish. Its main flavour is mushroom flavour so I like this flavour very much. In other dishes, its flavour will change when we use masala and turmeric powder. It has very pure and attractive white colour and this recipe is very helpful to anyone who like mushroom dishes very much. We can make it very easily at home because its method of preparation is very simple. This is healthy, natural and traditional dish. 

Preparation Time - 10 minutes
Cooking Time - 20 minutes


Oyster Mushroom - 150 gm
Onion - 2
Bird's Eye Chilli - 15
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup
Curry Leaves - 2 sprigs
Coconut Oil - 1 teaspoon
Salt - To taste
Water - As required.to cooking.

  • Wash oyster mushroom well and cut it as very small pieces and keep it aside in a bowl.
  • Remove the peel of Onion and wash it well and chop it.
  • Wash Bird's Eye Chilli well and chop it.
  • Mix these Oyster Mushroom pieces, chopped Onion and Bird's Eye Chilli together well.
  • Put this mixture in a pan, and add curry leaves, grated coconut and salt to this and mix it well by using hands.
  • Pour water as required to cooking and cover the pan with lid and cook it well and stir occasionally.
  • Turn off the fire when water evaporates completely.
  • Then pour coconut oil to this and mix it.
  • Put it in a serving bowl and serve it with hot rice.
  • It will be more tasty if use only Shallots instead of onion.
  • You can use green chilli if you don't have bird's eye chilli.
  • To get another variety taste or flavour use cumin seeds.

Simple And Tasty Mushroom Stir Fry

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