Mango milk shake is one of the easy and simple recipes to make in houses. Usually mango will be available in summer season and we will get it from houses and shops. It is very good drink in summer season. It is looking very attractive and it has very thick consistency. Everyone likes milk shake to drink so we can make it very quick in our houses. We need to freeze the milk to make this tasty milk shake so it will have a cooling effect. So we can have it immediately after preparation. To get we can use sugar or jaggery based on our taste or choice. But I would like to use honey to get sweet because I need very natural and healthy milk shake. If we need to get some extra flavour or smell we can add mango essence or cardamom powder. But I haven't used these ingredients in this recipe because I like natural flavour milk shake. We will get a variety milk shake if we blend it with vanilla ice cream. Mango milk shake is very famous or popular in cool bars and restaurants. Mango is very good to skin glow and also it helps to increase immunity and reducing anemia. It is highly helpful to prevent cancer. If we need to gain our weight we can drink mango milk shake. 
It is very sweet and tasty homemade milk shake. We can make it very easy at home within a few minutes. It is completely natural and contains a lot of health benefits. We need not to add more ingredients to this milk shake. Why we need to go to shop to get mango milk shake if we can make it in houses very easy? I can say that it is an energy boosting drink because we can feel that energy when we tired. It also helps to reduce hungry immediately. In my house mango is available in summer season so I can make it very fresh whenever I need this. We can have it at any time as per our choice. It will be very special to guests and children. We can decorate with anything like almond, saffron and ice creams. We can use our creativity to decorate this milk shake very attractive.

Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 3 minutes
Decoration - Cherry


Ripe Mango - 1
Chilled Milk - 1 cup
Honey - 2 teaspoon
Ice Cubes - 2

  • Remove the peel of mango and wash it well.
  • Cut it as small cubes and put it in a blender.
  • Then pour chilled milk to this and blend well.
  • Then add honey and ice cubes to this and blend it well until soft and frothy.
  • Pour it in a serving glass and decorate with cherry and serve it.
  • To get thicker juice keep mango pieces in freezer and make milk shake.
  • To get more freshness add one mint leaf to this.
  • To get more mango flavour add 1 drop mango essence.
  • It will be very good if we add a little roasted cumin powder.
  • To get more yellow colour add 1 drop yellow food colour.
  • To get healthier milk shake remove the fat of milk and use it to make this milk shake.

Mango Milk Shake

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