Rose milk is very good cool dessert and its main ingredient is rose syrup. It will have a cute pink colour when rose syrup mix with milk and also it will have the flavour of rose water. It is very tasty and sweet cool drinks for summer season. To get a healthy cool drink use fat remove milk to make this so it can use cholesterol patients without any fear. In summer season, we are facing a lot of issues and difficulties such as feeling thirsty every time and increasing the body heat so we are searching solutions for these problems. We are using hot water, milkshakes, ice cream and pudding from shops to reduce body heats and thirsty and some others are keeping this drinks in fridge for long term, but this solutions are very harmful to health. You can make natural and healthy homemade cool drinks in houses if you are ready to spend some time and it is essential to healthy body today world. Rose milk is one of the better solutions for this summer season's problems. You can have it immediately when you tired and milk reduces the hungry immediately and get energy. So we can call it as energy booster or healthy drink. I would like to have it when I feel tired and thirsty. It will be looking very attractive if you serve it in a white glass and pink colour gives cool and relaxed mind. This colour is the main specialty of rose milk. We need not to use more ingredients and it can make within a few minutes without any effort. Sweet basil seeds which I used as the ingredient here are very healthy if you sock it in water and also help to cool human body. It is also known as Falooda seeds and Poppy Seeds. It is using as the main ingredient when make Falooda. It is looking as pearls with black colour and it is very tasty to have when we drink rose milk. It is providing some special feelings. Rose milk is not that much popular so its taste is not that much familiar to everyone so this recipe will help to taste rose milk very easy from home. This drink is better to serve children especially who is not interested to drink milk. Rose flavour is also very good and fresh and it contains fresh rose water smell so it entirely a different cool drink to everyone. Let us enjoy summer season with this special and tasty cool drink.

Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 5 minutes
Decoration - Sweet Basil Seeds and Rose Syrup.


Chilled Milk - 1 cup
Rose Syrup - 1 tab spoon
Rose Water - 1/4 teaspoon
Sugar - 1/2 teaspoon
Sweet Basil Seeds - 1 tab spoon
Water - 2 tab spoon

  • In a bowl, sock sweet basil seeds in water.
  • In a pot, pour chilled milk and add rose syrup and sugar and mix well until sugar dissolves completely.
  • To this add rose water and mix well.
  • Then add socked sweet basil seed to this and mix it well.
  • Pour it in a serving glass and put sweet basil seeds on it and pour a little rose syrup and serve it with cold.
  • It would be more attractive if you decorate with 2 or 3 petals of fresh and natural rose flower.

Rose Milk

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