Beetroot is very popular and one of the healthy vegetable. Its center of attraction is natural attractive colour. We can make very tasty curries, payasam, cool drinks, jam and squash by using beetroot.  Today I need to share the different tasty milk shake that is called as beetroot milk shake. Milk shakes are the favourite cool drinks for everyone including children. Milk shakes are highly demanded item in cool bars in summer season. We can make milk shake with different vegetables and fruits. I love this milk shake very much. Beetroot milk shake is very easy and healthy drink. Its main ingredients​ are milk and beetroot. Beetroot milk shake is the great example of how to make milk shake with very less ingredients. Beetroot is available at any season with affordable price so we can make dishes whenever we need. North Indians is mainly cultivating beetroot for income but in south India, some people are cultivating it is for their needs. Beetroot is very good to health especially for skin because it gives skin glow if we use it daily basis. But we can't use it directly so we can make juice or other tasty dishes. It is also highly beneficial to hair growth and reducing cholesterol and sugar. Mainly south Indians are making beetroot stir fry and pickle in houses but north Indians are usually making Beetroot Manchurian. Everyone is remembering its colour first when hear its name and its dishes also very good like its colour. I made this milkshake for my guests and they asked me about this milkshake and details and they tasted it first time from my home and said that it is really good and tasty milkshake. I have made it so many times in my house. It is suitable to use in summer season especially when we tired or coming back from work place. It will help to stop hungry immediately and get some extra energy. I have used cooked beetroot so it will have thick consistency and creamy effect. It has good taste and attractive smell. Cinnamon and beetroot is the better combination to get good taste. We have to use it with freshness. It is very useful to everyone including children. Let us enjoy summer season with this tasty beetroot milk shake.

Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 5 minutes


Beetroot - 2
Chilled Milk - 1 cup
Cinnamon  Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Honey - 3 tab spoon
Ice cubes - 3

  • Wash beetroot well and put it in a steamer and steam it well.
  • Then remove the peel of beetroot and cut it as small pieces.
  • Put it in a blender and add chilled milk, cinnamon powder, honey and ice cubes and blend it well until smooth and frothy.
  • Stir well and pour it in a serving glass and serve with cold.
  • You can use cardamom powder or vanilla essence instead of cinnamon powder.
  • To get more taste and creamy effect blend it with 1 tab spoon vanilla ice cream.
Beetroot Milk Shake

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