I need not to explain the importance of fresh juices in our daily day life. Juices became a part of our life because its demand is increasing day by day especially in summer season. Cool bars will be crowded in this season for fresh juices but we don't have time to think how much harmful this artificial fresh juices to our body. We all are busy with other things but we have to take care our health so we need to avoid these juices from outside. Try to make and use natural and homemade natural fresh juices to get good health.   
Passion fruit is one of the traditional fruit which has refreshing flavour and smell. This fruit has a lot of health benefits because it contains fiber, protein and antioxidants. Passion fruit dishes are very tasty, healthy and very easy to make. This fruit taste is entirely different from other fruits. It will not be available on markets because it is homemade fruit. In Kerala, some houses will have this tasty fruit. It can remove asthma and other respiratory problems if use it on daily basis. It is very fresh and natural fruit which contains a lot of seeds inside it. In my house it is available so I can make different tasty dishes by using this. Mainly it is available in rainy season and it is looking beautiful. This will have green colour first time after that its colour will change to yellow. It can last for so many days because it has very thick peel. It has the mixed flavour of sour and sweet and also have attractive smell. If we use it on daily basis we will get skin glow, remove wrinkles and prevent ageing problems. It can cultivate in houses very easily. Here, I am sharing the recipe of tasty passion fruit juice. Everyone would like to have juices but usually we are using apple juice, orange juice, grape juice and watermelon juice. This juice is very good and tasty and it will have the variety flavour comparing other juices. It can give pleasant smell without adding any food essence. This juice can make very easily but also so many people haven't tasted it. If we use it once we will get a tendency to make it again and again. I am the big fan of this special juice so I am making this when I get time. If you drink one glass of this juice body will become cool and helps to reduce tension. This juice will like everyone especially children. Sugar patients can use this without sugar. This juice is standing in highest place among juices.

Preparation Time - 5 minutes
Cooking Time - 3 minutes


Ripe Passion Fruit - 3
Honey - 2 tab spoon
Ice Water - 1 cup

  • Cut passion fruit into two pieces and take pulp from inside.
  • Put it in a blender and pour ice water to this.
  • Blend it together but no need to blend seeds.
  • Pour it in bowl and strain it through strainer.
  • To this add honey and mix well.
  • Pour it in a serving glass and serve it with cold.
  • You can use sugar also to get sweet.
  • You can add some cardamom powder to get more taste.

Passion Fruit Juice

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