Different types of stir fries we are usually making in our houses and it became a part of our life. It would be vegetarian and non-vegetarian stir fries based on our taste and preferences. We need not to add more ingredients to make this dish so it can prepare within a few minutes but taste will be really good. If we take the example of vegetarian stir fries we are mainly using cabbage, beetroot, carrot, potato and long beans to make stir fry. But today I am sharing another one stir fry which is entirely different from others. I made this stir fry by using this Colocasia stem which is also known as Taro Stem. Taro stem is having a lot of vitamin C and iron so it will be helpful to increase immunity power and destroy cancer cells from the human body. This stem is full of water and it can see when we cut it as pieces. Taro stem is thick, soft and lengthy and its outer portion will be in green colour and inside is white colour with so many small holes like strainer. This stem is available in rainy season and it has been using a long years ago. This was one of the important vegetable for healthy body for old people. It is very useful to reduce anemia. We can make different tasty dishes by using this taro stem. Taro stem stir fry is very tasty and healthy dish. It is traditional dish which can make very easy with limited ingredients and time. It has the taste of bird's eye chilli and curry leaves. I followed old method which my grandmother was using and it is a special recipe of her. Now a day its popularity is decreasing and nobody is aware about these types of dishes. So try to make it for healthy body.

Preparation Time - 15 minutes
Cooking Time - 20 minutes


Long Taro Stem - 2
Shallot - 20
Bird's Eye Chilli - 20
Grated Coconut - 1 cup
Coconut Oil - 1 tab spoon
Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon
Curry Leaves - 2 Sprigs
Salt - To Taste
Water - As Required

  • Cut long Taro Stem is as small pieces and cut it in the middle.
  • Then cut it as very thin and lengthy.
  • Wash it well and put it in a pot.
  • To this add salt and mix it well.
  • Squeeze it well by using hands and remove water and put it in a pot again and keep it aside.
  • Remove the peel of shallots and chop it well and keep it aside.
  • Wash bird's eye chilli and chop it well and keep it aside.
  • In a pan, heat coconut oil and splutter mustard seeds when oil heats well.
  • To this add curry leaves and stir well.
  • Then add chopped shallots and stir well for some times.
  • Add salt and sliced taro leaves to this and mix well.
  • To this add grated coconut and stir well.
  • Pour water as required and cover the pan with lid and cook it well under low flame and stir occasionally.
  • Turn off the fire when water evaporates completely and mix well.
  • Put it in a serving bowl and serve it with hot rice.
  • If you don't have bird's eye chilli use green chilli.
  • You can make it with turmeric powder.
  • To remove the water from taro stem, stir it well in a pan for 5 minutes under low flame instead of squeezing it.
  • To get more smell and taste use cumin seeds.
Taro Stem Stir Fry

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