Sapota is very sweet and tasty fruit and it is very soft and natural fruit. It has the brown colour peel and if we remove this peel you will get a soft Sapota fruit. It is medium sized fruit which contains black colour seeds inside. Sapota contains a lot of health benefits so it is very useful to human body. Its price is less comparing other fruits such as apple, grape, orange and mango. This fruit has been cultivating in south India and it will be available on markets at any time. We can make a lot of variety dishes with this sweet fruit. Sapota is there in my house so I can make different dishes by using this. It is very useful to health of eyes and it helps to reduce anemia. Fruit are very good to everyone and we have to use at least one fruit daily life. Natural homemade fruits are very good comparing other fruit which is buying from market. It is very helpful to reducing ageing problems. Today, I am going to share the recipe of Sapota pudding. This is my own recipe and I tried this first time and it became successful. I used the normal ingredients which was available in my house. I  had given this dessert to my aunt and I got compliments from her so I can share I can share this recipe to everyone. It can make very easily because it is very simple method of preparation. If you taste it once definitely you will make it again and again. Let us enjoy with this sweet pudding.

Preparation Time - 10 minutes
Cooking Time - 10 minutes
Decoration - Green Cherry and Sugar balls
Ready In - 4 hours


Ripe Sapota Fruit - 10
Condensed Milk - 1/4 cup
Almond Powder - 1 teaspoon
Cashew nut Powder - 1 teaspoon
Milk Powder - 1 teaspoon
Milk - 1/4 cup
Gelatin - 1 tab spoon
Ice Water - 1/4 cup

  • Wash ripe Sapota well and remove the peel and seeds from inside and cut it as small pieces.
  • Put it in a grinder and make it thick paste and keep it aside.
  • Sock Gelatin in ice water for some times.
  • Melt it by double boiling after that and keep it aside.
  • In a pan, add pasted Sapota and stir well.
  • To this add condensed milk and stir well.
  • Add almond powder, cashew nut powder and milk powder when it starts to boil and mix well.
  • To this add melted Gelatin and mix well.
  • Turn off the fire when it starts to boil and mix well.
  • Leave it sometimes to cool.
  • Pour it in a pudding tray and keep it in a fridge to set well.
  • Cut it any shape and decorate with green cherry and sugar balls and serve it.
  • If you add more milk to this you can scoop it.
  • If you need any flavour you can use any fruit essence.
  • To get more colour use food colour.
  • Almond Powder, cashew nut powder and milk powder are optional ingredients.
  • You can decorate it with cashew nut, almond and peanut.
Sapota Pudding

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