Banana Sapota Smoothie is very sweet and cool drink and it is very tasty. It has thick consistency and it can get from outside in some places and usually they are serving it with breakfast. But South Indians are not using it with breakfast. They are mainly using these types of cool smoothie when they are feeling tired or in very hot summer season. We can make any type of smoothie by using different sweet fruits which you like. Chilled Milk is the common and main ingredient in every smoothie and this is the main reason of thickness. Milk is very useful to everyone especially kids and children. Kids are not at interested to drink milk directly so this is the better way to give Milk to them. Milk is Protein rich item which is very useful to get healthy body. Different natural fruits are available in our house sometimes we are simply wasting these fruits. Make this type of smoothie by using natural and healthy body to improve health. 
Here, I have made this smoothie by using natural Ripe Banana and Sapota which are available in my house. These both fruits were very sweet so I used only 1 teaspoon Honey to get extra sweet. You can adjust the quantity of it based on your choice but my suggestion is make it with less sweet taste to get healthy drink. Banana and Sapota are the super combination to make sweet and cool drinks. You can make smoothie by using only one fruit or mixing more than one fruit. I have made it so many times in my house when these fruits were available. Usually I was adding some Boost to get good flavour but today I used Cinnamon Powder to get flavour. Cinnamon Powder also a good combination with cool drink which contains Milk. Cinnamon powder helps to reduce the smell of Milk and Ice Cream is giving very good taste.   

Preparation Time - 5 Minutes
Cooking Time - 5 Minutes
Decoration - Banana and Sapota Pieces.


Ripe Banana - 2
Sapota Fruit - 4
Chilled Milk - 1 Cup
Vanilla Ice cream - 2 teaspoon
Honey - 1 teaspoon
Vanilla Essence - 1/2 teaspoon
Cinnamon Powder - 1/4 teaspoon

  • Remove the peel of Ripe Banana and cut it as small pieces and keep it aside in a bowl.
  • Remove the peel of Sapota and remove the Black seeds from inside and wash well and cut it as small pieces.
  • Put these Ripe Banana pieces and Sapota Pieces in a blender.
  • To this a little Chilled Milk, Vanilla Ice Cream and blend it well until get creamy effect.
  • To this pour remaining Chilled Milk, Honey, Vanilla Essence and Cinnamon Powder and blend it well.
  • Pour it in a serving glass and Garnish with chopped Banana and Sapota Pieces and serve it cold and fresh.
  • You can use Chilled Yogurt to make this instead of using Chilled Milk.
  • You have boil Milk well before keep it in freezer to make Chilled Milk.
  • You can use only Vanilla Essence or Cinnamon Powder. If you need mixed flavour use both Vanilla Essence and Cinnamon Powder.
  • Honey is optional ingredient so you can avoid it if you don't want.
  • You can use Sugar to get sweet instead of using Honey.
  • You need not to add Ice Cream if you don't want it. 
  • If it is too much thick smoothie you can add a little cold Water.
  • Try to choose well ripe fruits with sweet taste to make smoothie to get exact taste and sweet.
Banana Sapota Smoothie

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