Pudding is one of my favourite dessert so I am spending time to make different pudding in my home. Pudding can be used to serve as the main dessert for our special occasions and festivals. Many puddings are there now because we all are using it. Everyone likes to eat pudding and usually we are depending shops to buy this. Some people know about the preparation of these types of desserts and some others don't know about this. According to me the preparation of this dessert is really very easy and we can apply any ingredients as per our preferences. Popularity of these types of desserts is increasing day by day. I have made pudding with different types of fruits and vegetables. Pudding will have both sweet and cold. Today, I made this dessert by mixing of two fruits such as ripe Mango and ripe Papaya. These two fruits have dark Yellow colour so I got Orange colour dessert finally. This combination is really good and it helps to get attractive colour pudding at last. Both were well ripe and sweet so I got tasty and sweet dessert. Papaya has a little creamy effect so this is also have some creamy effect. We can cut it at any shape after setting because I used Gelatin to set well. This recipe is very good and useful to anyone who is interested to eat and prepare fresh homemade pudding. 

Preparation Time - 5 Minutes
Cooking Time - 10 Minutes


Ripe Mango - 2
Ripe Papaya - 1 Medium
Milk - 1/2 Cup
Gelatin - 1 tab spoon
Ice Water - 1/4 Cup
Honey - 1 tab spoon
Mango Essence - 1/4 teaspoon

  • Remove the peels of Ripe Mango and Ripe Papaya and wash well and cut it as small pieces.
  • Sock Gelatin in Ice Water for sometimes.
  • In a blender, add Mango and Papaya pieces and make thick and fine paste.
  • In a small pan, put this Mango and Papaya paste and saute well for a minute.
  • Pour Milk to this and stir well until boil well.
  • To this add socked Gelatin and mix well .
  • Add Honey to this when it starts to boil and mix well.
  • Finally add Mango Essence and mix well and turn off the fire and leave it for sometimes to cool.
  • Pour it in a pudding mould and keep it in a fridge to set well.
  • Demould it and put it in a serving bowl and serve it cold.
  • To get good taste add Fresh Cream.
  • You have to choose well ripe and sweet Mango and Papaya to make this pudding.
  • To increase the taste use Almond Milk and it is very good to health.
  • You can use Sugar instead of using Honey.
  • Mango Essence is optional ingredient so use if you need it.
  • Instead of using Gelatin use Corn Flour.
  • You can cut it any shape if use a big pudding mould.
  • It will be looking attractive if use Ice Cream when serve this.  
Mango And Papaya Pudding

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