Sharjah Milk Shake is one Banana Milk Shake. This is very famous and popular cool drink in Kerala. It is common Milk Shake which will be there in all Ice Cream parlour at any season. I am sure that everyone has tasted it. We can garnish it with anything such as dry fruits. Usually we are getting it from shops with Vanilla Ice Cream and it will be looking very attractive. Its main ingredients are Frozen Milk, Banana and Horlicks. It is very tasty cool drink and I made here very natural White colour Milk shake. I used Robusta Banana to get good flavour. I made it today to serve for my best friend Mini. First I thought to give Grape Juice but frozen Milk was there in fridge so I decided to make this Milk shake. She became very happy when I serve this drink. It is very good to use in very hot summer. It is very thick cool drink and it can give energy when tired. You can realize its effect if you drink it when you tried. It will reduce hungry immediately and also our stomach will become full if drink one glass of this Milk Shake. I used Chocolate flavour Horlicks so it will have Chocolate flavour. I made it very healthy and also added Almond Powder, Cashew Nuts Powder and Milk Powder. I really happy to tell about this Milk Shake and I am remembering my college days when I am talking about this. I was using this weekly once at that time. Now I am making it in my house when I need to drink it. It is one of my favourite cool drinks and my friends also like this very much. It is highly demanded drink in every place and price also less comparing other drinks. This is very sweet cool drink with creamy effect. Let us enjoy with this tasty Milk Shake.

Preparation Time - 5 Minutes
Cooking Time - 3 Minutes
Decoration - Horlicks


Frozen Milk - 1 Cup
Sugar - 2 tab spoon
Robusta Banana - 1
Cashew Nuts Powder - 1 teaspoon
Milk Powder - 1 teaspoon
Almond Powder - 1 teaspoon
Horlicks - 2 teaspoon

  • Pour Milk in a pan and boil it well and leave it for sometimes to cool.
  • Then pour it in a bowl and keep it in a freezer and make it cool and thick.
  • Then cut it as small pieces and keep it aside.
  • Peel the skin of Robusta Banana and cut it as small pieces.
  • In a blender, add a little frozen Milk, Sugar and Robusta Banana pieces and blend well.
  • Add Cashew Nuts Powder, Milk Powder, Almond Powder and Horlicks into this.
  • Then pour remaining frozen Milk and blend it well until soft and frothy.
  • Pour it in a serving glass and decorate it with some Horlicks and serve it fresh and cold.
  • You can use any Baby Banana to make this Milk Shake instead Robusta Banana.
  • It would be very tasty and attractive if add crushed Peanuts and Cashew Nuts.
  • You can garnish it with anything which you like. For example Red Cherry, Green Cherry, Crushed Peanuts and Crushed Cashew Nuts.
  • We need not to add artificial food essence and food colour because natural White colour and taste is good.
  • If you need good taste blend it with Vanilla Ice Cream.
White Sharjah Milk Shake

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