Preparation Time - 5 Minutes
Cooking Time - 5 Minutes


Gooseberry - 5
Shallots - 5
Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon
Dried Red Chilli - 5
Grated Coconut - 1/2 Cup
Curry Leaves - 2 Sprigs
Salt - To Taste
Water - Required for cooking.

  • Wash Gooseberry well and remove its seeds from outside and cut it as small pieces.
  • Remove the peel of Shallots and wash well and chop it well.
  • Cut dried Red chillies as small.
  • In a grinder, add Gooseberry pieces, chopped Ginger, chopped Shallots, dried Red Chilli pieces, Grated Coconut, Curry Leaves, Salt and pour a little Water and make it thick paste.
  • Put it in a bowl and mix well and serve it in a serving bowl with steamed Rice and mashed Jackfruit.
  • You can use Onion instead Shallots.
  • Use Green Chilli and Red Chilli Powder instead dried Red Chilli.
  • Don't add too much Salt while making Chutney.
  • Chutney should have balanced taste of Salt, Sour and Spicy taste.
  • Ginger is optional ingredient so you can avoid it if you don't like its flavour.
Gooseberry Chutney

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