Green Smoothie is one of my favourite drinks and it is also known as Green Milk Shake. I am making this types of drinks with many methods. It can make with any fruits and vegetables which we like. We can use both chilled Milk and chilled Yogurt as the common ingredient for making smoothie. Many Green colour fruits and vegetables are there in everywhere. Here, I used Green colour fruits to make this so we will get nice and attractive natural Green colour smoothie at the final stage. Its name is changing based on taste, colour and ingredients. Almost all ingredients are similar so taste also will have some similarities. Some people are making by using only one fruit and some others are making it with mixing more than one fruit or vegetable. But we can't avoid chilled Milk or chilled Yogurt to make this because it the base of smoothie. It will become juice if make it without these ingredients. Smoothie will be there in every shop especially in the summer season. I am trying to make different smoothie in my house when I get free time. I am showing how to make Green colour smoothie through this article and this name is suitable for this. It is very good to drink and it is very cool and also has creamy effect. It can provide good energy to our body when we tired so it is very useful in hot summer season or coming back from work place. We all know that Milk is protein rich item so it can give relaxation and energy to our body. Avocado fruit and Green Apple are super combination to make this drink. To get freshness I used Mint Leaves here. This is one easy method and useful for everyone including children.

Preparation Time - 5 Minutes
Cooking Time - 5 Minutes


Avocado Fruit - 1
Green Apple - 1
Mint Leaves - 2
Chilled Milk - 1 Cup
Condensed Milk - 1 tab spoon
Milk Powder - 1 teaspoon
Ice Cubes - 4

  • Take well ripe Avocado fruit and peel the skin of it and cut it into two pieces and remove seeds from inside.
  • Wash it well with Water and cut it as small pieces.
  • Wash Apple well and cut it as small pieces.
  • Wash Mint Leaves and chop it.
  • In a blender, add Avocado pieces, Green Apple pieces, chopped Mint Leaves, a little chilled Milk and make it thick paste.
  • Pour remaining chilled Milk into this and add Condensed Milk, Milk Powder and Ice Cubes and blend well.
  • Pour it in a serving bowl and serve it fresh and cold.
  • You can use any Green colour fruits and vegetable to make this smoothie.
  • To get good creamy effect choose well ripe Avocado Fruit.
  • No need to remove the peel of Green Apple and it helps to get nice Green colour.
  • It can make with chilled Yogurt instead chilled Milk.
  • To get sweet you can use powdered Sugar or Sugar instead Condensed Milk. But condensed Milk helps to get thickness and creamy effects.
  • To get healthier drink use Honey to get sweet.
  • You can add Ice Cubes as you like and also  add Ice Water if you need.
  • You have to use it immediately after preparation otherwise taste will change.
  • It will be better if use frozen Avocado Fruit and Green Apple.

Green Smoothie

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