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Red cow peas stir fry is one special curries which is usually prepared by Keralites. This is Kerala style dish and it also known as vanpayar thoran. This is an excellent combination with Rice and Rice Soup for lunch and dinner. Keralites​ are mainly serving it with kanji. It can also serve as the side dish with chapati and appam. We can prepare and use this on daily basis. I have prepared this curry so many times at my home because I like it very much. This is spicy- less dish and very tasty dish and we can prepare this very easily at home. This curry is completely homemade, natural and chemical free. Main ingredients of this recipe are grated coconut and vanpayar so that the main flavours are coconut and vanpayar. We have to soak vanpayar in water overnight to prepare this curry. I have soaked vanpayar one night and cooked because it will become very soft so that we can cook it very easily that's why we can save time. Otherwise it will not become soft and taste also will change


Vanilla Sorbet is one special and tasty ice creams which is made by vanilla essence. I used cubes mode in ice tray to make this tasty sorbet. We can use different flavours such as fresh mango, strawberry and pineapple to prepare sorbet. If we use these kinds of flavours we have to paste it well. Here I have used vanilla essence to get vanilla flavour. This ice cream is very easy to prepare at home. We can scoop it like ice cream and use but I have prepared this sorbet like cubes for children. If you mix all ingredients in a box you can use it as normal ice cream. Ice cream is one of the favourite items for everyone so it is highly demanded item in cool bars and restaurants. So many people are trying to make it in houses. Usually I am making it in a pudding mould to scoop but to get some variety and attractive today I used ice tray cube and it is looking really well. If we use corn flour to this recipe the milk will become thick very easily so that I have added corn flour to this. To


Potato Honey Manchurian is very special and famous dish which is made by Potato. It is one of the vegetarian dish but both vegetarians and non- vegetarians will like it very much. We can prepare this dish by Chicken, Paneer and Beetroot as per our choice or taste. I have made this recipe by Potato. Potato should be crispy for this dish so we need to fry Potato. Crispy potato will give us some different special taste. It is spicy-less dish and main flavour is sweet. If we want spicy dish we can add chilli flakes. But I think sweet is better than spicy dish so I haven't add chilli flakes. To get sweet to this recipe we can add sugar and honey as well. I have added honey to get sweet to this dish. Every one including children will like this dish very much. Now a days so many restaurants are serving this item as special dish. It is giving a good chance to serve a variety dish to guests also. We can use chapati and naan as better combination with this dish. We are adding different sau


Tomato Payasam is one of the special payasam which is made by Tomato.  Payasam is very popular and famous dessert which can make any fruits and vegetables. I think this is entirely different from other payasam because usually we are making some other payasam such as milk payasam and vermicelli payasam. Everyone is considering payasam as the sweet dessert for their celebrations and functions. I have prepared this payasam so many times in my house because they all like this very much. It is very good to serve after lunch and dinner. Usually Tomato is using to prepare different types of curries. But we can made different tasty other dishes with this tasty and healthy tomato. I have used tomato paste to prepare this payasam. This is the combination of tomato paste, roasted rava, roasted oats and roasted aval. This is very sweet and tasty payasam. In this recipe, I have used sugar to get sweet but we can use jaggery also as sweet. I didn't add any types of artificial colour or chemical


Everyone is using rice always especially south Indians are preparing different or variety rice items. Ghee rice is one special rice dish. This is the famous dish for different celebrations or festivals such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings or any other special celebrations. We can serve ghee rice with vegetarians and non-vegetarians dishes. This is very easy to prepare at home. The main ingredients of ghee rice are Basmati rice and ghee. I have used cardamom powder, cloves, Cinnamon stick and kiss miss to get good taste and good flavour. These all are optional ingredients and we can add based on our preferences. Ghee is not good for cholesterol so we need to use less quantity of ghee to prepare. Taste will not change if we use less quantity of ghee. Mainly this dish is serving for lunch and dinner. We need to take extra care while cooking rice because it shouldn't over cooked. Texture will change completely if we over cook the rice. This is not that much spicy dish so th


We all are following different snack items every day because it is very much important in our life. So many tasty snacks are available on markets but these are harmful to health. Health conscious people are spending time to make new and tasty natural homemade snacks. Some people don't know how to make these types of snacks from home. Today, I would like to share very tasty and healthy snack item that is called as 'Coconut Ladoo'. We come to know that its main ingredient is Coconut when hear its name. I am really happy to share this recipe details through this article because this will be very useful to each and every one.  Coconut ladoo is one of the famous traditional sweet in India. It is very tasty and sweet recipe. We can use this sweet for special North Indians festivals and celebrations such as Diwali and holiday Also we can use this as our evening snacks. Coconut Ladoo is made by fresh coconut so it is good to our health an also it will have the nice smell of pure


Tapioca is a special item of Keralites. We can prepare a lot of tasty dishes with Tapioca. I have made a special dish with the combination of Soya and Tapioca. This is very spicy and tasty dish. I think people are preparing this dish very rarely because a few people know about this dish. So that I can say that this is very special to everyone. If we prepare this dish once we will get tendency to prepare this always because its taste is really very good. This is a pure vegetarian dish so both vegetarian and non-vegetarians can use this dish. This is entirely different from other dishes. This dish preparation is similar to tapioca beef biriyani. Soya is very good for our health because it contains vitamins. This is a fat free vegetable so everyone can use Soya without any fear about cholesterol. This is very easy to prepare at home. Nobody can understand what we used to make this dish because its taste is similar to beef. I tried this as an experiment first time, but it was really succ


Many puddings are there in today world so everyone has tasted at least one pudding in life. Its popularity is increasing day by day because usage is increasing. I have made many puddings in my home because I like this very much. We can make pudding with any types of fruits and vegetables. Pudding is serving as the main dessert for special celebrations such as wedding Celebrations and birthday Celebrations. Earlier we were serving Payasam as the main dessert but now pudding serving as the main dessert after lunch and dinner. Its taste will change based on the fruits and the essence we are using to make it. All pudding will be sweet and soft and also have very cooling effect. These are better to use in summer season or when we tired. Today, I would like to share very tasty, healthy and homemade Beetroot Jelly Pudding. Its main ingredient is Beetroot which can identify from its name. I am really happy to share this recipe to all because its taste is really good and nice. Beetroot jelly


Raw mango juice is a very good cool drink in summer season. We all like both raw and ripe mango but mainly we are using ripe mango to make juice but here I used raw Mango to make this fresh cool drink. Mainly everyone is using raw mango to prepare pickle and mango curry. But we can use raw mango for prepare good and healthy juice. Raw Mango's taste and sour taste is entirely different from other juice. Raw mango is very useful to health so it can use it on daily basis. This will be new recipe to everyone because very less people know about this juice. I also got this recipe recently so I tried it and it was really tasty. This is very tasty juice like sweet juice but the flavour is entirely different from sweet juice. This juice is looking very attractive and its green colour is giving to mind relaxation. I have added sugar in this juice to get good taste. If we use salt instead of sugar it will be very good for diabetic patients. We have to remove the peel of the raw mango to pre


Pork Roast is a delicious South Indian dish which is prepared by Pork. Mainly Pork Roast is using in Christian weddings or parties. Taste of Pork is entirely different from other meats. It is very spicy and tasty dish. Everyone will like this dish very much. We need to cook it very well otherwise it is very harmful to our health. So we need to take extra care while cooking Pork. This dish is very suitable for Bread, Naan, chapati and Rice. We can prepare this dish very easily at home because it is very simple method of preparation. Pork dishes are highly demanded dishes and it is becoming popular day by day. In hotels, we are getting different and tasty dishes. Here, I prepared Kerala style pork roast and I like smell of pork while roasting it in coconut oil. It has a very good flavour of garam masala powder and coconut slices. To get more softness of pork I used both tomato paste and lime juice. Ginger and garlic are giving very natural and traditional taste to this pork roast. Let


Spicy Chinese potato  Coconut Masala is one of delicious South Indian Dish which is prepared by Chinese potato and Coconut.In Kerala, Chinese potato is also known as Koorka. This is a spicy dish and very tasty. We can use it with Rice, Bread, Dosa and Chapati for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Koorka is a seasonable vegetable and mainly we will get on November and December Months. This is Kerala style dish. We can prepare variety of dishes with Koorka and it is very beneficial to health. This is very simple recipe. It is cultivating in Kerala now a days. We are making different dishes by using this Chinese potato and it would be very tasty if we prepare any dish with this. It is completely a traditional method and south Indian dish. Coconut slice is giving a special variety taste to this masala. It is my favourite dish among vegetarian dishes. If you don't want spicy dish you can add spice based on your preference. I am making different dishes with Chinese potato in my house.  It c


Payasam is very sweet and tasty dessert and it is familiar to everyone. We will remember sweet and thick dessert when we hear this name 'Payasam'. Vermicelli Payasam is very much popular and famous in everywhere and everyone has tasted it. This was making and using long years ago and it is completely traditional dessert. Vermicelli will be available on markets but now we can make it from home. Vermicelli is very thin and look like threads and looking very attractive and we can make different dishes by using this. It is one of the highly demanded items in market especially to make Payasam. Upma, Idly, Dosa, Sweet Snacks and Ice Creams are the main common dishes of Vermicelli. It will become very soft after cooking it so its taste is really good. I have made Vermicelli Payasam in my home so many times but today I got a new idea to get variety taste so I used Chocolate here. I can't explain its taste by words so you have to taste it at least once. Its main flavour is Chocola


'Squash' this name is very familiar to everybody and all are remembering very thick liquid when we hear this name first. It was available on market long years ago but today we can make it at home very easily. We all are thinking that it is very difficult to make at home but here I am showing how to make natural squash very easily with fewer ingredients. We can make squash with different fruits and vegetables in any season. It will last for at least one month without any preservatives. Usually squash will have the mixed taste of sweet and sour taste. Today, I made Mango squash which is made by ripe Mango. I have made so many squash in my house such as Orange squash, Grape Squash, Beetroot squash and Lemon squash but Mango squash is my favourite squash among them. Squashes will be very useful drink when unexpected guests come into our home especially in summer season. We can serve it very easily with Ice Cubes and Ice Water. We need not to add additional sweet to this when we s


Tandoori dishes became very famous today so everyone has tasted it from outside. Its popularity is increasing day by day because it is that much tasty and highly demanded item. Tandoor dishes considered as healthy dishes because it contains less oil. Today I made the Tandoori Chicken with Coconut pieces. Usually we are using the grilled dishes from outside and it will be available in different taste, colour and smell. It is looking attractive because of its colours and normally they are using Red colour to make Tandoori dishes. But we can make it natural and healthy from our houses very easily. Here, i used only natural and traditional ingredients to make this tasty dish but taste is amazing and it is also looking very attractive.  You can use it as the side dish with Chapati, Bread, Appam and hot plain Rice. It has the mixed flavour and smell of ginger, Garlic and Garam Masala powder and Chicken pieces are very soft. I used boneless Chicken so everyone can use it very easily.  Pr


Crystal Strawberry Dessert  Crystal Strawberry Dessert is sweet and tasty dessert. Main flavour of this recipe is strawberry. Mainly we can use this in summer season because it is a cool dessert. It has very attractive red and white colour combination. It is creamy and chilled dessert. This is very simple recipe. Main thing of this dessert is that strawberry flavour will increase while sipping. Preparation Time - 7 minutes Cooking Time - 20 minutes Ingredients Fresh strawberry paste - 2 tab spoon Sugar - 3 tab spoon Water - 2 cups Condensed Milk - 1/2 cup Chilled Fresh Cream - 1/2 cup Chilled Milk - 1/2 litter Method In a bowl, combine water, strawberry paste and sugar.  Boil it well and let it cool.  Then keep it in a freezer and make it cubes.  Then mix condensed milk and fresh cream in a bowl well.  Then add chilled milk and mix together.  Then fill strawberry cubes in a served glass and add milk mixture.  Completely fill with strawberry cubes.  Then serv


Egg is very famous non- vegetarian item and everyone likes this very much. We all know that Egg is protein rich item and everyone can use it on daily basis. This will be very suitable to improve human health. Different types Egg will be available and we can get it from anywhere. In Kerala, so many houses will have Eggs for homely needs and income. Its price is increasing day by day but we can't avoid it from our daily day life. Egg dishes are not that much costly in hotels and restaurants. It is necessary to make pudding, cakes and different snacks. We can make variety tasty dishes and every dish is really tasty and good. Egg Biriyani, Egg Fried rice and egg Omlet are the main famous dishes by Egg.  Today, I would like to share one homemade recipe which is called as Traditional Egg Roast. I think that this name is familiar to everybody because usually we are making this dish in our houses. We can make it in different ways based on our preferences. This is completely a tradition


Chocolate Banana Smoothie is one good smoothie which is prepared by banana and chocolate. This is chemical free and we can use this any time. The main content of this recipe is banana which is highly helpful to improve our health. Banana contains potassium that is beneficial to improve immunity power and it is also contains nutrients that are regulating heartbeat. We all are using both Raw and Ripe Banana to make different tasty dishes and drinks. In Kerala, almost all houses will have Banana for both income and homely needs. It will be available in every small shop and super markets but price will change based on season and demand. Here, i used completely natural and fresh ripe Banana to make this cool drink so I can say that it is very healthy and natural. Chocolate Banana Smoothie is very cold and sweet drink which is very suitable in summer season. We all know that different types of cool drinks such as juice and milk shake. Someone is making this in houses and some others are bu