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It is one of the traditional fish curry which is mainly used by the Malabar area of Kerala. It is very tasty fish curry and contains a lot of health benefits. Sardine or mathi fish is available on market with less price so everyone can use it. It will take time while cleaning fish but everyone is preparing this curry because of its taste. We can use this fish on daily basis especially it is very useful to kids. This will be available in everywhere at any time. Here, I have followed completely traditional method to make it. We can make fish curry by using different methods but this method is really good and tasty. We are using Gambooge to get sour taste to this fish curry but we can use raw mango or tamarind instead of this. I have used roasted masala and coconut milk instead of water so its taste will be very good. Main flavours of this curry are ginger, garlic and fenugreek powder flavours. It can be used as the side dish of Tapioca, rice and chapati for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Sapota or Chikoo is natural and fresh fruit which contains a lot of health benefits. We all know about its taste and it is our favourite fruit. It helps to improve immunity powder of the human body, Increase skin glow, help to kill free radicals and very useful to prevent heart disorders. We can use this fruit on daily basis either directly or making different dishes. I can't express its benefits in words because it is unlimited. Today I would like to share the recipe of Sapota Milk shake which is familiar for everyone. I know that everyone know about its taste so I need not to explain about that. But only some people know about its method of preparation so I am here with this sweet milk shake details. Sapota milk shake is very easy milk shake and very tasty and it is one of the highly demanded milk shake in shops and restaurants. Chikkoo or Sapota is a natural sweet fresh fruit which is available in almost all houses in Kerala and also will get it from market at cheapest price.


Rose apple fruit has a lot of health benefits and it contains water so it will be very good in summer season. Rose Apples are there in my home and I was eating this directly from my childhood and it is my favourite fruit. This will be mostly available in Kerala. I think in Kerala almost all houses will have at least one Rose Apple tree but they are not that much aware about its health benefits so they are wasting it simply. We can make different tasty dishes if we can't use it directly. We all are very much busy to make cool drinks in summer season to get cool and relaxed. Getting same juice and cool drinks are getting irritated so everyone is trying to get new and variety taste. This recipe will be very helpful to everyone especially who likes cool drinks very much. Here, I am showing how to make very tasty rose apple juice very easily at home. It is completely a homemade juice and its colour will be natural red colour and very attractive. It is very good cool drink in summer s


Fish fry is one of the mouth-watering dish for non-vegetarians. Fish dishes are very tasty if it is curry, stir fry and fries. Non-vegetarians can't eat lunch and dinner without fish dishes especially Keralites. Fish dishes are very costly dishes and its demand is very high in hotels. Fish dishes are mainly used by south Indians so they are trying to make new tasty fish dishes. Fishes are looking good and very useful to human body. We can get different types of tasty fish items from markets at different prices. Ayala or mackerel fish is very tasty and thick fish. It is very special and tasty Mackerel or Ayala fish fry which is made by Ayala fish. It is very tasty fish and will get it from market very easily. It is medium spicy fish fry and I have used very less quantity of coconut oil to fry this fish. It is shallow fried fish fry so it is not harmful to health. I haven't used any artificial masala to get more taste I just used only natural ingredients which are available a


Black chick peas curry is very popular vegetarian dish and everyone knows about this dish. Black chick peas contain protein so it is very good to health if it use on daily basis. We will get both white and black chick peas on markets but black chick peas are mainly using to make different dishes. It is mainly cultivating in North India and its leaf also very useful to human body. In Kerala, black chick peas dishes are using as the side dish with breakfast. It is one of the tasty Kerala traditional vegetarian dish and we can make it very easily at home. We have to sock black chick peas in water one overnight to cook very easily otherwise it will take more time to cook and taste also will change. It is medium spicy curry so everyone can use it including children. It is best combination with chapati, rice, putt and appam. It is usually served as side dish in breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have used roasted or fried paste of masala so the taste and flavour will be very nice and it will


We all are known about Raw Mango and it is very famous and popular in everywhere. It is mainly available in summer season. Usually we are using it to make pickle which is very famous. But we can make other tasty dish by using this and today I am going to share one cool drink which is made by Raw Mango. Raw mango contains a lot of health benefits and we can't use it directly because of its sour taste so we can use it by making different tasty dishes or cool drinks. Spicy raw mango juice is completely variety cool drink which is made by natural raw mango. We are making different types of sweet and spicy juices with some other fruits and vegetables. So many variety juices are made by using raw mango with the combinations of different types of vegetables and we can make sweet raw mango juice with sugar.  Here I am showing how to prepare very healthy and special spicy raw mango juice. It is little bit spicy, cool and salt taste cool drink so it will be very special to everyone. It is


We know that we are living in a developing world so we are developing our cooking methods and ingredients day by day. Pudding is became a trend in today world so everyone know how to make it in houses. Now a day it is serving as the dessert after lunch and dinner instead of using ice cream and payasam. South Indians are using payasam only for traditional celebrations apart from that everyone is following and considering pudding as the main dessert after lunch and dinner. Today, I am going to share another one pudding recipe which is called as biscuit chocolate pudding. It is very tasty, cool and sweet pudding and its main flavour is chocolate. It is very simple recipe and we can make it very easily at home. Usually it is served as dessert with lunch and dinner. It has very good mixed flavour of biscuit and chocolate. We can make very good hot pudding if we bake it with egg. For hot pudding we need not to add gelatin. I like cold pudding that is why I made cold pudding here. We are


Jackfruit is available in summer season especially in Kerala. Jackfruit is very big fruit, looking beautiful and very tasty to use. You can cultivate in your house without any effort and care. We are using both raw and ripe jackfruit to make different tasty dishes. Stir fry, aviyal, erriserry, chips and cutlet are the main dishes of raw jack fruit. I would like to share the recipe of mashed jackfruit through this article. Mashed Jack fruit or chakka vevichathu is one of the special and famous traditional dish in Kerala. Mainly it is very natural and homemade dish. We can use it as breakfast, dinner and evening time special food. It is very tasty to use at any time. We should have some patients to cook this dish because it will take more time to make this but it is very tasty dish. In my home, we are usually preparing this dish in summer season and everyone in my family like this very much. We can make a lot of variety and tasty dishes by jack fruit. Keralites can't avoid this fo


In this article, I would like to share one dessert which is called as Caramel Custard Pudding. Caramel custard pudding is one of the famous and easy traditional dessert. I think almost everyone knows about this dessert. Everybody has tasted it at least once from home or outside. We are using different types of pudding now a day but caramel pudding is very old dessert and it is entirely different from others. Usually we are adding sugar to sweet in puddings but it is backed pudding. You can use steamer to steam this pudding. Its main specialty is that we are using caramelized sugar to make this so its taste will be different. It is very sweet pudding and everyone will like this pudding very much. I know that almost everyone tried this dessert because mainly it is homemade dessert. It is very tasty dessert and very good to serve to guests and children. It is usually serve it as a dessert with lunch and dinner. We can make it very easily with limited ingredients. You can cut it any shap


Rose apple is very natural, popular and tasty fruit which is available in Kerala in summer season. It will be available both home and market at this time. Usually we are eating this fruit directly but old people can't use it directly because of its sour taste. So we can use it by make different tasty dishes. This fruit is very beautiful and it is very useful to make different tasty items. Rose apple pickle, salad and pachadi are the common and main dishes of rose apple. We can make juice, wine, sweet salad and sweet salad when it became ripe and sweet rose apple. In Kerala, rose apple is called as the apple of Kerala because it is mostly available in Kerala. It has a mixed taste of sweet and sour. We can make a variety dishes by using rose apples. Here I am showing a completely variety and tasty stir fry or thoran by rose apples. I have followed very simple and easy method to make it. I have used fresh natural rose apples which are available in my home to make this stir fry. We c


I would like to share very tasty vegetable dish through this article which is called as Mixed Vegetable Curry. Mixed vegetable curry is the good curry for vegetarians. I have used different vegetables to make this curry and it is looking really well. We are making different dishes by mixing different vegetables. Aviyal, sambar and some stir fries are the example of mixing vegetable dishes. Taste will increase if we use more than one vegetable to make dishes and every vegetable are really good to body. I used different vegetables to reduce wrinkles, blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer. I am making different mixing curry with different tasty vegetables. You can use any ingredients which is available in your house. However it will be very tasty. This recipe will like both vegetarians and non -vegetarians.  It is one of tasty and easy mixed vegetable curry. Usually it is served with appam, chapati and rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is medium spicy curry so everyone can use t


Coffee is becoming very popular and part of each and every one in their daily day life because its flavour is amazing. So that everyone will like coffee flavour drink or dishes very much. Today, I would like to share very special and tasty coffee jelly. We can get different types of Coffee powder from markets. Coffee will give us instant relief from stress and it is very useful when we tired or coming back from office. We can make some other dishes or dessert by using this coffee powder. May be it well be new for some people. Coffee Jelly is one of the special, cool and sweet dessert. It is completely variety dessert from other dessert items. Main flavour of this dessert is coffee flavour that is why everyone will like this dessert. I have made this dessert so many times in my house and everyone liked this dessert very much. It is the combination of milk and cornflakes so it will have a variety taste. I have used condensed milk so that we need not to add much more sugar to get more


Beef is very famous and favourite item for non-vegetarians. Beef dishes are using as the side dish with breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can't avoid beef dishes in special occasions or functions. It contains fat which is giving more taste in beef dishes. We are getting a lot of different tasty dishes from hotels and restaurants especially in Kerala. Keralites can't imagine their life without Beef dishes. We can make a lot of variety dishes by using beef and beef curry is very famous, tasty and popular curry among beef dishes. We can make beef curry in different method based on our taste. It is very simple and easy method to make at home. This is very tasty and medium spicy dish and it is an excellent combination with rice, chapati, bread, and tapioca. We need not to add so many ingredients to make this curry and also it won't take too much time to prepare. Usually it is served as the side dish of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would like to use this dish with Mashed Tapio


Jack Fruit seeds are very popular, healthy and tasty seeds in jack fruit season. Jack fruits are available all houses in Kerala and these seeds are occupied inside the Jack fruits. We can make a lot of variety, tasty and traditional dishes with these seeds. Jackfruit seeds are very healthy like jackfruit. It can prevent cancer if we use it on daily basis. Jackfruit and jackfruit seeds were the secret of old generation because they were using theses seeds a lot. We can also use this seeds to get good health by making different tasty dishes. This article is very useful and helpful to health conscious people. Here I am showing one popular traditional recipe that is called as Chakkakuru Thoran or Jackfruit Seeds Stir Fry. I have followed traditional methods throughout all steps to get traditional taste. I got this recipe from my grandmother. It is very simple, easy and very tasty recipe to make at home. This dish is looking very attractive. If we need to get other taste or texture we ca


We can make a lot of variety dishes or curries by Colocasia at home. It is completely natural vegetable and usually available in houses. Fried dishes are our favourite snacks and its popularity is increasing day by day. Different types of fried items or snacks are available in shops and this area will be crowded always that is showing its demand. But we can make these items very easily by using simple methods. In this recipe, I am showing a very good combination of fried colocasia and tomato sauce which is usually served as snack. It is very simple and easy to make at home. I haven't used any artificial colour or essence to make tomato sauce and fried colocasia so that it won't affect to health. Tomato sauce is very spicy less so that everyone will enjoy with this combination including children. It has a great mixed taste such as sweet, spicy sour and salt. We can use any types of fried items with this tomato sauce. We will get very special mixed taste of crispiness and sauc


Raw mango pudding is very easy pudding and everyone likes pudding very much. We are making pudding by using different fruits and vegetables. Mainly we are using raw mango is using to make pickle, juice, chutney and fish curry. But we can make a very tasty pudding with this raw mango. This is very cool and sweet dessert. It has the mixed taste of sweet and sour taste.  I like this mixed taste very much. I used orange essence to make this so we will get the taste of orange sweet which was available long years ago. So I am remembering my childhood while I have this pudding and also get a freshness effect to body. This pudding has an attractive colour. This pudding is giving special feelings comparing other pudding. It is very useful in summer season and when we tired very much. Raw mango will be available in summer season so it is very easy to make at this time. It can give energy if we have one piece of this pudding before traveling. So that I can say that it is a healthy pudding. We c


Breakfast is very much important to all so we are making different breakfast dishes in our houses. Normally we are making appam, idly, dosa and bread but I need some verity dish so I made different tasty upma today. Everybody knows about aval which is usually available in houses. Upma is the main breakfast dish in every house but we are making upma with rava or semolina powder normally. This recipe will be very helpful to everyone especially those who need variety breakfast dish. I am really happy to share this dish to everyone. Aval Upma is one of the special and tasty south and north Indian breakfast dish which is made by aval and it is very healthy breakfast. It is very simple and easy recipe to make at home. In this article, I am showing that how to make aval upma very easily. I have followed variety method because I added fried banana pieces to this so that the taste will be entirely different. The main advantage of this food is that we need not to have any side dish with this


Everyone is using different types of snacks in the evening with Tea or juices. Snacks became a part of our daily day life so we need to get some different taste definitely. I am also using snacks in my life so I am trying to get new taste or new recipe for snacks always. We can get different snacks from outside but it is not good for our health. We can make natural and healthy snack dishes if we are ready to spend sometimes. Fried Banana is one of the tasty evening snacks which is made by Banana. I know that almost everyone likes banana snacks in the evening. In this recipe, I am showing a variety and very tasty snack item. It is very simple and easy recipe so that we can make it from home. It is entirely different snack item from other snacks. It is completely natural snack because it does not contain any artificial colour or chemicals so that it is not harmful to our health. It has mixed taste such as the combinations of sweet, spicy and sour. We can prepare so many snacks items b


Palappam and easy chicken curry is very famous and traditional combination for breakfast. It is mainly used by Keralites especially Christians. It is preparing as a special dishes for Christian celebrations such as Ester, Christmas and weddings. Now a day it became very special combination food for Christian weddings. We are preparing a lot of dishes by chicken but in this recipe, I have followed very simple and easy method with limited ingredients but taste is very good. Palappam is very soft and tasty and edges of this appam should be crispy and it is looking very attractive. If we use palappam with this chicken curry the taste will be very good and we can serve to guests also. If we want we can serve it for dinner also but mainly it is considered as breakfast. Everyone will like this food combination.  Palappam Preparation Time - 15 minutes Ready in - 6 hours Cooking Time - 30 minutes Ingredients Raw Rice - 2 cups Cooked Rice - 1/4 cup Yeast - 2 teaspoon Sugar - 1 tea


I know that everyone likes pudding very much. We have tasted different types of pudding from different places. Earlier we were using ice cream and payasam as the dessert after lunch and dinner. But now a day pudding is considering as the main dessert item. Its popularity is increasing day by day so we are trying to make variety pudding items. In this recipe, I am showing one different kind of pudding that is called as Yellow pudding. It is the combination of mango and orange so that we will get yellow colour at final result that is why I given this particular name to this dessert. It is completely natural pudding and good to health because I haven't used any kind of artificial colour and essence to this dessert. So it will have very attractive natural yellow colour. Red colour is an excellent combination with yellow colour so that I decorated it with cherry. If you want any other colour with this yellow you can decorate with other fruits as per your choice. It is having mixed fla


'Pudding' this name is becoming very popular day by day. Everybody is remembering vanilla pudding first when we hear this name because vanilla essence became very famous. We are serving different types of pudding as the dessert for special occasions such as wedding and birthday. We are getting different types of ready-made pudding from shops, cool bars and hotels. We are making different pudding in houses by using different fruits, essence and vegetables. We can use different methods to get variety taste. Making pudding is one of my habit or hobby because it is my favourite sweet dessert. We will get a special and verity feeling when we have pudding. Today, I made vanilla pudding so I would like to share its method of preparation through this article. Vanilla Pudding is very sweet and cool dessert which is made by vanilla essence. It is very simple and easy to prepare at home and it is looking very attractive. I have used vanilla essence to get flavour so that I give this n


Potato mezhukkupuratti is very tasty and medium spicy dish. Potato is one of the favourite item for  both South Indians and North Indians. Potato chips, potato beef curry and potato stir fry are the popular dishes of Potato. In this article, I would like to share the recipe of potato mezhukkupuratty or Potato Stir Fry. It is an excellent combination with rice and chapati. I like this dish very much so that I have made it at home so many times. We can prepare different types of dishes by potato and potato mezhukkupuratti is one of the famous dishes that are prepared by potato. Usually everyone is preparing this dish but in this recipe I have made it entirely different from other dish. Its main flavours are the combinations of fennel powder and garam masala. We have to cut potato as small pieces with same thickness for this dish. To get proper taste or texture it shouldn't overcook. If we over cook the potato it will become like potato masala curry. So we have to take care while co