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Raw mango curry is very tasty traditional curry which is made by raw mango. It is preparing in some houses in mango season. It is using as the side dish for wedding celebration in some district of Kerala. In some places serving yellow colour mango curry and in some other places using red colour mango curry but these two dishes are really tasty and healthy. This dish contains spicy, sour and coconut taste. To cook it well I have removed the peel of raw mango so that we can mash it well and its taste also will increase. It is an excellent combination with hot rice for lunch. Mango will be available in summer sea dish. We are using both raw mango and ripe mango to make different dishes. Some people like this curry very much and it is my father's favourite curry so we are making it in my houses so many times. He will not add another curry with rice when we make this. It has a thick consistency and it is very old recipe. This was making my grandmother in her house so we are also follo


Jackfruit is very good fruit which will be available in summer season. Everyone likes this ripe jackfruit because it is very tasty and sweet fruit. Ripe jackfruit will be available with yellow and orange colour. It is mainly used by south Indians because they are cultivating this in their home. We are using both raw and ripe jackfruit to make tasty dishes. Jackfruit dishes are really tasty and healthy. In this article, I would like to share steamed jackfruit rice cake which is made by ripe jackfruit. It is very tasty and healthy because we are steaming it in a steamer. It is very simple and easy method. It is very sweet which contains the flavour and taste of cardamom powder and cumin seeds. It can use as an evening snack and it is better combination with hot tea. It is very useful when we tired or coming back from school and office. It is very healthy and natural snack so we can use it without any fear. I like this very much and I was using it since my child hood. This is very old r


Different types of Beans are there but all are very good to health and contain a lot of health benefits. Beans contain fiber content which is very good to human body. Long Beans is one of the popular beans item which will be available in both markets and houses. Long Beans will be available in two colours, one is Green Colour Long Beans and other one is Violet Colour Long Beans. Usually we are cultivating in home Green colour long beans and we need not take too much care to cultivate it. Long beans stir fry with and without coconut are very famous and tasty dish.  Today, I have come here very tasty and health Long Beans stir fry which is prepared by Green Long Beans. I bought it from outside to make this dish so I have socked it in salt water for one hour to remove the poison. This stir fry is very useful to children and we can give them as the side dish with lunch when they go to school. It is using the side dish in Christian Wedding celebrations. this spicy-less dish and its prep


'Chips' this name is very much familiar and its usage is increasing day by day.  We all know about different types of chips such as Potato chips, Tapioca chips and Banana Chips. Chips taste is crazy and it is providing the tendency to eat this again and again so its demand is increasing. The main customers of chips are kids and students. Its price is also increasing based on its demand. We all are depending market to buy this snack but we have great option to make it simply at home. Today I am going to share one famous chips item which is known as Jackfruit chips.    Jackfruit chips are very tasty evening snack which is made by raw jackfruit. So many are using this as an evening snack. It is very crispy chips and looking very attractive. It is well fried chips so we are getting good feelings when we have it. It is a better combination with hot and very sweet tea. I like this combination very much so I am using it with hot tea in the evening. It is suitable in rainy season b


Jackfruit is very much popular and big fruit in the world. Everybody knows about both Raw and Ripe Jackfruit. We are using Raw Jackfruit to make different dishes such as Masala curry, Erissery and Aviyal and we can use Tender jackfruit also same like this. Every dish of this Tender jackfruit is really tasty and healthy. Jackfruit will be available in houses especially in Kerala, so it became the favourite item for them. Tender Jackfruit dishes tastier than Jackfruit dishes. My mother and my grandmother were preparing dishes by using this since my childhood. Everyone in my family likes these dishes very much. Today I am here to share one tasty Tender Jackfruit dish which is called as Tender Jackfruit Stir fry. In Kerala it is also called as 'Idichakka Thoran'. This is completely a traditional dish and will remember my childhood memories when I taste this dish. It is very easy to make because its method of preparation is very simple. It is super combination with hot plain Ric


Sardine Fish is one of famous Fish item and almost everyone has tasted it at least once. This fish is looking very attractive with glows and it is very good to use on daily basis. This Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acid which very useful to human body. This Fish will be available in every Fish market with less or affordable price. Its price is less comparing other fishes but it contains a lot of health benefits. We need to spend more time to clean this fish but it will have less cooking time and taste also really good. Sardine Fish dishes are available in every hotels including small and big hotels. These dishes are not those much costly items. Fish Curry, Fish Fry, Fish Stir Fry and Fish Masala are the main, common and tasty dishes of Sardine Fish. South Indians need any types of fish dishes to eat lunch and they can't imagine having lunch without fish dishes. This Fish can buy anyone because of its less price. This fish is very useful to children to improve health you give them t


Chicken curry is one of the favourite dish for non-vegetarians. We are making chicken curry by using different method. Someone is following the same method of preparation so that they are missing other tasty dishes. But so many other people are trying to get new taste and variety dishes so they are making new dishes with mixing different ingredients. Some experiments will become success and some other will be failure but we can learn new lesson from each and every experiment. Non vegetarian items are very good to try new dishes especially chicken. It would be better if we can serve a new dish to our guests or dearest one and they will be more satisfied and we will get a good compliments and appreciation. Spicy chicken curry also I made as an experiment and it is a traditional dish. I did not add more ingredients to make this dish. Chicken is fat less item so it is useful to health. It is very spicy and easy Kerala style chicken curry. I like this curry very much and I got compliment


Green Peas is very good vegetable item which is very useful for vegetarians. We can get fresh Green Peas with attractive Green colour in super markets. But fresh Green Peas will not available in every store so we can use dried Green Peas to make dishes. We can store it for long terms and every house will have Green Peas at any time. Every Green Peas dishes are really tasty and Green Peas is my favourite item. Today I made Green Peas masala curry which is made by Dried Green Peas. I didn't get fresh Green Peas so I used it. Its taste will increase if you use fresh Green Peas. It is an excellent combination with Rice, Chapati and Appam. Mainly I am using it as the side dish with Appam for breakfast. I have made it so many times in my house because everyone in my family likes this very much especially my father.  Its gravy is very thick and it can make very easily at home. This dish will be available in some hotels for breakfast. I have tasted if from some hotels in Kerala. Dishes


Squash is having the mixed taste of sour and sweet taste. Its main specialty is that we can store it for long term. This is highly useful when unexpected guests come to home. We all are serving cool drinks first to guests in summer season so we have to store some cool drinks in our houses always. Mainly we are buying artificial drinks and squash from outside and it is very costly and harmful to health. But everyone needs easy drinks to serve immediately so we need not to focus on health. Outside squashes will be very colourful and attractive but we can't predict its side effects. Humans are becoming patients day by day so we have to take extra care to our health. We have to realize the fact that we can make homemade squashes very easily at home. If you try to get different recipe details we all can make tasty and attractive squashes without any artificial ingredients. Today I am showing best and easy squash which is completely natural and fresh which is made by Lemon. It is ver


Chicken dishes are becoming very popular and it is used by all countries. Chicken is very good non vegetarian item to try new dishes or recipes. Chicken dishes are really tasty and it is highly demanded item for non-vegetarians. We can't avoid chicken for celebration or special occasions. We can get different tasty dishes from hotels and restaurant. Today I am showing a different tasty dish and its flavour is really good. I like this dish very much so I would like to share this recipe details to everyone. It is one of the special chicken roasts with cumin seeds flavour. To get natural traditional taste I have used coconut oil and curry leaves. Usually we are using refined oil to make this chicken roast an also using coriander leaves instead of curry leaves. We will get north Indian flavour if we use these ingredients but I followed traditional method completely. It is an excellent combination with appam, rice and chapati for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is medium spicy chicke


Green gram is very famous and everybody​ knows about this and its taste because it became a part of our life. Green gram is very healthy protein rich item which is mostly used by vegetarians. Vegetarians will have less protein so it will help to increase its quantity of human body. We are making different tasty dishes with this tasty green gram. Green gram curry, stir fry and salad are the common and dish of green gram.It is looking very attractive with green colour and very soft. It is very tasty if we make any dish with this. I would like to share very tasty Green Gram stir fry and it is also known as Cherupayar Ularthiyathu. This is very simple and easy method. It can use as the side dish with breakfast, lunch and dinner and I like to use this as the side dish with hot plain rice. It is very tasty and easy traditional stir fry. It is spicy less stir fry so everyone can use it. It is one of the super side dish with rice and Kanji. Green gram contains a lot of health benefits so we


Red lentils are full of protein and it is mainly used by vegetarian. This is the main item for north Indians to make different dishes. Different types of lentils in shops and super markets. Here I used soft and orange colour red lentils and we can make a lot of dishes by using this. Lentils stir fry, red lentils with spinach curry and lentils masala curry is the main dishes of lentils. Keralites are using these lentils to make sambar and I am usually using this to make sambar in my house. These lentils is really very tasty and very useful to increase the protein content in the human body. It provides skin glow and reducing ageing problem and helps to keep young. Today I am going to share red lentils potato curry. It is very good and tasty vegetarian curry and it is very simple and easy method to make at home. It is the combination of red lentils and potato. We can make it very cost effective with limited or less ingredients. To get thick curry we have to mash red lentils and potato


We all are using different types of snacks in the evening with hot Tea or cold juices. Making tasty snack is the difficult task for mothers because they have to make tasty and fresh snacks for their children. In this modern world everybody needs different and new variety tastes including children. Children need sweet snacks when they coming back from school. Someone is using ready-made packets snacks from outside because they don't know how to make these types of snacks from home. But we can make variety and new snacks in houses by using different tasty ingredients based on our preferences. I am also using some snacks in the evening but using same snacks is getting irritated so I found new tasty snack recipe today.  I need to share this new snack details through this article. I am really happy to share this to everyone. This dish will be very helpful to everyone especially those who like sweet and tasty snacks. Banana is one of the favourite natural fruit for almost everyone. I


Jackfruit seed is one of the tasty seed which is available inside the jackfruit. Jackfruit seed is favourite item for anyone who likes to have jackfruit dishes. It is mainly used by Keralites because it is their special item in summer season. South Indians will have this fruits in their houses so it became favourite for them. They will be very much busy to make jackfruit and jackfruit seeds dishes in summer season. As we know that jackfruit is the biggest fruit in the world. All parts of jackfruit is useful to make dishes. Jackfruit seeds are very healthy which contains a lot of health benefits. This is very helpful to prevent and decrease the cancer and it is scientifically proved so we can consider this as the medicine for dangerous diseases. Today I am showing very good jackfruit seed recipe which is very useful to those who likes to have traditional dishes. This seeds will have creamy effect after cooking it. It is the favourite dish for Keralites and they are making it in their


ROSE APPLE (CHAMBAKKA) WINE It is very tasty wine and we can make it with very less ingredients. Rose apple will be available in summer season so we can make it in this season and can keep it in for long term. We should be careful while making wine otherwise we won't get exact taste and texture. Preparation Time - 15 minutes Ready in - 31 days Ingredients Rose apple - 2 kg Sugar - 1 kg Chopped ginger - 1 teaspoon Water - 2 litter Yeast - 1 teaspoon Cloves  - 3 Wheat - 1/4 cup Method Remove the seeds from rose apples and wash it gently and dry it by using clothes and keep it aside. Boil water in a pan and make it cool. Put rose apples in a jar and add half quantity of sugar. To this add cloves, ginger and wheat. Then add reaming sugar on the upper portion. Then pour boiled and cooled water and cover the jar with airtight lid. Then keep it in a dark room for 30 days. Open the jar on 31st day and stir well by using wooden ladle. Then stir it through white


Cabbage is very famous and popular vegetable which is available in market at any time. Usually we are using this vegetable to make different tasty dishes. This vegetable is very useful to human health because it contains a lot of health benefits. It contains Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and it also contains manganese and fibers. These all are very good to improve health so you can use it on daily basis. You can eat Cabbage as raw and cooked. I have shared so many stir fry recipes already by using different vegetables. Today also I would like to share another stir fry recipe through this article. I made Cabbage Stir fry which is also known as Cabbage thoran. I think this stir fry known by so many people but some people don't know about this so this article will be very helpful to them. I am really happy to share this tasty dish to everyone. It is one of the Kerala style traditional cabbage stir fry. It will be available on market with less price compared to other vegetables.


MILK (PAAL) PAYASAM Vishu is one of the special traditional celebrations of Keralites. Today, Keralites are celebrating Vishu so they all are very much busy to make different dishes. In this celebration Keralites are making vegetarian dishes and serving different types sweet payasam as the main dessert. Vishu is Hindu festival and mainly they are preparing 'Vishu Sadya' which is including meal, stir fries and desserts. I have made very tasty paal payasam for this special day. I like this payasam very much and it is very easy to make. We are making different kind of payasam in my house because everyone likes payasam very much. It has very attractive white colour so I like to make this very much. We can serve this as a dessert after lunch. Pal payasam or milk payasam is very familiar to everybody and almost everyone has tasted it at least once. We will first remember milk payasam and vermicelli payasam when we hear payasam first time. It is not new dessert it was there lon


Every Christians are celebrating Maundy Thursday today. It is one of the special celebrations for Christians. Everyone is going to church this Thursday to pray to God and special celebrations will be there in all church. Jesus gave his body and blood for us in his last supper and every Christians are remembering this beautiful moment in Maundy Thursday. Here, I am showing the special dishes in pesaha which is coming only yearly once. These special dishes are called as pesaha appam and pesaha paal. We are making this appam and paal yearly once and will cut appam with pesaha paal and celebrating in houses and church in between 6 pm to 9 pm. We can't make it at home if anyone in our houses or relatives died. Neighbours will give us these dishes at that kind of situations. We have celebrated very nice with neighbours today. My mother has been making this appam and pal since my childhood. Today I followed my mother's method and made it very nicely. I haven't changed anything


Papaya is one of the famous and healthy fruit which is available in Kerala. It contains a lot of health benefits because it contains vitamins, minerals, potassium and calcium. We will get this fruit from market with very less price so everyone can use it. This fruit is available in my house and everyone in my family like this fruit very much. Here, I am showing how to make very tasty papaya juice. This is very tasty and healthy juice and its method of preparation is really very simple and easy. I used completely natural and fresh Papaya which was there in my home to make this so this doesn't contain any poisons. All ingredients I used here completely natural so it can provide extra energy immediately after using this juice. We can make it at any time whenever you need but you have to use it immediately after preparation otherwise its freshness will lost and taste also will change and some bitter taste also come. We will all health benefits if we use it immediately after making. 


It is very tasty curry and I like this curry very much so in my house, we are making green peas dishes weekly once. I got this recipe from my aunt and I followed the same procedure first and it was very tasty but here, I changed the method because I would like to make my own preparation. To get variety and new curry I added potato to this curry and also used thick coconut milk instead of water. Its taste will increase if we use thick coconut milk completely and curry will become very thick. I have used roasted pasted masala so that it will have the flavour of non-vegetarian curry. Mainly it is served as the side dish with appam for breakfast and with rice for lunch and also can use with chapatti. To get very soft and tasty green peas we have to sock it in water for one overnight before cooking. Quantity also will increase if we sock it in water for one overnight. Green peas taste will be very bad if we cook it immediately. This curry has very good masala flavour and we should not add


It is very famous, tasty and healthy stir fry. I have made this stir fry with red colour and green colour spinach. It is very easy to make it at home and we can save time. We can use spinach on daily basis because it is very healthy vegetable and contains a lot of health benefits. It contains a lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is mainly used as the medicine for Anemia because spinach contains iron. Mainly it is used as the side dish with rice for lunch. We have to give this curry to children on daily basis to get good health. I made this curry with my homemade spinach so it is completely natural and very healthy. We need not take extra care to plant spinach and it will grow very easily without spend more time. I got this spinach stem from my neighbour. This vegetable will be available in all houses and it will be available on market also. We can make different tasty curry with spinach but here I am showing very easy spinach stir fry. Usually we are making spinach dish at my ho