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We know about colocasia vegetable very much because it is very tasty and healthy vegetable. In Kerala, almost all houses will have colocasia so it became favorite vegetable for them. It will be available on markets with different prices. Mainly it is using to make some curries. I also have tried a lot of spicy and spicy less curries in my house. It will be available in summer season and we can store it in covers for long term. We can make fish, beef and chicken with colocasia. Here I have made a special colocasia cutlet which is really tasty. Cutlet is very famous and everyone knows about it but this cutlet is entirely different from others. To get more taste and smell I used non-vegetarian type masala. My favourite combination with this cutlet is red chilli sauce. I had it with tomato sauce first time then I tried it with red chilli sauce and this combination is better than with tomato sauce so I am using it with red chilli sauce. It is very easy and simple recipe. This recipe is ve


Jackfruit is one of the biggest fruit and it is very famous fruit in everywhere. You can prepare a lot of variety and tasty dishes by using raw and ripe jackfruit. It has been cultivated in Kerala so it became favourite fruit for them so they will wait for summer season because Jackfruit is available in summer season. Jack fruit and its seeds have a lot of health benefits. Jackfruit payasam, jackfruit Aviyal, milk shake, jackfruit sambar, jackfruit chips and jackfruit juice are the common and popular dishes for everyone. It was one of the favourite fruit long years ago and every house will have mashes jack fruit in the evening. Now a day also it is following because it is that much tasty and healthy. Here, I am prepared another tasty dish that is called as Jackfruit Erissery. It is very familiar to Keralites but it is not that much popular in other states and countries because it is a traditional dish in Kerala. I was getting a special and variety feelings when I have it. It is very


Leaves curries are very healthy if you use it with food on daily basis and it is essential to human body. Leaves contain iron that helps to reduce anemia. We can use any types of leaves curries. It is very helpful to increase the health of human eyes. Drumstick leaves stir fry and spinach stir fry are the main and common leaves curries in all houses. Nobody is aware about more than that. A lot of variety and healthy leaves are available in surroundings. Some other leave are also suitable to make curries. Earlier I also was using the same curries which I have mentioned above but now I realized that we can use some other healthy leaves are very useful to make curries and have. Pea leaves stir fry, bitter gourd stir fry and pumpkin leaves stir fry are very tasty and healthy stir fry and it can use it on daily basis. Here, I am giving the recipe of variety and tasty mulberry leaves stir fry. Mulberry will have a lot of mulberry fruits which is very healthy. So that mulberry leaves also v


Wine is essential in Christian families for Christmas, Ester and wedding celebrations. We will get different types of wine from outside but Homemade wine has high demand in everywhere because it will be natural and healthy. For celebrations we have to make it before one month because its taste will increase if keep it for long term. I have prepared a lot of different and variety wines in my house. Grape wine is very common and familiar to everyone. Apple wine, beet root wine, pineapple wine, mango and orange wine are the other famous and popular wines. It can make by any types of fruits and vegetables whatever we need. Grape wine, Beetroot and Bilimbi wine are the favourite wines of mine. Here, I am showing mixed fruit wine which I tried first time as an experiment. But it is very tasty and it can store for a long term. It has to take 41 days to ready and it has very attractive red colour. It is the mixed combination of strawberry, apple and Mulberry. We know different types of juice


Beetroot is very famous vegetable and everyone knows about it. It has very attractive colour and it has dark pink colour and red colour. Beetroot has a lot of health benefits,it improves the blood circulation, increasing the skin glow and helps to increase hair growth. It will be available on markets at any time with reasonable price. We can make a lot variety and tasty dishes by using beetroot. Beetroot stir fry, beet root jam, beet root squash, payasam and pudding are the main and common dishes of beetroot. But beetroot pickle is one of the easiest dishes and Almost everyone know about this pickle. Everyone is remembering is beet root pickle when hear the name of beet root. Beet root can make in different ways and it is serving as the side dish with biriyani and rice in some hotels and restaurants. Earlier it was serving as the side dish for the birthday, wedding and other celebrations. I have followed a variety method to make this pickle. It has spicy, sour and sweet taste. To get


Rose milk is very good cool dessert and its main ingredient is rose syrup. It will have a cute pink colour when rose syrup mix with milk and also it will have the flavour of rose water. It is very tasty and sweet cool drinks for summer season. To get a healthy cool drink use fat remove milk to make this so it can use cholesterol patients without any fear. In summer season, we are facing a lot of issues and difficulties such as feeling thirsty every time and increasing the body heat so we are searching solutions for these problems. We are using hot water, milkshakes, ice cream and pudding from shops to reduce body heats and thirsty and some others are keeping this drinks in fridge for long term, but this solutions are very harmful to health. You can make natural and healthy homemade cool drinks in houses if you are ready to spend some time and it is essential to healthy body today world. Rose milk is one of the better solutions for this summer season's problems. You can have it im


Mango pickle is one of the favourite pickles for everyone. Water will come from mouth when we hear this mango pickle name especially Keralites. Mango will be available in Kerala in summer season. Every house in Kerala will have at least one mango tree so everyone can use natural and fresh ripe and raw mango. We will have more interest to have if we have that in our houses. Mango pickle is preparing in different ways and it is changing based on states and countries. I have tasted different types of mango pickle from different places and states and tastes are entirely different each other. Mango pickle, mango juice, pudding, ice cream, salads, chutney and fish with mango are the main and common dishes by using raw mango. Mango will be available in everywhere in summer season. Raw mango is highly beneficial to diabetic patients because it helps to reduce the sugar contents from human body and also beneficial to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, provides skin glow and prevents ageing p


Mango milk shake is one of the easy and simple recipes to make in houses. Usually mango will be available in summer season and we will get it from houses and shops. It is very good drink in summer season. It is looking very attractive and it has very thick consistency. Everyone likes milk shake to drink so we can make it very quick in our houses. We need to freeze the milk to make this tasty milk shake so it will have a cooling effect. So we can have it immediately after preparation. To get we can use sugar or jaggery based on our taste or choice. But I would like to use honey to get sweet because I need very natural and healthy milk shake. If we need to get some extra flavour or smell we can add mango essence or cardamom powder. But I haven't used these ingredients in this recipe because I like natural flavour milk shake. We will get a variety milk shake if we blend it with vanilla ice cream. Mango milk shake is very famous or popular in cool bars and restaurants. Mango is very


Pineapple contains vitamin C and it is very sweet fruit. Pineapple has a very good and attractive flavour so we can identify that if we have it. It has natural yellow colour and its peel is very thick and contains strong thorns. It helps to improve digestion process of human body. We can make a lot of variety dishes by using pineapple. Pineapple juice, pineapple squash and jam are the main, common and easy dishes from this fruit. This fruit is very helpful when we tired, because it gives extra energy. I like this fruit very much because it has the mixed taste of sour and sweet taste. I can't have this fruit directly too much so I am trying new recipe with pineapple. It is very useful before travelling because it prevents stomach problems. We can make both sweet and spicy salads by using this fruit. We can make salads by mixing other fruits and vegetables. Salad is very good to body and it helps to become cool. I would like to have salads so I have tried different types of pineapp


Mushroom is very famous and favourite vegetable for everyone especially vegetarians. Different types of mushroom will be available on markets. Milky mushroom and butter mushroom are the main categories in shops. Here, I used oyster mushroom to make this stir fry which I have cultivated in my house. Mushroom is one of the favourite item for my family members including me because it doesn't contain any poison. It will be very beneficial to prevent cancer and helps to increases the immunity power of the human body. Mushroom is very costly vegetable on markets. I haven't ever bought mushroom from markets because oyster mushroom is available in my house. It is very tasty mushroom and also looking very attractive and beautiful. In hotels and restaurants mushroom dishes are available with very high prices. Mushroom fry is using as the starter item and mushroom masala and mushroom soups are popular and available dishes of mushroom. Here, I made very easy and simple mushroom fry with


Green gram is very healthy and protein rich item. It is used by vegetarians and it is looking very attractive. It has mild green colour and its size is very small and contains a lot of health benefits. We can make different dishes by using green gram. Green gram masala, green gram stir fry and green gram coconut stir fry are the main tasty dishes of green gram. Here, I have made tasty green gram curry and its method of preparation is simple and easy. I know that almost everyone familiar with this taste because it is an old recipe and usually preparing in houses and hotels. It is one of the common and famous curries in Christian houses. I learnt this method of preparation from my grandmother and she was making it in her house sometimes so I taste it from there first when I was child. Then I told to my mother about this curry and made it in my house. Now I am following the same ingredients and method. Green gram has more cooking time so we have to sock it in water for one night to redu


Beetroot is looking very attractive and healthy vegetable. It has a nice dark pink colour and everyone like this colour very much. We can make a lot of dishes by using this vegetable. Beet root wine, beetroot halva, beetroot Cake and beetroot pudding are the main dishes by beetroot. Beetroot stir fry or thoran is one of the easiest recipes which can made at home. It was the special side dish for the wedding celebration before but now a day it is not serving for the special occasions. It is very tasty thoran and we can make it very easily with limited ingredients. This stir fry is very good to children and we can give them for lunch. It contains a lot of health benefits. It is highly beneficial to human eyes and reduces the sugar of the human body. Skin colour will increase if we use it on daily basis. Beetroot will be available on market at any season and its price is less comparing other vegetables so everyone can try this recipe at any time. We have to chop it well then only we wil


Chicken is main and favourite non-vegetarian item for anyone who likes non-vegetarian dishes. Chicken is available in almost every country. We can't celebrate the festivals without chicken. We are making different variety and tasty dishes for wedding, birthday, Easter and Christmas celebration. Chicken dishes will be available in every hotels and restaurants. Its price is also less comparing other non-vegetarian items and it will be available everywhere so we will get it very easily without any difficulties. Its cooking time is also less comparing other meats. Chicken biriyani, chicken tikka, chicken pickle, chilli chicken and chicken kebab are the main dishes made by chicken. Here, I am showing a variety and tasty red chicken curry. It has an attractive red colour so I give this name for this recipe. To get red colour I used tomato, red capsicum and red chilli powder. I used the pasted masala to make this curry. It is little bit spicy chicken curry so it will be a good dish for


Pumpkin is a famous vegetable which contains anti-oxidants and vitamins. Green colour pumpkin and orange colour pumpkins are available. This vegetable we are cultivating in our houses and it would be available on market with less or reasonable price. It is very beneficial to human body, it helps to increase growth of body and also removing the poisons of our body. We can't mention its benefits by words because it is unlimited and we can make a lot variety dishes by using this vegetable. Pumpkin dishes are very popular before and now also everyone is following the same dishes. Pumpkin curry, masala curry, pumpkin jam, pumpkin squash, pudding and Erisseri are the common and famous dishes of pumpkin.  I need to share the recipe of pumpkin payasam in this article. Pumpkin payasam is one of the easy recipe and it is becoming popular now a day. This payasam recipe found recently and it is completely a variety type of payasam. Payasam is very sweet dessert and almost everyone like thi


Pudding is very popular and famous name and everybody knows about it. I know that everyone has tasted at least one pudding and its taste is loved by them. Earlier pudding was not there but now a day its will be available in houses, cool bars and hotels. It can get it from anywhere. Long years ago, people were using paysam to celebrate birthday and other special celebrations but now puddings are serving for the special celebrations. It is very cool and sweet dessert so everyone will like this very much. It has special and variety feeling while we have it. It will dissolve very easily because it is that much soft and cool. It can make at home with very less ingredients. Coffee pudding is very familiar pudding and tasty. We are using coffee when we tired or when we have fever, cold and head ache. Coffee would have a good smell that gives us some energy. Coffee's smell and taste are entirely different from others. Coffee pudding also has the same flavour, taste and smell of coffee. I


Colocasia is a healthy vegetable and it is in the category of root vegetables. It has been cultivated more in Kerala and also it will be available on markets and its price may change based on the demands. So many people like colocasia very much and they are making curries and fries by colocasia. It is there in my house and everyone in my family like this very much. It can keep it for long term so that we can use it if it is not available. It contains a lot of health benefits. I have made different dishes by colocasia. Colocasia stir fry, masala curry, colocasia with yogurt and fired colocasia are the main dishes I tried in my house. Colocasia payasam is the dessert item and colocasia cutlet is using as snack item. Here, I am showing that how to make colocasia masala stir fry. It is completely a traditional dish and we can make it very easy with natural ingredients which are available at home. It is an excellent combination with hot rice for lunch and dinner. It is Kerala style tradit


We all have tasted different types of smoothie in our life because it became very popular today. We can't live in this world without these types of drinks because our life style has been changed. Everyone is trying to get new things in any field including cooking. I have come here today with another tasty recipe which is known as Healthy Chocolate Smoothie. We can imagine its taste when we hear this name. Chocolate is very famous, popular and very tasty item. I know that everyone has tasted it and it is favourite for everyone especially children. Dark chocolate and white chocolate are available in shops. Earlier it was only available for anyone who were working gulf countries or abroad. But now a day it is available in everywhere in the world. So many people those who like cooking or interested to get a variety taste are making chocolate in houses. Someone is using chocolate as business because it became that much popular. Chocolate has a lot of health benefits and it helps to


Lemon Pickle is very popular and famous pickle in the world. Everyone has been tasted this pickle at least once. It has the mixed taste of sour and spicy. We can make it very easy at home. Pickle is the main side dish of any celebrations and lemon pickle is serving as the main pickle among pickles. Almost everyone has tasted lemon pickle atleast once. Lemon pickle is serving as the side dish with biriyani and rice in hotels or restaurants. Usually Christians are severing lemon pickle for their wedding functions. It helps to improve the digestion process of human body. Lemon contains vitamin C so it helps to improve skin glow and prevents ageing problems. It is very useful to skin diseases and I can't say its benefits by words. Lemon is mainly using to remove the bad smell of fishes. This lemon pickle recipe is very easy to make. I am making lemon pickle in different ways. Here, I used steamed lemon to make this pickle because it can store for long term but also we can use fresh l


In Kerala, jackfruit and jackfruit seeds are very popular and favourite item in summer season. They are making a lot of variety and tasty dishes by using jackfruit and its seeds.  Jackfruit seeds are very healthy and it has a lot of health benefits. It can prevent very danger cancer and it is scientifically and medically proved. Long years ago, peoples were making dishes by this and new generation also following the same methods now a days. Jackfruit seeds and mango curry, jackfruit seed payasam, pudding and masala are the main dishes by jackfruit seeds. We can keep it for long terms so can make dishes in other seasons. It will not damage so fast so it will last for long term. It contains a lot of protein. Here, I am showing very tasty jackfruit seed masala roast. It is an excellent combination with hot plane rice for lunch. I like this roast very much to have with hot rice. Usually I was making a stir fry with coconut and green chilli then my mother tried this method to get a differ


Greenpeace is very healthy and it is protein rich item. This will be available in grocery stores at any time. This is also like red peace cow and green gram. I think everyone like to have green peace dishes. Two types of Greenpeace are available on markets, one is fresh raw green peace and another one is dry green peace. I am using dry Greenpeace to make curries always because it is difficult to get fresh one. I like green peace dishes since my childhood. Green peace stew, masala, pepper fry, kuruma, potato with green peace curry are the main and common dishes in houses. Here, I would like to share the recipe Greenpeace pepper stir fry. Pepper powder is the better ingredient with Greenpeace. It is completely a traditional stir fry. Greenpeace will take too much time to cook well so we have to sock it in water overnight. I am preparing this curry sometimes in my house. I learnt this recipe from my mother and I followed the same ingredients and method. It is super side dish with hot ri


Payasam is one famous sweet dessert. Almost everyone likes this sweet dessert and we can't celebrate any celebrations without payasam. It is very sweet and tasty dessert. We are making different types of payasam such as apple payasam, orange payasam, papaya, mango and tomato payasam. But we are remembering vermicelli payasam first when we hear payasam name because it stands in first place among payasam desserts. Vermicelli payasam is old recipe and it is very familiar to everyone. I think everyone has tasted this paysam at least once because it is common recipe in all houses. My mother was preparing this dessert from my child hood and I also followed the same method of preparation. It is very simple and easy recipe and can make it without any efforts. It just takes some more time to roast vermicelli and it became soft when we roast it. In Hindu wedding celebrations it is considering as the main dessert and they are making different types of payasam. Its importance is increasing d


This curry is very simple and easy recipe and it will be very helpful for anyone who wants to make very easy and simple curry. People are making tomato curry in different ways. Some people like roasted paste tomato curry and some other people like grated coconut paste tomato curry. Tomato is looking very attractive and it has natural red colour. It contains a lot of health benefits, it protects the human hearts and also helps to get a clear and glow skin. Almost all houses will have this vegetable and also it will be available on markets at any time with reasonable or affordable price. We are using tomato as the main ingredients for other curries especially fish curries, egg curry, beef curry and chicken curry. Tomato has a sour taste and it helps to increase the taste of curries. I like tomato curry very much so I made this curry at home some times and also I am trying new recipes with tomato. Here, I am showing a very simple tomato curry.  I used the paste of grated coconut to make