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Cool drinks are very good to use in summer season and also it is beneficial to cool our body. Usually we are making different items by using fruits and store it for long term. These types of items are highly helpful when unexpected guests are coming to our houses. It is also very helpful to us and we can use it whenever we need. We can make this squash very easily and it can be keep it for long term. It has very natural and fresh pineapple flavour. Almost everyone likes this flavour very much. We can make different dishes by using pineapple such as juice, salads and jam. It is very sweet squash so we need not add extra sugar to this when we serve this. I have used fresh and natural pineapple which is there in my house. We will get different types of squashes from shops and also it will have great flavours and attractive colours but it is highly harmful to health. Everyone is thinking that these items are very good and we can't make it at home. If we spend some times at home we ca


Smoothie is one famous cool drink which is available in everywhere. I would like to have homemade cool drinks so I am making it in my home when I need to drink cool drink. Today, I am going to share one another Smoothie recipe which is called as Mango and Banana Smoothie. Banana and mango are the best combination to make smoothie. Banana doesn't have any flavour so here I added Cinnamon Powder to get good flavour and taste. Banana and Mango have creamy effects so we will get a very tasty smoothie. We can make different dishes by using this combination such as juice, squash, jam, pudding, payasam, salads etc... Banana and mango are very sweet so it will have a variety taste. It is cream and thick smoothie. To get more creamy effect we are using chilled milk and ice cubes to make this. We can use thick yogurt instead of milk to make this smoothie. We can make this smoothie by using almond milk but I like this method very much. This is an energy booster drink because it helps to red


Wine is very familiar to everyone because its demand is increasing day by day. Wine is very special to Christian families because it is mainly prepared by Christian's special celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and wedding and birthday celebrations. Wine recipe is very old and we are following the same method to make wine. We can make wine by using different fruits and vegetables. Usually we are making wine by grape fruit. But we can make it by using apple, strawberry, pineapple, mango, orange etc. and also we can make rice wine by using different rice. Wine will be available in supermarkets and malls. Usually we are serving red wine for wedding celebrations. Its taste will increase if we keep it in long term. It will last for long term if we keep it in airtight bottles in dark room.  In this article, I am going to share one wine recipe that is called as Beetroot Wine. May be this name will be new to some people because this name is not that much famous. We can make beetroot


Jack fruit payasam or pradhamen is very sweet dessert and it is one of the famous mouth-watering dessert. People will get water from mouth when they hear this payasam name. It is completely a traditional dessert. Mainly Jackfruit dishes are using by south Indians especially Keralites. It is very special dessert item for Onam celebration. I have got this fresh, natural and sweet jack fruit from my neighbour house so I decided to make jack fruit payasam as Eid special dessert. It is very tasty and sweet dessert for special occasions or celebrations. It can be used as hot or cold and both are very tasty. If we use cold payasam we can serve it as a dessert after lunch. Its main flavours are cardamom powder and dry ginger powder flavour. It is very simple and easy recipe and I have used coconut milk to make it. We can make homemade Jam from ripe jack fruit. It will be very tasty if we add Split green gram to this dessert. This payasam will be very special for anyone who likes payasam very


Sardine fish is highly beneficial to our health. It contains omega fatty acid and also we can use this fish on daily basis. It helps to reduce heart diseases and also increases immunity power. It contains a lot of proteins which is very beneficial to human body. Sardine fish is very tasty and everyone likes to have this fish. Here, I am showing very tasty and variety fish fry. Its main specialty is that I have used bird's eye chilli to marinate this fish fry. Bird's eye chillies also have a lot of health benefits and so many people aware about this. This chilli will be available in almost all houses and it is very costly item in markets. This fry will have very special and attractive taste and it is completely variety fish fry. It has a mixed smell of garlic, curry leaves and birds eye chillies. To get more taste I have mixed fish in coconut milk. It is completely a traditional fish fry and we can use it as a side dish with hot rice, mashed tapioca and mashed jackfruit for lu


It is very spicy Kerala style traditional fish curry and its taste is really good. Mango and fish are the better and tasty combination. It can be made by using any types of fish. Here, I have used shark fish which is very soft and thick fish. It doesn't have skeleton like other fishes so its masala curry will be very good. I have made this curry so many times by using different fishes. I learned this method from my mother because I love mango combination curries such as dried fish with mango chutney, stir fry and curry very much. My suggestion about fish curry is that it should be little spicy so I made this curry little spicy. We can use this curry with rice, chapati, mashed tapioca and jackfruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would like to have this curry with hot rice for lunch. Its taste is entirely different from other fish curry. Coriander powder will give us a very special and variety taste and also gets thickness. Coconut milk gives a traditional taste and smell. It h


Everyone would like to have juices in their daily life. But different people like different type juices. Everyone will have their own favourite or special juices. Someone will like vegetable juices and someone will like fruit juices and some category like fruits and vegetable mixed juices. I would like to have fruit juices. Mainly I am preparing juices by using grapes, apple, mango, pineapple and pomegranate. Here I am showing very healthy pineapple juice. It is entirely different from other fruit and vegetable juices. Usually we are making pineapple juice with water and sugar and I have prepared by using the same method so many times. Then I thought I need to get some changes and variety taste. Then I got this idea to get changes and it was really tasty. I have used fresh and natural pineapple to make this juice. It had the mixed taste of sour and sweet taste. I added pepper powder and salt to this so it will have a variety mixed flavour and also it provides special feelings to stom


Mango Panna Cotta is very sweet and cool dessert. Mango panna cotta has two different tasty layers, first layer has mango flavour and taste and another one has creamy effect and taste. It is looking very attractive and also very tasty to have. It is like a pudding but its taste and method of preparation are different. I can say that it is a royal look pudding. Panna cotta is not a new recipe but it is not that much familiar for south Indians. Mainly it is prepared by north Indians. One layer should have a creamy effect then only it will become panna cotta that is the main specialty of this dessert. It can make by using any fruits but mainly using strawberry, apple, mango and watermelon. I have made this by using different fruits and everything was really good. Here I used very sweet mango because I got fresh and very sweet mango. This dessert is very suitable to use in summer season because it has cooling effect so it helps to reduce heat from body and also get energy when we tired.


Pineapple mango mixed juice is very cool juice and it is very sweet and it has very thick consistency. Pineapple and mango combination is one of the excellent combinations to make juice. These both fruits are very good to our health and beautiful skin. Pineapple has very attractive smell and flavour and it also helps to easy digestion process. Pineapple smell gives us a feeling of hungry. We can make this juice very easy at home with very less ingredients. I have used fresh mango and pineapple that are available in my house so it will be completely natural and fresh mixed juice. To get more freshness and good taste I have added a little lime juice. We can use honey to get sweet instead of sugar to get healthy juice. I like this juice very much and also my family members also like this juice. Usually we are making pineapple juice or mango juice at home but this mixed combination is better compared to these juices. Pineapple contains a lot of water so we need not to add water to make t


In Kerala, Breadfruit is also known as kadachakka and this vegetable is very tasty. It will be available in almost all houses in Kerala. This is one of my favourite items. This tree is very big and it is looking very attractive. Mainly it will be available in the starting of rainy season and it will be available on markets at that time. Its price is less comparing other vegetables but taste is really good. It is the different version of jackfruit and we can make different dishes by using this. Usually we are making breadfruit masala curry, chips, bread fruit masala chips and beef with bread fruit. Bread fruit is there in my house so I am making different tasty dishes by using this. Here, I am showing how to make bread fruit stir fry. It is completely my mother's recipe and very easy recipe. Breadfruit is also have the stain like jackfruit so it will be little difficult to remove the peels but it doesn't matter because of its taste. It is super combination with hot rice for lu


Usually Prawns are the favourite item for non-vegetarians. Prawns are using in every countries and it is very tasty fish item. Mainly we are getting both fresh and dry prawns and both are really tasty. We can make different tasty dishes by using prawns such as prawns masala curry, stir fry, chutney and chutney powder. Mango is an excellent combination with prawns and its taste is amazing. In this article, I am showing how to make very tasty and special prawns and mango chutney. It is very good dish to anyone those who likes to have prawn dishes. It is very easy to make at home and I am preparing this chutney at home especially in mango season. Mainly we are using this chutney as the side dish with hot rice, mashed tapioca and mashed jackfruit. My favourite combination is with mashed jackfruit. We can make this chutney with both fresh and dried prawns. Sometimes we will face difficulty to get fresh prawns but dry prawns will be available at any time. Its main flavours are ginger, dry


Pineapple is one of the sweet fruit and also it has very attractive and fresh smell so everyone can identify if we have it. Almost everyone would like to have pineapple. In Kerala, most of the houses have this pineapple fruit and it will be available on market at any time with reasonable price so everyone can buy this fruit. It has a lot of health benefits and mainly it is using for easy digestion especially after using non vegetarian dishes. It helps to glow skin and good to prevent ageing. It contains vitamin c so it is highly beneficial to our body. We can make a lot of variety items by using this fruit. We can make a very tasty biriyani with this sweet fruit. Here, I am presenting a variety pineapple pudding and it is entirely different from other pudding methods. We can make pineapple pudding in different method. This is very easy method and we need not to add more ingredients to make this pudding. It is very cool dessert and it can be served at any time but it will be very suit


Apple is very healthy fruit and it will be very good to body if we have it on daily basis. It contains a lot of vitamins such as vitamin A, C and K. It is very good to eyes and heart and it is scientifically proved. In Kerala, some places like Munnar is cultivating apple. Some people are cultivating apple in flats. It will be available in shops at any season but its price is little high comparing other fruits so that normal people can't afford it on daily basis. We can make a lot of variety and tasty dishes by using apple. Apple milk shake, apple cake, apple pickle, apple salads, apple squash and apple jam are the main and famous items. But apple juice is the common and easy recipe to make at home. Almost everyone knows about this juice. We need not to add more ingredients to make this juice. If we have apple juice on daily basis skin glow will increase, increasing the skin colour, preventing ageing problem and also increasing immunity power of the body. Apple juice is very cool


It is very sweet payasam and almost everyone like the dishes of banana very much. Usually we are making different banana dishes such as banana fritters, banana chips and banana salad. We can use both ripe banana and raw banana to make tasty dishes. Now a day we are getting banana payasam in restaurants. This special payasam is using the special celebration of Onam. This payasam became very popular recently. Peoples are very interested to change the things or new things so that we are getting different new dishes and banana payasam also the new recipe. I tasted this payasam from restaurant first time and it was very tasty so I made this payasam in my house. I used jaggery syrup to get sweet first time after that I used sugar syrup and both are really tasty. Payasam is the special dish for Keralites and they are considering payasam as a special dessert for celebrations or occasions. We can use it either hot or cold and both are very tasty. It has the mixed flavours of milk, ghee and ca


Everyone likes the dish which is made by raw jack fruit especially South Indians. We can make different variety dishes by both raw and ripe jack fruit. Here, I am sharing a very good mixed combination of ripe jackfruit and soya mix. It is a variety dish and very tasty dish. I think very less people hear about this recipe. We can have it for lunch, dinner and evening time. It is a rare dish so we can serve it to guest so they will get a very new, fresh and variety experiences. I have made this dish so many times in my house. Its taste is like raw jackfruit with beef combination. It is very good to anyone those who like to have vegetarian foods. We will get soya chunks while we have this food and it gives us a variety feeling and taste. It is spicy dish and I can say that it is a traditional recipe because I have used pure coconut oil and coconut. It is very healthy dish and we can make this special dish at home in jackfruit season. It is better to have hot otherwise tasty may change.


Usually we are making banana fritters in houses for evening snacks. But very less people is making snacks by jackfruit or very less people know how to make jackfruit snacks in houses. Here, I am showing how to make a variety jackfruit snack and its taste is really nice. Jackfruit is one of the favourite fruit for south Indians especially In Kerala and Karnataka. Ripe jackfruit is very sweet and tasty and we are making jackfruit jam and smoothie in houses. This is completely variety recipe and we can make it very easily within 10 minutes. I have found this recipe recently and I made this two times in my house. It was just an experiment and I tried this but I used only plain flour first time and taste was good. But second time I used the mixture of wheat flour, corn flour and rice flour to get variety taste. Its taste was really good comparing first time. It will be crispy after fry and oil will not be there on this snack. It is looking very attractive and also it has yellow colour whi


Bitter Gourd leaves are very healthy leaves and it is highly beneficial to human body. Here, I am showing a stir fry by using bitter gourd leaves. Only some people know about this dish. Mainly we are making stir fry, pickle and stir fry with fish by using bitter gourd but nobody knows about that we can have bitter gourd leaves for daily life. We are using this leaves juice as medicine because it contains a lot of health benefits. It is highly helpful to diabetic patients. This stir fry has the same taste of bitter gourd stir fry. It will have some bitter taste but it is tasty stir fry and also it can make very easily at home. We need not use more ingredients to make this stir fry. We can reduce its bitter taste by increase the quantity of coconut and shallots. In my house, we are making this stir fry some times and everyone like this curry very much and they all are telling that it is not different from bitter- gourd stir fry. I would like to have this curry with hot plane rice for l


Mango payasam or Mambazha payasam is one of the special and favourite desserts for Keralites. It is very sweet and tasty payasam. Mainly it is prepared in Onam which is very special celebration in Kerala. Mango will be available in summer season and it will be there in both houses and markets. I and my family members like this payasam very much so I am making this payasam in my house some times. Mango will have its natural sweet and also we are using jaggery syrup to get more sweet taste. It is very healthy because I haven't used sugar. First time I made this dessert by using only milk after that I made it with both condensed milk and milk so I realized that it is tastier than first time. So I used this method always. This will have the natural flavour and also it has cardamom powder smell so our mind will become refreshing. We can use it hot or cold and usually it is serving as the dessert after lunch and dinner. Everyone likes the mango flavour especially children so everyone w


Dry prawn chutney powder is one of favourite and very special dish for everyone. It is mouth-watering chutney because its taste is really great. It will be an excellent combination with dosa, idli, appam and rice for breakfast and lunch. We can serve it based on our preferences. I would like to eat this chutney with mashed jack fruit and rice. Keralites are using this with hot kanji for the dinner. I have used roasted coconut to this chutney so it will have a very good and special smell. Now a day, we are getting this special chutney packet in some super markets but it will not be that much good for our health. We can make it very easily at home and also its taste will be very good and fresh. I like this dish very much and used to have this chutney in hostels. I have followed my mother's recipe and it is mainly used by Keralites. We can make a lot of variety items with dry prawns but this chutney taste is entirely different from others. In some places of Kerala, this chutney is s


Pineapple is very famous and tasty fruit which contains the mixed taste of sour and sweet taste. This will be available in market at any time with reasonable price. We can make different dishes and cool drinks by using this tasty and natural fruit. Its main attraction is that its pleasant smell which can provide relaxation.  I would like to share one tasty Pineapple Raita recipe details through this article. I am very much happy to share this dish to all because it is very good and tasty dish. Pineapple Raita is very good and tasty Raita. It has the mixed taste of sour, sweet and spicy. Earlier Raita was using only north Indians but now a days south Indians are using this. Keralites are making Raita in houses it became a homemade item. It is mainly served as the side dish with biriyani. It will have a special taste with biriyani. If we need we can have it with chapati, naan and rice. It is using the side dish with starter items for wedding celebrations. I like this Raita very much.


Banana flower with Red cow peas stir fry is also known as vazhakoombu vanpayar thoran. It is completely a traditional tasty recipe. In Kerala, we are planting banana so everyone is making banana flower stir fry in houses. Banana flower is famous in Kerala with different names such as vazhakkoombu and vazhapoovu. It is very tasty and healthy stir fry. A deep stain will get on our hand while we chop this but we can use oil to remove this deep stain. We can make this stir fry with Dhal and green gram. It is mainly served as the side dish of hot rice. It is very tasty stir fry and banana flower will be available in some super markets. I have used fresh and natural banana flower which is there in my house. It is very old and my mother's recipe and it is one of my favorite stir fry. I have used the same method and ingredients which is my mother followed. It is spicy less so it will be suitable for children. Banana flower contains a lot of health benefits so it will be very good to ever


This drumstick curry is completely a Kerala style traditional recipe. It is very easy and simple recipe to make at home. We can make different curries with the combination of drumstick such as drumstick with tomato and drumstick with Lentil. Drumstick has a lot of health benefits and it will be available in south and north India. It will be available in almost all houses in Kerala. Keralites are using drumstick as the main ingredients of sambar and Aviyal. Drumsticks are there in market at any time and its price is little bit high comparing other vegetable. It is an excellent combination with hot rice for lunch and dinner. Drumstick mainly will be available in the month of March, April, May and June. I have used very fresh and natural drumstick to make this curry which was there in my home. To get more taste and thickness I have used mashed potato this curry. My grandmother and mother are following the same recipe to make this curry. I like that taste so I also followed the same ingr


It is completely variety beef curry because its gravy colour is green. It is very spicy, tasty and special beef curry. In houses, we are not making this curry but it will be available in restaurants. Most of the time people are thinking that, we can't make this type curry very easily at home. I had this curry from restaurant first time but I collected details about this dish and prepared in my house. I have made this two times in my house and everyone in my family like this taste. This recipe will be very good to those who want to try variety taste and variety dishes. We can use it as the side dish with bread and chapati for breakfast and dinner and also we can use it with rice for lunch. It will not take too much time to make this curry. It will be very special to serve guests and any other special occasions or parties. Its main flavours are the mixed flavours of cumin seeds and garam masala powder. It is very simple and easy recipe to make at home.  Preparation Time - 15 min