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Raw Mango is mainly using to make Pickles and we all are remembering Pickle when we hear Raw Mango. Dishes will make in different ways and its taste will change based on places, ingredients and methods. We can unlimited recipe details from everywhere and one dish can make in different ways based on our preferences. Some people are always trying to make new tasty dishes and this recipe details will be very useful to them. I also like to make new experiments in cooking field. Fish Mango Curry, Mango Sweet Pickle, Raw Mango Pudding and Raw Mango Juice are my favourite Raw Mango dishes.  I would like to share entirely different tasty dish recipe through this article. I was usually making Yellow colour Mango curry in my home. I got this recipe details from friend house. I did not know this dish earlier so I tried this today and its taste is really nice. Getting new taste and experiences will give special feelings to us. Its gravy is thick and it has the mixed colour of Orange and Red c


Beef is one the tasty non-vegetarian item. We can get different types of tasty non vegetarian items such as chicken, mutton, milk and egg. Beef is also very tasty and favourite item like other non- vegetarian items. We can make different tasty dishes by beef and beef ribs also like that only. Beef ribs are mainly used by Christian families especially in wedding and other celebrations. Mainly Keralites are making very tasty tapioca biriyani with beef ribs and it is their special and favourite dish for wedding. Beef are mainly used in Kerala and some other places in other state. Keralites cannot celebrate festival without beef because it is their favourite item for them so they are making different tasty beef dishes for Christmas, Ester, wedding, birthday and house warming celebrations. Beef ribs contain fat so it will have very good taste if we make dishes. Its fat will be melt while cooking so its taste is very nice comparing other meats. We can serve beef ribs curry for appam, porot


Sweet and spicy gravy style jackfruit is a variety tasty dish and its taste is entirely different from other jackfruit dishes. It is very new and rare recipe so it has not tasted by everyone so I can say that it is a rare recipe or dish. Jackfruit is one the favourite item for everyone. Raw and Ripe jackfruits are useful to make different types of tasty dishes and it will be really nice if we make any types of dishes by using jackfruit. Jackfruit is a big fruit among fruits and also it is looking very attractive. I have made a lot of variety tasty dishes by jackfruit but my favourite dishes are mashes jackfruit, jackfruit chips, jackfruit Erissery, jackfruit laddu and jackfruit payasam. My aunt introduces me this new and tasty recipe. I had an anxiety to know its taste first time and I had no confidence to make it that time. But I tried it when I got jackfruit. It has the mixed taste of spicy, sweet and a little sour taste so everyone in my family like this very much and they said th


Banana stem has a lot of health benefits and I think everybody knows about it. Old people were making curry with this banana stem to get a good health and they will tell that it will be the secret of their healthy body because it prevents the diseases. But new generations are not interested to use this but almost everyone knows its benefits. Banana stem contains a lot of fibers which is highly beneficial to human body. So many people are suffering from different types of dangerous diseases due to lack of fiber contained food. Fiber contented food can prevent the dangerous diseases such as cancer, piles and kidney stones. We can make a lot of variety dishes by using banana stem. Banana stem juice, banana stem stir fry, banana stem green gram stir fry, banana stem cutlet, banana stem salad and banana stem pickle are the tasty and common dishes of banana stem. Here, I am giving the traditional recipe of banana stem with black chick peas stir fry. It is very tasty and easy recipe to make


Potato dishes are very famous and very tasty. Potato is using every country because it is that much familiar to everyone. We can make different tasty dishes with the combination of both vegetables and non-vegetables. So many people are using potato juices for weight loss, urinary infection and acidity. Now potato is cultivating in Kerala earlier it was cultivating in other states but everyone is interested to make potato in houses and they are trying to cultivate it if they have a little place. Potato dishes are using for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Potato chips, potato fritter and potato masala are the common tasty vegetarian dishes and potato chicken roast, beef potato, masala and fry are the common and tasty non vegetarian dishes of potato. If we use potato with non-vegetarian items its quantity and taste will increase. Here, I have made very simple yellow colour potato curry. This curry is very tasty and it can make very easily. Mainly I am using this as the side dish with appam


Egg is very famous and popular non vegetarian item and it is mouth-watering item for so many people. We can make unlimited dishes by using egg. Egg is the main item to try new and tasty dishes for everyone. But I have one doubt about egg, I don't know egg is vegetarian or non-vegetarian item because some pure vegetarians also is using egg dishes and also some other will say that I am vegetarian but I am using egg so it is very difficult to categories it. But egg is very tasty whatever we are making with this. Egg is looking very nice and attractive. Different types of egg are available on markets. Chicken is there in so many houses so egg will be available at anytime and anywhere. I bought egg from shop to make this tasty dish. Egg curry, egg cutlet, egg roast are the common and main dishes of egg. Egg is using as the main ingredient for almost all Chinese dishes. Egg contains a lot of protein and it is the favourite item for children so egg is using as the side dish with lunch f


Onion fritters is one of the good snack in the evening. We are not preparing dishes without onion that means onion is the main and common ingredient for every dish. Onion helps to increase the taste of dishes and taste will change based on the quantity of onion. Onion is necessary factor to make vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Onion chutney and onion salad are the main dishes of onion. Onion has a lot of health benefits and also helps to increase the beauty of skin. Now days so many people are using onion juice for getting black colour of hairs and it has been scientifically proved.  It is very helpful to reduce fever, cold and cough. So many people including children don't like to have onion so that they will keep it aside when they have food, but onion fritters is the best solution for them because everyone is ready to have this snack. For children we can make spicy less onion fritters. I like this snack very much with more spicy. Usually I am preparing this in my house a


Lemon juice is one famous refreshing juice which is made by Lemon. Lemon contains vitamin C and it has a lot of benefits if we use fresh lemon juice. It is an excellent cool drink in summer season. We are remembering different method of preparation of lime juice when we hear its name. Some body is thinking about blended juice and some others are thinking about diluted lime juice with sugar. We were following these methods earlier. Lime juice was available since my child hood and it will be there in each and every shop. Almost everyone would like to have lime juice with soda. I would like to have lime juice with salt because it has a special and variety feelings. It gives very good feelings in stomach and extra energy. Lime pickle, lime squash, lime rasam and lemon rice are the most common items of lemon but lemon juice is the easiest item and it can make very easy and familiar to everyone. It can make within a few minutes and it is very cool juice. Doctors are saying that we have to


Mango is very famous and popular fruit for everyone. Raw mango and ripe mango are the favourite fruit for each and every one. Mango is looking very attractive fruit. Mainly it is available in summer season but also it will be available in shops at any season but price may change based on demand. Mango dishes are very tasty and we can make different tasty dishes by ripe and raw mango. World has been changed a lot so everyone is looking different and variety things in any field. Cooking is growing day by day and trying to make new dishes and new combinations. Now a day we are making payasam with ripe mango. Earlier mango was using to make mango pickle, mango fish curry, mango with jackfruit seeds and mango curry. But now we can make unlimited dishes by using mango. Here I am showing the recipe of white mango pickle which is remembering the old memories. Mango pickle can make in different ways and the common way is making with red chilli powder and adding sweet and also in every states


Bread pudding is very good sweet pudding. Bread budding has been tasted by so many people but so many people has not even tasted it ever. We can bake bread pudding in micro wave or stem it in steamer. It is very soft and tasty pudding. Bread pudding can make in different ways. To get more tasty bread pudding we can decorate with chocolate filling or ice cream filling after baking or steaming. So many people are making this pudding first layer with caramelized sugar. Bread pudding will be very tasty if we follow any method. Here I used very easy method to make it but taste is really nice. Its main ingredient is bread like its name. Bread is one of the favourite items for so many people. I tried it first time and I like its softness and smell very much. We can use it both cold and hot. It is very good pudding to serve as dessert after lunch. Milk, milk powder, condensed milk and almond powder are help to increase the taste and softness of bread pudding. It has the very nice smell of va


Mulberry pickle is very tasty pickle but it is not famous pickle. Very less people know about this pickle and someone has not even heard about its name. Its taste is entirely different from other pickle and it can store for a long term. We can make different variety pickle by vegetables but common and very famous pickles are mango pickle, lemon pickle and beetroot pickle. Fish pickle and beef pickle are very famous non vegetarian pickles. We can make different types of tasty pickles with any fruits and vegetables and this is the main specialty of pickles. Another important fact is that it can store for long term. Usually both North Indians and south Indians need pickles as the side dish with their food. Pickles will have the mixed taste of spicy and sour and it is providing special feelings to us. Pickles are the main item for students or employee those who are staying in hostels. Pickles are my favourite dish and I like all pickles very much. My favourite combination is sambar, any


Black chick peas contain a lot of protein so it can use it on daily basis to improve health of the body. To become soft and increase the size of black chick peas we have to sock it in water overnight and it also helps to save cooking time. Two categories of chick peas is available on market, one is black colour chick peas and the other one is white colour chick peas and both are very healthy. Here I used black chick peas to make stir fry. Black chick peas stir fry is very popular and famous dish to everyone. People are making this in different ways but it will be very tasty if we use any method. In Kerala, chick peas are using to make different traditional dishes in Onam and Vishu. Pumpkin chick peas curry, potato black chick peas curry and spinach chick peas are the common dishes. Chick peas are mostly cultivating in North India and they are using chick peas and its leaves. Chick peas leaves is very healthy and we can use it to make dishes. I have made black chick peas stir fry so m


Mashed Jackfruit is very famous, popular and traditional dish in Kerala. Mashed jack fruit can use as breakfast, evening special and for dinner. Some people are using this with chicken curry, beef curry, prawn masala and fish curries and some other are using it with different pickle, chutney and curd. But I would like to have it with any non-vegetarian curries so I made with this jackfruit dish. Beef is very tasty non vegetarian item and I used tomato paste to make this special beef curry. It is very spicy beef curry and it is an excellent combination with mashed jackfruit. I would like to have it as dinner because its taste will increase at that time. Mashed jackfruit is very tasty item and if we use it with spicy beef curry its taste will increase. To get spicier I used both dried red chilli and pepper powder. It is very thick curry and its main flavours are garam masala powder and fennel powder. It is a traditional combination and everyone can try this tasty combination. Mashed


Everyone would like to cool and relax body when tired. Our body will get tired in any season. Mainly we are using cold water or lime juice at that time or else we will make any fresh juice if we have some time. But some people those who are interested in cooking are making and keeping ice creams and fruit squash in fridge. Now a days another one option is available that is pudding. It is very cool and sweet dessert which can use at any time and also it can serve to unexpected guests. Different types of puddings are there. They are fruits pudding, vegetable pudding, milk pudding and dry fruits and milk mixed pudding. If you taste it once we will be very much interested to have and also will search the availability of different variety and tasty puddings. Double layer pudding is very special and I used a variety method to make this pudding. It has two layers so it is very tasty when you use it. It has the mixed sour taste of strawberry, mango and lime juice. It is looking very attracti


Everyone would like to have cool and sweet drinks especially in summer season. Normally we are depending on shops for drink these types of cool drinks. In shops, a lot of different types of colourful drinks are available but it would be harmful to our health and it is made in worst water and also contains a lot of chemical food colours. Everyone knows about this but also we are using it and not concerned about side effects. Everyone can make it at home but people don't have time to make and some are really lazy to make at home so we are buying ready-made items from shops. Someone is very conscious about health so they are making healthy homemade items and serving to others. A lot of milk shakes are available now. Apple milk shake, mango milk shake, dates milk shake, almond milk shake and nuts milk shake are some famous milk shakes. Here, I made very famous and familiar oats milk shake. Oats are very healthy and it contains a lot of health benefits. Health conscious people are usi


Fish fry is very famous and favourite dish for non-vegetarians and it is very tasty and healthy. Fish dishes like fish fry and fish curries are liked by everyone. Some people needs fish fry to have rice and they are not interested to have food without fish fry. Fish fry is highly demanded item in hotels and restaurants and its price may change based on seasons and demands of fishes. Different fishes have different price and its very costly items among non-vegetarian food. Different types and variety taste of fishes are available on markets. Fishes are my favourite item and I am using it on daily basis because its taste is entirely different. Fish curry, fish fry, fish stir fry, fish mango curry and fish tomato curry are the main dishes of fishes. Here, I have used shark fish which is thick and doesn't have skeleton like other fishes so I like this fish very much. Today I made very spicy fish fry with limited ingredients but its taste is really amazing. I used both birds eye chill


Beef is the favourite and main item for non-vegetarians and they like that dishes very much in their life. Beef is very tasty non-vegetarian item and we can make a different variety dishes by using this. Beef roast, beef pickle, beef stew and beef masala are the special and tasty dishes by using this. Here, I just mentioned some familiar item but we can make infinite tasty dishes by using beef. We can make the mixed combinations of some vegetables and beef. Potato is the tasty combination with beef and also it is very tasty and favourite items for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Beef and potato combination has really an amazing taste. I have made this roast sometimes in my house and a got a good compliments from my family members. They said that it is a wonder full recipe and they liked this roast very much and it became the favourite dish for them. This is my own recipe and I used my own ingredients. To make this roast I used only traditional ingredients. Beef will be very tas


Mushroom dishes are very tasty and favourite dishes for everyone. But some people don't like mushroom dishes. Mushroom is only one vegetable which doesn't contain any poison. It is very fresh item so it is highly demanded vegetables in market. So many people are cultivating it for business. It is very costly vegetable comparing other vegetables but very useful to human body. Different types of mushrooms are there. Mushroom dishes will be available in hotels and restaurants and its cost is very high. It is very healthy because it contains minerals, protein and anti-oxidants. Mushroom helps to increase immunity power, prevent cancer and ageing problems and also gives skin glow. It is looking very attractive and it will be looking different based on their categories. Some will be thick and other will be very thin but shape will be almost similar. I like mushroom dishes very much so I am cultivating in my house to make different dishes. I am cultivating oyster mushroom in my home


An apple a day keeps the doctor away this is the world that showing the benefits and importance of apple in our daily day life. This word we heard since child hood. Apple contains vitamin C, E and K. This is a costly fruit in market but we are using this fruit because of its health benefits. I think almost everyone like apple very much so its demand is increasing day by day. It is very sweet fruit and doesn't contain sour taste. It gives the strength and white colour of our teeth when we eat this fruit. It is completely a healthy fruit if we have it at any form. Apple juice, milk shake, cake, pudding, ice cream and salads are the main familiar dishes of apple and these are very tasty dishes. Apple milk shake is one of the famous and tasty drink which is made by apple. It has a thick consistency and a cooling effect. I have used natural ingredients to make this special cool drink. Cinnamon powder is the better combination which can use with apple always and its taste is entirely d


Jackfruit is one of the famous mouth-watering items and it is the biggest fruit in the world. Raw and ripe jackfruit and jackfruit seeds are very tasty. It is mostly available in Kerala so it became very special and favourite item for them. In Kerala, almost all houses will have jackfruit. Raw jackfruit chip is very tasty and famous snack of jackfruit and raw jackfruit fish curry and chicken roast are the other dishes of jackfruit. In my house, jackfruit is available so I am trying new and different variety dishes especially in curries. To get a variety taste I tried this fried spicy jackfruit. It is very tasty dish and we are getting a variety taste because of its crispness. This recipe is completely mine and I used the ingredients which I like but its taste is really nice. Then I made it so many times in my home and everyone in my family liked this dish very much and I got compliments from them. I know that this recipe will be new to everyone so everyone can try this especially tho


Soya Chunks are very healthy and famous item which is mostly used by vegetarians. Here, I am giving very tasty soya chunks pepper fry. It is very simple and easy to make at home. It is very spicy fry and I like it very much. Soya chunks dishes are my favourite dishes. It would be very tasty if we make it any types of dish with this. It is protein rich vegetable and it is highly helpful to vegetarians because they will not have the protein contents of their body so they can use it for protein content. Soya chunks are standing in very good place in Indian food recipes. Non Vegetarians will have more interest to have this dish because it is giving the same feeling like non vegetables. Here, I used pepper powder to get spicy and pepper powder is tastier comparing other spices. I am preparing different dishes by soya chunks by using different method. Soya chunks with other vegetables such as carrot, beans and cabbage, soya chunks biriyani, soya chunks with tapioca and soya chunks cutlet a


Onion with coconut stir fry is one of the variety dishes. Onion is the main and common ingredient for either vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes or curries. We can't avoid onion to make different curries. It gives more taste to all curries but this stir fry is entirely different from other curries and its main ingredient is onion and it is very tasty stir fry. I think very less people know about this stir fry and its method of preparation. Some people know its taste and they are making this dish in their houses sometimes or whenever they need because its taste is really good and it is very easy to make. It is the special dish in traditional area and its recipes known by the old people. I got this recipe from my grandmother and my mother also following the same recipe. I also made this by the same recipe and I can say that it is really good curry without any doubts. To get spicy I used both green chilli and bird's eye chilli, this mix give a special taste and flavour. It is c