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Pork dishes are very tasty whatever we make with this and it became very popular recently. We are using pork dishes are the main dishes for celebrations especially Christian Wedding Celebrations. We all are using different non-vegetarian items such as Beef, Chicken and fishes but Pork taste is entirely different from that. These dishes are available in hotels now a day but some people are not using this dishes especially Muslims. Its meat is very soft and it contains fat which is giving good taste to this. We can make different dishes with pork. pork masala, Pork Curry, Pork fry and pork Biriyani are the main common dishes of Pork.  Today I made very tasty and spicy Pork Roast and we will get a good feeling when we have it. Non-vegetarian dishes should be spicy to get good taste so I made it little bit spicy. This is very simple and easy recipe and we can cook it in a pressure cooker to save cooking time. It has the mixed flavour and smell of Fennel Seeds Powder and Black Pepper Po


Different types of stir fries we are usually making in our houses and it became a part of our life. It would be vegetarian and non-vegetarian stir fries based on our taste and preferences. We need not to add more ingredients to make this dish so it can prepare within a few minutes but taste will be really good. If we take the example of vegetarian stir fries we are mainly using cabbage, beetroot, carrot, potato and long beans to make stir fry. But today I am sharing another one stir fry which is entirely different from others. I made this stir fry by using this Colocasia stem which is also known as Taro Stem. Taro stem is having a lot of vitamin C and iron so it will be helpful to increase immunity power and destroy cancer cells from the human body. This stem is full of water and it can see when we cut it as pieces. Taro stem is thick, soft and lengthy and its outer portion will be in green colour and inside is white colour with so many small holes like strainer. This stem is availab


Egg is looking very attractive and it is very soft and very good white and yellow combination. We are remembering its attractive combination when we hear this name. Egg will be available in almost all houses for income and homely needs. If we don't have it will be available in shops at any time. Its price will change some times but it is available in everywhere and every time. Egg dishes are available in all hotels and restaurants. Egg dishes are cost effective comparing other non-vegetarian dishes. So many people like egg dishes very much and some vegetarians are using egg dishes. Egg taste is really good and variety. In this article, I would like to share egg with tomato masala curry. This is my mother's recipe and I made this curry so many times in my house. It is very easy and tasty dish and tomato is an excellent combination with egg. It is medium spicy curry and it can use with appam, bread, rice and chapati for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This dish will like anyone wh


Everybody knows about coconut very well and it is necessary to each and every curries. Commonly we are using coconut in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and some dishes are cooking in coconut milk. It is also using to make payasam. Coconut will be available in Kerala and every house will have coconut for income or homely needs. If you don't have it will be available on markets at any time. Coconuts are mainly used by Keralites and they can't avoid this for their daily day life. Coconut has a lot of health benefits and coconut sprout also have a lot of health benefits like coconut. Coconut sprout is available in rainy season and it is coming from inside the coconut. Its colour is not pure white like coconut, it will have dim white colour. Its size will be very small when it starts to grow after that its size is increasing day by day. It is very soft and will have medium sweet taste and we can make different variety dishes by using this coconut sprout. I think nobody is awa


Prawns dishes are my favourite items especially with raw mango. Dried prawns and raw mango are super combination to make curry. Dried prawns mango curry can make spicy, medium spicy and spicy less based on our preferences. It is very simple and easy method to make at home. It is completely natural and traditional dish and traditional dish and it will have variety taste comparing other non-vegetarian dishes. Fresh prawn is very tasty but also dried prawns also have good and verity taste. Here, I used only natural and traditional ingredients which are available in my home. We need not to use more ingredients to make this dish. It is medium spicy dish and also has the sour and salt taste. It has the mixed flavour and smell of Ginger, Garlic and Fenugreek Seeds. Coconut paste is giving good taste and thickness to this dish. You can serve it as the side dish with Chapati and Hot plain Rice. I would like to have this with hot Plain Rice for lunch. It is completely healthy dish because we h


Everyone is very familiar with tomato and it is very attractive with red colour. Tomato contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. It also contains nutrients and anti-oxidants and it is very good to health. Tomato can help to reduce hyper tension, sugar and cholesterol. You can use tomato juice without its seeds on daily basis to get skin glow and ageing problems. It is cultivating in houses and we need not to take more care for this vegetable. It will be available in everywhere at any season. Its price will be changing day by day. It is very popular and using to make different vegetarian dishes. It is mainly using with vegetable masala curry, beef curry, chicken curry and fish dishes. Tomato dishes are really very tasty. Today I have made north Indians style sweet and spicy tomato stir fry. It is very tasty because it has the mixed taste of sour, sweet and spicy. To get more taste I used roasted dried red chilli paste. Its main ingredients are tomato and onion and its main flavour


liver dishes are very tasty and favourite item for non-vegetarians.  Different categories of livers are available. Chicken liver, mutton liver and beef liver are very tasty and popular livers in market. Livers are very soft and its softness will increase after cooking and taste also will increase. Beef liver contains protein which helps to improve health. It also contains folic acid and it is the main source of vitamin A. Liver is very helpful for children because it contains a lot of health benefits for them. Vitamin A is very useful to eyes so liver also useful to eyes. We can have all types of liver without fear. Beef liver has dark brown colour and it is very easy to cut as small pieces. As we know that beef is very tasty so its liver also will have good taste. It is providing a special and variety feeling when we have it. Chicken liver is more soft comparing beef liver. We can use pressure cooker to cook it very easily. In this article I am giving the recipe of very tasty beef l


Passion Fruit is very good fruit which has pleasant smell and mixed sweet and sour taste. It contains Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidants. It has natural Yellow colour with Black Seeds. This is very tasty and mostly available in houses. Its outer peel is very thick and its flesh is very soft. We can make different tasty dishes with this tasty passion Fruit. Passion Fruit Juice, Passion fruit Ice Cream, Passion Fruit Pudding and cooler are the main tasty dishes of this fruit. Every dish of this fruit is really tasty and healthy. This is natural and fresh fruit and very useful to human body. It helps to increase skin glow and reducing blood pressure from human body.  Today, I would like to share the method of preparation of Passion fruit squash. We all know about different types of fruits and vegetable squashes. Squash will be very useful in summer season to cool body. Usually we are serving different cool drinks to guests to get relaxation and cooling effect so these drinks became part of o


Raw Banana Stir fry is one of the famous and tasty dish. We know about different types of stir fry such as potato stir fry, long beans stir fry, beetroot stir fry and carrot stir fry. Raw banana stir fry is very famous and special dish for Onam celebration in Kerala. We can make different tasty dishes by using raw banana. Raw Banana chips are very tasty and popular snack in everywhere. Raw banana has been cultivating in Kerala for business and homely needs. It will be available in market but its price will be change based on demands. Banana contains a lot of fiber and also contains vitamins and minerals. Raw banana stir fry is completely a traditional Kerala dish. This stir fry is very good to human health. Raw banana helps to reduce sugar, cholesterol and weight. We can make very tasty stir fry by using raw banana peel and also we can make pickle. Raw banana dishes are very tasty and healthy. Raw banana stir fry is my favourite dish which I am using as the side dish with hot rice fo


Mulberry fruit is very healthy fruit which contains Vitamin C contents. We can use both Raw and Ripe Mulberry fruit to make tasty dishes. It will not be available in market that means it is completely natural fresh homely fruit. It is looking very nice with dark Pink colour and it is very small fruit. It will have little sour and sweet taste. We are using Mulberry leaves also to make dishes and Mulberry Leaves stir fry is the example for that. Raw Mulberry is very useful to make Chutney and Pickle.  In this article, I am going to share the recipe of Mulberry stir fry which is made by Raw Mulberry fruit. This stir fry is also same like other stir fries and its method of preparation is very easy. I know that it is new recipe to so many people because a few people know about this dish. Health conscious people will find different healthy dishes so they can find out these types of healthy dishes very easily. This fruit was there in my home and mother was preparing this dish so I got thi


"Payasam" this name is very famous and familiar to everybody. Earlier I have given the recipe of different tasty payasam. Today, I would like to share another tasty and variety jackfruit seed payasam recipe. I know that this name is very new to some people and some others are thinking that how to use jackfruit seeds are using to make payasam. The important fact is that we can use anything to make payasam. Payasam is the main sweet dessert in South India and North India. Keralites can't avoid payasam for Onam and vishu festivals and we were celebrating this method from long years ago and now also we are following the same method. We are celebrating Onam for 10 days so that we are making different payasam for 10 days. Everybody is trying to get new and tasty payasam recipe. In Hindu wedding celebrations, making different types of payasam and we can't​ avoid it at that time. They are preparing 4 or 5 types of payasam if they are celebrating grant and big functions. Eve


Today, so many people are using banana stem because it contains a lot of anti-oxidants. So many people are using fast food on their daily life but so many peoples are conscious about  their health so they are trying to find out healthy vegetables and studying about healthy and natural food. If we use natural and traditional food we can prevent so many dangerous diseases without any difficulties. Here, I am introducing very healthy and natural banana stem vegetable. I can't explain its health benefits in words. Fiber is the main content of banana stem. Banana stem is very useful to fat people because it has the ability to remove the excess fat from body so it reduces weight. It is looking very attractive with white colour and we can see its fiber content directly when it cut. If we can't use it on daily basis use it monthly once to reduce fat and get energetic body. It is very useful to make different tasty dishes. I have introduced some tasty recipes earlier. Today I am showi


Steamed rice cake is one of the very tasty evening snack. So many fried items we are using as evening snacks such as banana fritters, jackfruit fritters and onion fritters. But these all are not that much healthy because it has been fried in oil. Here I am showing the recipe of variety, healthy and soft sweet snack. It is the main snack in Kerala and it is also known as Vattayappam. It doesn't contain oil and we need not fry it. It is preparing by using raw rice and raw rice is mainly using to make breakfast dishes such as dosa, idly and appam. Steamed rice cake is making in my house some times and it is mainly used by Keralites especially in Christian families. It is preparing for the Christian celebrations such as Christmas and Easter so we can say that it is their main sweet dish without any doubts and almost every Christians has been tasted it. It is not new recipe, this is a traditional recipe and I also followed that method to make this rice cake. To get softness we are kee


Everybody will have tasted coconut chutney because it is that much popular and common chutney.  It is one of the special and main side dish especially Keralites. It is traditional recipe because it was the popular side dish for them. They were using grinding stone to make this chutney but now we are using grinder or mixer to make this and taste is also decreased. Grinding stone will give a variety taste. My grandmother was using grinding stone so I tasted that chutney so I can say that taste was really good comparing this modern chutney. Grinding stone chutney also will provide health. This Coconut chutney is very good to health and it can use everyone especially those who needs healthy body. Coconut is the main item in Kerala so every house will have coconut and they are cultivating it for income and homely needs. We can make coconut chutney in different ways. There are a lot of different types of chutney. Mango chutney, fish chutney, dates chutney and tomato chutney are the main ch


Raw papaya is healthy vegetable which contains a lot of health benefits for human being. In Kerala, Papaya is called as Kappalanga and Omakka. We are using both raw and ripe papaya and both are very good to use on daily basis. It contains a lot of vitamins and enzymes. Magnesium, pottassium, vitamin A, B, C and E are very helpful to improve the health of bones and teeth and also helps to improve the digestion process. It can use directly if you can otherwise we can make different dishes by using raw and ripe papaya. Raw papaya salad and pickle are very tasty dishes. It can use with beef and mutton to cook easily and get softness. It is also helping to skin glow. We can't explain its benefits by words. It is one of the famous and traditional vegetable. It is mostly cultivating in Kerala and it is available on markets with affordable price. I can say that almost everyone knows about its benefits so its usage is increasing day by day. Here, I would like to share the recipe of tradit


Beef is one of the famous protein rich non vegetarian items. It is very tasty and can cut any shape as per our choice. Beef will be available with bones and boneless on market. Beef taste is amazing if we make curry and fries. So many people are not using beef especially north Indians but south Indians are using it. Beef has fat and it will come out when it cook so it's taste will increase so that its usage is also increasing. So many people will be available on markets to buy beef. Beef items are highly demanded in hotels and restaurants. Its price is increasing day by day because of its high demand. We can make different tasty dishes by using this tasty beef. Beef pickle, beef masala, beef pepper powder, beef fry, beef potato masala, beef banana masala and beef stir fry are the main tasty dishes of beef. Different types of methods and ingredients are using based on taste and preferences. Everyone will have their own style and methods. Beef contains iron, protein and vitamin B.


SPLIT GREEN GRAM PAYASAM Today is Agustin 15, that is Independence day of India so Indians will prepare any sweet dish to celebrate this special day.  Independence day is very important to everyone so we have to celebrate it very well and everyone will be very happy today. We all are celebrating this day in different ways and children will celebrate from school. Sweet dishes are important to celebrate our happiest moments. Someone will make pudding and some other will make payasam or other sweet dishes. Today I celebrated with very sweet and tasty split green gram payasam. Every year I am celebrating with some sweet dishes in my house. This payasam is very easy to prepare. Almost everyone has tasted this payasam at least once. I followed traditional method which my grandmother told me because it is her favourite payasam. I have been using this since my childhood but I didn't know about its ingredients and method. But today I got this recipe and I tried it. I used the common


Fish is highly demanded non vegetarian item and favourite to everyone. Fishes are entirely different from chicken, mutton and beef. South Indians are mainly using fish dishes and they are not interested to have lunch without fish. Fish market will be very crowded and busy every day. Different types of fishes are available with different prices. Fish dishes are available in every hotels or restaurants. We can make different tasty dishes with fishes such as Fish curry, Fish masala, Fish fry and traditional fish dishes. fish dishes are very much costly items in hotels but everyone is ready to buy it at any cost. We can make variety natural dishes in our houses by using different ingredients and methods. Usually we are using Mackerel fish, Sardine fish and king Fish in our houses. Every fish dish is tasty and very good to use as the side dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Here, I made one variety fish fry which is fried in Banana Leaf. I think so many people tasted it because it is


Beetroot is very popular and one of the healthy vegetable. Its center of attraction is natural attractive colour. We can make very tasty curries, payasam, cool drinks, jam and squash by using beetroot.  Today I need to share the different tasty milk shake that is called as beetroot milk shake. Milk shakes are the favourite cool drinks for everyone including children. Milk shakes are highly demanded item in cool bars in summer season. We can make milk shake with different vegetables and fruits. I love this milk shake very much. Beetroot milk shake is very easy and healthy drink. Its main ingredients​ are milk and beetroot. Beetroot milk shake is the great example of how to make milk shake with very less ingredients. Beetroot is available at any season with affordable price so we can make dishes whenever we need. North Indians is mainly cultivating beetroot for income but in south India, some people are cultivating it is for their needs. Beetroot is very good to health especially for s


Black Chickpeas spicy masala is delicious dish. It is very spicy and tasty natural traditional dish. Black Chickpeas dishes are very famous and familiar to everyone. I think almost everyone likes black Chickpeas dishes very much especially vegetarians. Black Chickpeas dishes are mainly used by north Indians. They are using it a lot and also cultivating black Chickpeas. We can make a lot of variety tasty dishes by using this. This is favourite item for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is protein rich item so it can give proteins to human body so this will be suitable to vegetarians. Usually we are making black chickpeas curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner and this curry is available in every hotels for the breakfast. Here, I would like to share very spicy thick masala. I used only natural ingredients to make this tasty masala. It can use as the side dish but with hot rice is the super combination with this masala curry. Black chickpeas will become very soft if we cook it in


I need not to explain the importance of fresh juices in our daily day life. Juices became a part of our life because its demand is increasing day by day especially in summer season. Cool bars will be crowded in this season for fresh juices but we don't have time to think how much harmful this artificial fresh juices to our body. We all are busy with other things but we have to take care our health so we need to avoid these juices from outside. Try to make and use natural and homemade natural fresh juices to get good health.    Passion fruit is one of the traditional fruit which has refreshing flavour and smell. This fruit has a lot of health benefits because it contains fiber, protein and antioxidants. Passion fruit dishes are very tasty, healthy and very easy to make. This fruit taste is entirely different from other fruits. It will not be available on markets because it is homemade fruit. In Kerala, some houses will have this tasty fruit. It can remove asthma and other respir


We all have tasted different types of healthy and tasty stir fries by using different tasty vegetables. These kind of dishes are the favourite dishes for everybody especially children. Kids need stir fry dishes when they eat lunch and dinner. These types of dishes are my favourite dishes so I am trying to get different taste. Its taste will change based on the ingredients and vegetables. I will collect the methods of making this type of dishes and its main specialty is that it will be spicy-less dish so it can use anyone without any fear. Almost all stir fry dishes are similar but here I want to share the variety dish which made by using different method comparing other dishes.   Taro Leaves or colocasia leaves are using in month of Karkidakam. It is mainly using as the medicine for different diseases . It is highly beneficial to human body so it was using a lot long years ago. Old generation were aware about its benefits so they were making different dishes. It contains iron so i