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Different types of long eggplant available in market. Mainly we will get it in two colours, one will be in green colour and the other will be in dark pink colour. Brinjal is little bit different from this because it is short and thick But taste is almost similar. Long green eggplant is one of the very good and tasty vegetable. This is cultivating in home for income and homely needs. We need not to take more efforts to cultivate this. It will be available in market at any time and its price is less comparing other vegetables. It is really healthy and tasty vegetable and we can make different tasty dish with this vegetable. Pickle, masala curry, payasam and stir fry are the common and main recipes of long green eggplant. We were cultivating this in my home a long year ago but now we are buying it from outside. Mainly I am using it to make sambar and pickle, also I am making different dishes and every dish are really tasty. But my first recipe will be long green eggplant coconut stir fr


Cool or cold drinks are the favourite drinks for everyone especially in hot or summer season. But it is better to avoid this cool drinks anyone who can't use cool drinks or suffering from different diseases Children are the fan of the cool drinks and most of them are using it on daily basis from cool bars and hotels and nobody is aware about the poisons from it. Everyone is getting a tendency to buy it from outside because of its flavour and taste. These types of cool drinks and ice creams are very harmful to health and providing a lot health issues and diseases. Both children and adults are using ready-made cool drinks from outside on daily basis. Some people are drinking cold water from fridge always and these all habits are  showing that how much cooled products important in human life. We all should be aware about health and diseases in this generation. We must use natural food items always and it will be available only in our kitchen or home. Homemade foods will not contain


Soya Chunks are mostly using by vegetarians because it is protein rich vegetarian item. It can help to gain more protein in human body  and it is considered as a healthy item. Soya Chunks dishes are very tasty and everyone know how to make dishes with this item. We have to sock it in hot water sometimes to get softness and it will cook half at this time. You can make different variety dishes with this soya chunks. I have made soya chunks curry in coconut milk today. I haven't used red chilly in this dish but it is little bit spicy because of pepper powder. I used this method to make chicken and beef dishes earlier and I used the same method and ingredient here and I got good taste. It can use as a side dish with anything for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its main flavours and smell are garam masala powder, coconut milk and coconut oil. It will be tastier if you use hot dish.  Preparation Time - 15 minutes Cooking Time - 20 minutes Decoration - Green Chilli Ingredients Soya


Juices are very famous, cool and healthy drinks and everyone knows about different variety and tasty juices. Every juice will have special taste and cooling effect based on the ingredients. Juice will give us a good health if we use natural and fresh juices on daily basis. I would like to drink juices on daily basis so I am trying to make different variety juices to get different taste and feelings. We will get tendency to drink it if we make variety juices. Tomato Juice, Raw Mango Juice, Banana Stem Juice, lime juice, pineapple Juice, Apple Juice and Grape juice are the common and famous juices. Usually we are not interested to eat raw vegetables directly so juice is the better solution to eat vegetables because we already have the interest to drink juice. Juices contain a lot of health benefits and it is scientifically proved.  You can use any type of juices with or without sweet as per your choice. Sweet less juice is healthier than sweet juices. You can change the quantity of sug


Pumpkin is very tasty and healthy vegetable and it will be available in light yellow colour and dark yellow colour. It will be available in everywhere at very low cost. In Kerala, almost all houses will have natural pumpkin because it is very easy to cultivating for homely needs or requirements. It contains a lot health benefits and it looks very attractive. It is a big vegetable and it will last for long days. Pumpkin has very thick peel and inside is very soft, we have to remove this peel to make dishes. It can cook very easily and it will have a creamy effect after cooking it well. 'Salad' is very famous name for everyone and everyone tasted different types of salad. We are making different types of salads in our house and also we will get it from hotels and restaurants. Salads are mainly using as the side dish with Biriyani, ghee rice, plain rice and chapati. Usually we are making salad with onion but we can make salads with any other fruits and vegetables. Different


This is sweet and spicy pickle which is entirely different from other pickles. We all have tasted different kinds of pickles. Usually we are making red colour and white colour pickles in our houses. Chopped Garlic and chopped ginger are the common ingredients for all pickles. But here I have followed a different method to make this variety pickle. I used raw mango to make this sweet and spicy pickle. It is a delicious Indian recipe and it can use as the side dish with Biriyani, Fried rice, Ghee rice and Plain rice. Sweet and Spicy pickles are very popular in Gujarat and Mangalore but I made it very different from those kinds of pickles. Usually making this kind of pickles with cumin seeds but here I used Fenugreek seeds and coriander seeds paste so taste will be very different. To increase the taste I roasted all ingredients for masala in coconut oil. Try to make this verity pickle to get a new tasty experience.  Preparation Time - 10 minutes Cooking Time - 10 minutes Ingredient


Today, I would like to share one vegetarian dish which is called as Green Peas Potato masala mix. Its main ingredients are Green Peas and Potato and I used dried Green Peas to make this dish. It is very tasty dish and it can serve as the side dish with rice, chapati and appam. Potato and Green Peas are very tasty ingredients so this masala mix also will have a good taste. I used traditional ingredients to make this dish so it has a good traditional flavour and taste. It is medium spicy dish and its main flavours are fennel seeds powder and garam masala powder.  Preparation Time - 15 minutes Cooking Time - 30 minutes Decoration - Curry Leaves Ingredients Dry Green Peas - 1 cup Potato - 2 Tomato - 1 Onion - 2 Chopped Ginger - 1/2 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder - 1 1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Fennel Seeds Powder - 1/4 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 teaspoon


Delicious dry Prawns curry is very popular dish which can make very easily. It is very spicy dish and it has thick gravy. It is an excellent combination with Bread, Rice and Chapati for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prawns are a sea food item but it doesn't have any bad smell like fish. We can make different tasty dishes with these dried prawns. We need not to spend more time to make this dish because it is very simple method. I have cooked prawns under low flame so every flavour will be there in gravy. To get sour taste I used Gambooge but you can use Tamarind juice if you have. It is very famous delicious Indian recipe and we need not to add more ingredients for masala in prawn's dishes. Its main flavour is Garam Masala powder flavour and grated coconut and coconut oil helps to increase the taste of this dish. This dish is very special to non-vegetarians especially those who likes prawn dishes very much.  Preparation Time - 15 minutes Cooking Time - 15 minutes Decoration


In this article I would like to share a very special and tasty beef curry. We all know that how to make beef curry but everyone is using different method to make beef curry. Beef contains a lot of fat which helps to increase the taste of Beef dishes. This is Kerala style traditional dish mostly it is preparing in Christian houses. It will be available in some hotels in the name 'Ammachi Special. Its taste is really amazing and it is very spicy dish. This is my favourite dish and I would like to use as the side dish with mashed Tapioca, Chapati and Appam. I used  Jamaican Pepper Leaf which has a great smell and taste  and it helps to increase the taste of this dish. It also has the taste of coconut slice and Garam masala powder and its gravy is very thick. Its taste is completely a traditional taste and it is looking very attractive with dark Brown colour.  Preparation Time - 20 minutes Cooking Time - 35 minutes Decoration - Jamaican Pepper Leaf Ingredients Beef - 1 kg Ch


I would like to share a very tasty vegetarian dish through this article today. I like to have both vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes very much but we all will have some favourite or special dishes and Yam stir fry is my favourite dish among them. I have been using Yam dishes since my childhood because it doesn't have creamy effects so it will not overcook while cooking it so it is suitable to make stir fry. We can get a variety and special feelings while we eat Yam dishes because it has a crispy feeling. Yam is a fat less vegetable and everyone can use it without any fear. In Kerala, Yam is cultivating for both income and homely needs. Yam is available in round shape and its inside will have light brown colour. Yam is the special and main vegetable for Onam celebration. I bought Yam from outside to make this stir fry today. It is my own recipe and I used the ingredients which I like but it is really tasty. This is super combination with Rice, Chapati and Dosa but my fav


Today, I decided to make one vegetarian dish with masala flavour. I made this tasty dish with natural and healthy Banana Stem which was there in my home. This is completely a tasty vegetarian dish. It can be made very easily with limited ingredients. This is little bit spicy dish and I made and shared many dishes with Banana Stem. Banana Stem contains Fibers so it is very good to use on daily basis. Fiber content vegetables are there but we can get Banana Stem very easily from home. It can store for long terms and it is also available in supermarkets also. I used natural and healthy Banana Stem here so this dish is completely healthy. To increase the taste of this dish I used Coconut Milk for cooking instead Water. Its masala contains the flavour and smell of Cinnamon Powder, Cardamom Powder and Fennel Seeds Powder. This masala stir fry is entirely different from others and it should not be overcooked and mashed. This recipe will be very useful to anyone who needs to learn cooking. I


Tomato is very famous healthy fruit which is available in both houses and market. It is looking very attractive with very good red colour. It contains vitamin C which is very useful to human body. Its colour will be green colour at starting time and it will become red at last. We can make this both to make dishes or curries. Green tomato stir fry is very tasty and famous dish and also we can make stir fry with red tomato. Tomato squash, jam and pickle are very famous and common dishes of tomato. Tomato is very useful to get skin glow, reduce wrinkles and increase skin colour and also helping to keep young and beauty. Its flesh is very soft and it can use directly. In this article, I would like to share tomato coconut curry which is having a creamy effect. We will get a very tasty curry with very less ingredients. I got this recipe details from my mother and she was making it so many times for the side dish with appam and chapati but it is super combination with hot rice. It is medium


Coconut sprout is very soft and very tasty item. Its inside is available with white colour and very soft. Outer portion is available with cream colour. It is very tasty if we use if fresh and it is available in rainy season. It is there in inside of coconut and its size is starting from very small and medium sized coconut sprout is very tasty. It will have good creamy effect and it is very useful to make different tasty dishes. Today I would like to share coconut sprout payasam through this article. I tried this payasam in this year onam celebration first. I have decided earlier to make a different payasam at that day. Normally I was preparing vermicelli, pumpkin and pineapple payasam. But suddenly I got an idea about coconut sprout payasam. I prepared coconut sprout milk shake earlier so I got this new recipe with this coconut sprout. It is very thick payasam and it can use as a dessert after lunch and dinner. You can serve it both hot and cold. I like to have this hot and its taste


I think that I need not explain about the taste of chicken dishes. Chicken is very popular and it is used by non-vegetarians. Chicken is very soft meat and chicken pieces with bone are tastier. Chicken is highly demanded non vegetable item in shop because it is using for homely needs and celebration, functions or special occasions. Its price is little bit less comparing other meat items so its demand will increase. We can't avoid chicken dishes for wedding, birthday, Christmas and Easter. Chicken is mainly used to make or try new dishes or recipes. Chicken dishes will be available in all non-vegetarian hotels and restaurants. Chicken is using in every states and countries. Today, I made a special chicken roast that is called as masala chicken roast. Actually I can't express its taste by words that mean its taste is amazing or unimaginable. We will get its taste when we make it. I made it as an experiment but it is really good and tasty. Today is Sunday so I decided to make a


Pineapple is very good fruit which is having freshness flavour. Pineapple contains vitamin C and it is very sweet fruit. Some pineapples will have the mixed taste of sour and sweet. Its smell is really good and it provides extra energy to our body. It is very useful to improve digestion process of human body. We can make a lot of variety tasty dishes with this tasty pineapple fruit. Pineapple fresh juice, pineapple pudding and pineapple salads are the main and common dishes of pineapple. Today, I made very sweet pineapple payasam. I got very sweet pineapple but good yellow colour was not there. Pineapple payasam has a thick consistency and its method of preparation is very easy. However pineapple will have a little sour taste so I used coconut milk instead of using milk. I used a very little quantity of cardamom powder to get the exact flavour of pineapple because I like this flavour very much. We will get small pieces of pineapple while we have this and that is giving us a varie


Everyone likes sweet dishes and snacks very much. We can make many sweet dishes very easily at home. So many people don't know how to make sweet dishes in home. Mainly Keralites are using sweet dishes for their traditional celebrations such as Vishu and Onam. Today, I am going to share one sweet recipe through this that is called as Pumpkin Sweet Raita and it is also known as Pumpkin Sweet Pachadi. This dish is very sweet and it also contains the sour taste of Yogurt. I made this special dish for celebrating Onam. Here made it with Pumpkin which contains a lot of health benefits. This is super combination with hot plain Rice for lunch and I used it with Rice, Sambar and Aviyal. This dish is looking very attractive with natural Yellow colour. I made it little bit different and it has the taste of Cumin Seeds and Mustard Seeds. Raisins and Sugar combination is giving a different taste. It is spicy less dish so it will be healthy and very useful for kids. Preparation Time - 15 mi


Today I have made a variety taste Goan style spicy pork curry. This dish method of preparation is very different. We can make vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Goan style. Goan style dishes are usually considering as very tasty dishes. Goan style dishes are making little bit spicy. We can get this type of dishes in hotels and restaurants now a day. I tasted this dish from a hotel which is located in Bangalore. I liked its taste very much so I tried to get this recipe details and made it in my house. I got its real taste and everyone in my family like this very much. It has the mixed taste of spicy, sour and salt and also has the good smell of masala. Its main flavours and smell are ginger, garlic and cumin seeds. You can serve it as the side dish with chapati, bread and rice. Preparation Time - 15 minutes Cooking Time - 40 minutes Ingredients Pork Pieces - 1/2 kg Garlic - 3 Ginger - 1 small piece Cinnamon - 1 small piece Cloves - 3 Onion - 2 Turmeric Powder - 1/2


Colocasia is very tasty and healthy vegetable and contains a lot of health benefits. It is also known as Taro Root and it has Fibers and Carbohydrates. Fiber contents help to improve the digestion process and carbohydrates help to gain weight. It is also the source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. We can make a lot of different tasty dishes with this Colocasia and all dishes will be very tasty.  Today I have made a tasty dish which is called as Colocasia masala in Coconut gravy. I made it first time but my mother was preparing this dish so many times in my house. But here I made it little bit different from that. I used roasted ingredients to make masala paste to get good taste. It is natural dish and excellent combination with Rice, Chapati, Appam and hot Rice. This is thick curry and I like to have this dish with hot Rice for lunch. This is spicy, healthy and traditional dish and it will give you  fresh and tasty experiences.  Preparation Time - 15 minutes Co


Black Beans is very famous and popular item which contains fibers. It will be available in almost all super markets. It contains a lot of health benefits and also contains proteins. It helps to reduce cholesterol and heart problems. This is very suitable to everyone especially for vegetarians. Black Beans dishes are very tasty and we can make different tasty dishes with this item. It will become soft after cooking it so its taste is really good. Here, I made Black Beans Pepper fry which is my mother's recipe. You can make stir fry with grated coconut also but here I didn't use Coconut to make this dish. I used Coconut Milk to cook that helps to increase the taste of this dish. This is super combination with hot plain Rice for lunch. I used limited ingredients to make this dish and it is very easy to make at home. Its main tastes are Ginger, Garlic, Cinnamon powder and Fennel seeds powder. Everyone will like this dish so make it and enjoy.  Preparation Time - 15 minutes Coo


Sapota is very sweet and tasty fruit and it is very soft and natural fruit. It has the brown colour peel and if we remove this peel you will get a soft Sapota fruit. It is medium sized fruit which contains black colour seeds inside. Sapota contains a lot of health benefits so it is very useful to human body. Its price is less comparing other fruits such as apple, grape, orange and mango. This fruit has been cultivating in south India and it will be available on markets at any time. We can make a lot of variety dishes with this sweet fruit. Sapota is there in my house so I can make different dishes by using this. It is very useful to health of eyes and it helps to reduce anemia. Fruit are very good to everyone and we have to use at least one fruit daily life. Natural homemade fruits are very good comparing other fruit which is buying from market. It is very helpful to reducing ageing problems. Today, I am going to share the recipe of Sapota pudding. This is my own recipe and I tried t


Today I made one special Kerala style Beetroot Raita which is also known as Beetroot Pachadi. We can't avoid this dish for our traditional celebration Onam and Vishu and also it is serving as the side dish for both Christian and Hindu wedding celebrations. Pachadi or Raita is very thick dish and it is very tasty. We can make Raita with Raw Mango, Ash Gourd, Bitter Gourd and Tomato. This is sweet-less Raita but it is very good to use with plain hot Rice. Usually I was making Raw Mango Raita at this time but here I made a variety dish and it was my first attempt. I have tasted it earlier from my relative's house but I didn't make it in my home. I like its colour very much because it is looking very attractive. I got this recipe details from my Grandmother so I followed the same method to make it. We can make it within minutes with a few ingredients. It has the mixed taste of Cumin Seeds, Grated Coconut and Mustard Seeds. It is very healthy and natural tasty dish.   Prepar


I would like to share another traditional Kerala style traditional recipe details through this article that is called as 'Aviyal'. It is usually served as the side dish with plain hot Rice for lunch. It is very tasty vegetarian dish which is prepared by mixing of different tasty vegetables. Aviayl is only one dish which is mixing a lot vegetables and it is very thick dish like stir fries. Its method of preparation and taste is very different from other dishes. This is the main side dish for the traditional Kerala festivals such as Onam and Vishu. But now a day it became a special side dish for Christian wedding celebrations. It is spicy-less dish and it has variety and pleasant smell. Its main tastes are Coconut, cumin Seeds and Garlic. Its main vegetables ingredients are Yam, Raw Banana, Drumstick, Potato and carrot. I used to make this dish in my house because we all like this very much. We can make it with any vegetable but Drumstick, Yam and Raw Banana are the common ingr