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Traditional Yam curry is a tasty dish which is made by Yam Cubes. This is my Grandmother's special dish and Yam dishes were her favourite dishes. So she was making different tasty dishes by using this natural Yam and every dish was really tasty. Traditional Yam curry is one of the special dish among them. She was cultivating Yam in her home so she could make tasty dishes with this. You can make different curries and snacks by using this. I tasted Yam curry first from my Grandmother so I am really happy to share her recipe to everyone. This is completely a traditional dish and I would like to have traditional dishes very much. You can serve this curry as the side dish with Rice, Chapati, Appam and Bread as per your choice. I am using it as the side dish with hot plain Rice for lunch. This dish is having great attractive Yellow colour because of Turmeric Powder. This is medium spicy dish and also it has a little sour taste of Tamarind Paste. This recipe is known by old people and


This is one of the variety snacks item which is made by Colocasia. Snacks are very much important items in our daily day life especially in the evening time. Usually we are using artificial packets snacks from outside because everyone is very much busy with some other works. But we have to think about our health so we need to spent little bit time to make homemade natural snacks item for our daily usage. We can make variety tasty homemade snacks very healthy and cost effective. Mothers are mainly preparing snacks items for their children because they need evening snacks after coming back from schools.  Today, I am going to share my mother's special snack to all and she has been making since my childhood. I didn't know about this at that time but now I know about the detailed recipe of this snack. I tasted it long years ago but today I felt to eat this so I asked to my mother and I made it according to that. This snack contains the mixed taste of spice and sweet and its main


I would like to share very sweet and tasty snack dish through this article. This is called as 'Diamond Cuts' that is made by mixing of both Plain Flour and Wheat Flour. I this this is most popular snack item because it is used by both South Indians and North Indians. I bought it from one shop first time long years ago and I mother made it in my home after that. Now so many are making this in houses so it is considering homemade snack. I like this snack very much because Sugar Syrup will be there on it with white Colour and that is the main attraction and taste of this snack. This is crispy snack and it can make very easily at home. It can store for long days so I was using it when I was staying in hostel. I think so many people know that how to make it. My mother was using only Plain Flour to make this but to get some changes I mixed the equal quantity of Plain Flour and Wheat Flour but taste is almost similar. It is an excellent combination with hot Tea in the evening. I hav


This is completely a traditional dish and this was using long years ago. I know that everyone knows about this dish and it is usually serving as the evening snack with hot tea. This is an excellent snack dish for children when they coming back from schools because this is giving energy to them. This is the common and favourite item for everybody. This is sweet and healthy dish and we can make it with White Rice Flakes, roasted Rice Flakes and Brown Rice Flakes. Here, I used Brown Rice Flakes to make this tasty snack. We can make it in different way by changing the ingredients and methods. This is very soft dish and it can make very easily with limited ingredients and time. We need not to add Oil to this so it is very helpful to body. Diabetic patients can use it without sweet but taste will be less. Its taste is increasing the quantity of sweet or Sugar Syrup. This was my favourite snack when I was child and my mother was using Jaggery Syrup to get both sweet and healthy dish and my


Mixed Vegetable dishes will be very tasty always and its taste will increase when Red Lentils add. This is completely healthy dish because vegetables contain Fiber and Red Lentils contain Protein. Today I am introducing very tasty mixed vegetable curry to everyone. Its taste is completely traditional and it doesn't need more ingredients. I tasted it from my relative house but they have used Tamarind Pulp but I like this method. This is super combination with hot plain Rice. This is medium spicy dish and it has mixed taste and smell of Grated Coconut, Cumin Seeds and Cashew Nut paste.       Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Decoration - Fresh Curry Leaves. Ingredients Potato Cubes - 1/2 Cup Pumpkin Cubes - 1/2 Cup Raw Banana Cubes - 1/2 Cup Cucumber Cubes - 1/2 Cup Red Lentil - 1/4 Cup Onion - 2 Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 2 teaspoon Coriander Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder - 1/4 teaspoon Cumin Seeds - 1/2 te


Snacks are very much important items in our daily day life. I don't like all snacks but I like some snacks and I am making some sweet variety snacks. Spicy Ladoo, Spicy Jilebi, spicy Onion Fritters and spicy diamond cuts are the famous and tasty snack items. Today, I made very tasty and sweet Banana Snack which is made in Sugar Syrup. It will be crispy when we fry it and it will become soft when dip in Sugar Syrup. I tried this snack as experiment and I made it two times and it became successful. This is super combination with hot Tea and it will last for 2 days. Sugar Syrup will not become thick if add Lime Juice. It is very simple and easy recipe and this will be special snack item for kids.   Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Waiting Time - 2 hours. Cooking Time - 20 Minutes. Ingredients Ripe Banana - 2 All Purpose Flour - 250 gm Corn Flour - 1/4 Cup Milk - As required to make batter. Baking Powder - 1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Sugar - 1 Cup Lime Jui


Red Lentil is a very good protein rich vegetarian item which is mostly used by vegetarians. It helps to gain the protein content in human body. it contains a lot of health benefits and also we can make different variety tasty dishes by using this. It is very useful to increase blood level, improve health of heart, reduce weight and improve digestion process of human body. Red Lentil is little bit costly item but it is very tasty and looking so attractive with orange colour. In this article, I would like to share very easy and tasty red lentil curry. It is very different dish which can give a new and fresh experience. I would like to have this dish with Chapati and this combination is really nice. This dish is having the mixed taste of  spicy, sweet, cumin seeds and garlic. We can make it with fewer ingredients and coconut oil is giving a good smell and taste to this curry. I used Bird's Eye Chilli to get spicy so I can say that it is very healthy dish. This recipe will be very he


Sarsaparilla Sarbath is very popular cool drink that is available in everywhere. In Kerala, it is also known as 'Naruneendi Sarbath'. I think almost everyone has tasted it at least once. It became very popular because of its pleasant and attractive smell. It is very costly item in outside but here I am going to show how to make it at home very easily by using simple method. We can make it at home cost effective and natural. I like this cool drink very much so I am spending time to make this cool drink. We are using it with Ice Water to get cooling effect of body. We can store it for long term if you keep it in fridge so we can use it whenever we need and serve to unexpected guests. It can provide great feelings and freshness to us. I tasted it from my roommate when I was staying in hostel and still I am remembering that taste. I bought Sarsaparilla from shop and I made it from home and I got the exact taste of the Sarbath which I tasted earlier from my friend. This is very su


This is one famous South Indian style Rasam. In my house, we are making different types of Rasam weekly once for lunch and dinner. Lemon Rasam, Tomato Rasam and Green Chilli Rasam are the most common and popular Rasam. Rasam is a pure vegetarian dish and it can be made by using different methods. These types of dishes are very useful to improve digestion process. Earlier we were not making it in my house so I was not that much familiar with this taste. But when I shifted too hostel they were making it weekly once for dinner so I liked it very much. Then I tried to make it in my home and Aviyal is the super combination with this for lunch. Everyone needs to try this combination because it is really tasty. I made this dish with natural ingredients which are available in my home. This is very easy to make and contains Red colour and smell. It will be last for 2 days and its main ingredients are Garlic, Pepper Powder, Asafoetida Powder and Tamarind Pulp. Its taste is entirely different f


Potato dishes are my favourite dishes and so many people are using Potato dishes on their daily day life. Potato is very tasty and healthy item and it has creamy effect when it cook well. We are making so many variety dishes in my home. In this article, I want to share very tasty Potato dish that is called as Potato Coconut Masala Stir Fry. I was using this dish for lunch from my childhood. You can make this dish in different methods. This dish is super combination with hot Rice with Sambar so everyone can try this combination to get good taste. This is completely my mother's recipe and Coconut Slices are giving a special taste to this dish. This dish also can use with Chapati and Dosa. Its main tastes and smells are Garam Masala Powder and Fennel Seeds Powder.  Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 25 Minutes Ingredients Potato - 3 Shallots - 15 Green Chilli - 2 Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Dried Red Chilli - 2 Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds P


Sardine Fish is one famous fish on the market that will be available with low price comparing other fish items. Its taste is really good and also it can use on daily basis. In my house we are making different dishes by using this fish. Today I made very tasty Sardine Fish curry which is made in Coconut Gravy. This is my father's favourite dish and it is served with Rice and Mashed Tapioca. This is spicy dish and I used White Bird's Eye Chilli and Red Chilli Powder to get spiciness. It has the mixed taste of Sour, Spice and Coconut taste.  Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 25 Minutes Ingredients Sardine Fish - 1 kg Onion - 1 Shallots - 5 White Bird's Eye Chilli - 10 Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Gambooge - 4 Pieces Grated Coconut - 1 Cup Coconut Milk - 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil - 2 teaspoon Curry Leaves - 2 Sprigs Salt - To Taste Water - As required to cooking. Method Clean Sardin


Salads are very much important dishes for our daily day life and I think that I need not to explain its taste and significance to all because all are using it on daily basis with some other foods. I also like salad very much and I am making different tasty salads by using vegetables and fruits. We can make this dish with anything which you like and taste will change based on the ingredients and methods. Different types of salads are there, Vegetable Salads, Fruits Salads and Non-Vegetable salads are the common and most popular salad dishes. Today, I am going to share very popular Onion Salad through this article. Onion is very healthy vegetable and we all are using it with other dishes to increase the taste. It can use with any types of food as a side dish but this Salad can't use as the main food like some other Salads. Usually it is serving as the side dish with Biriyani, Rice, Ghee Rice and Fried Rice. I would like to have this Salad with non-vegetarian dishes such as Beef, Ch


Usually I am making Yam dishes at the time of Onam which is very important and popular festival in Kerala. Yam will be available at that time in both houses and shops. We can make a lot of variety dishes by using Yam and every dish are very tasty. Today I made Easy and Spicy Yam Masala Stir Fry by using natural Yam which was there in my home. I like masala stir fry dishes very much so I am trying to make different types masala stir fry by using different vegetable and this dish is one taste dish among them. This is looking attractive and taste also is really good. We can make this type of dish with Colocasia and Potato. This is little bit spicy dish and you can add your own ingredients for making masala based on your taste. I like to add Pepper Powder taste very much so here I used Black Pepper Powder here. I made it by mixing both Red Chilli Powder and Black Pepper Powder. Fennel Seeds Powder gives a good smell and flavour to this dish. We can make it very easy with limited ingredie


Today Indians are celebrating Deepavali and this is the big and special for them. It is celebrating yearly once and usually it is coming in the month of October and November. Keralites are not celebrating this festival but it is celebrating by North Indians and this is the happiest moment for them. Mainly they are very much busy to make different sweetest dishes for celebrating this special festival that is the main attraction or specialty of this festival. Laddu, Halwa, Peda, Mysore Pack and Jilebi are the main sweet dishes for this day.  I made very tasty and sweet Semolina Laddu to celebrate this day. It is very easy to make at home and it is completely a homemade item. All ingredients are very taste so the final dish also will be very tasty and good. We can make different tasty dishes by using Semolina Powder. Semolina Upma is very popular breakfast dish. We can get this Laddu from outside but taste will be slightly change but ingredients will be similar. To get good taste and


Today, I would like to share spicy Kerala style Beef Curry through this article. I need not to explain the taste of Beef dishes because everybody knows about it. We can make spicy Beef Curry in different methods and ingredients. South Indian non-vegetarian dishes are very spicy and I also like spicy dishes. Kerala Style dishes are very tasty and it is very famous in everywhere. We can't forget its taste once we tasted it. You can use this Beef Curry with anything which you like. It has the mixed taste of masala and it is looking very attractive.  Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Beef - 500 gm Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1 teaspoon Onion - 2 Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder - 2 teaspoon Black Pepper Powder - 1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup Coconut Milk - 1/2 Cup Coconut Slices - 1/4 Cup Lime


This is very special and tasty sweet Raita and it will be very new recipe to all. We can make sweet and sweet-less Raita by using different vegetables and fruits. Raita is the favourite dish for everybody and this is the traditional Kerala style sweet Raita. Yogurt is the main and common ingredient for all Raita. We can't celebrate Onam, Vishu and Hindu Wedding celebrations without Raita. Passion Fruit has very good flavour and taste so this dish also has good taste and smell. This is looking very attractive with natural Yellow colour. Passion Fruit and Aloe Vera are super combination but nobody is aware about this combination. Its main tastes are Grated Coconut, Cumin Seeds and Garlic. This is also has the mixed taste of sweet and sour taste. This is very thick Raita and you can serve it when guests come home.  Preparation Time - 15 minutes Cooking Time - 10 minutes Decoration - Fried Curry Leaves and Dried Red Chilli Ingredients Passion Fruit - 5 Aloe Vera Cubes - 1/4


Fried Tea Cake is also known as Vettu Cake which is very famous and popular snack in Kerala. This is Kerala style evening snack that is made by Plain Flour. This is available in each and every small shop, Bakeries and cool bars. This is very tasty and sweet snack and now everyone is making at home very easily. We can make it at any shapes which you like here I made it in triangle shape. This snack is my favourite snack and everyone in my family like this very much. I have made it in my house so many times because of its taste. When I was child we were buying it from outside and we didn't know about its method of preparation. I learned it a few years ago and I used to make it when I feel to eat this snack. Coconut Oil is using to fry it but oil will not be there on it after frying that is the main specialty of this snack. Its main flavour and smell are Cardamom Powder and it is an excellent combination with hot Tea. It also has the mixed taste of Milk and Egg. We can store it for


We all need any types of stir fry as the side dish at the time of lunch. Someone likes stir fries with Coconut and some others like masala stir fries without Coconut. We can make different tasty stir fries by using vegetables such as Bitter Gourd, Long Beans, Carrot and Beetroot. I also like stir fries very much as the side dish with Rice.  I made one tasty stir fry today which is called as Ladies Finger Masala stir fry. I like this dish very much because its taste will change when mix it with masala. Ladies Finger is one famous, tasty and healthy vegetable which can use to make different tasty dishes. It will be available on market at any time so we can make dish whenever we need. This is very useful to both skin and hair. Ladies Finger Masala is super combination with hot Plain Rice for lunch and I am usually preparing this dish in my house. This is medium spicy dish and Ladies Finger will be little bit fried in this dish. I cut it as very thin and round shape which can help to f


Colocasia is very tasty vegetable and it has been cultivating in some place especially in rural area for both homely needs and income. Colocasia is having some similarity with Tapioca, Potato and Yam and these are coming under the same category. This vegetable is helping to get good and healthy body and our grandparents were using this to get healthy body and we can say that this was the main secret of their health. Mainly they were using steam and boiled Colocasia with Salt and someone is using this way now a day also. But we can make variety tasty dishes by using this tasty and healthy Colocasia. We can get it from market at any time if it is not there in houses so everyone is using it to make dishes.  Today, I have made very tasty and spicy Colocasia stir fry. I used traditional method completely to make this stir fry. I followed my Grandmother's ingredients and method to make this. This is main and common dish of Colocasia and so many people know about this dish. It is easy


We all are making Tomato curry in our houses but everyone is using different methods and ingredients. Its taste will be change based on the ingredients and methods we used. We can Tomato curry within a few minutes that is the main specialty of this dish. Tomato is using as the combination with Beef, Chicken, Fish and Egg dishes to increase the taste. Tomato is mainly using to balance the sweet, sour and spice taste in dishes. We can make a lot of variety dishes by using this vegetable. It is the common and main ingredient of Chinese dishes. It is very useful to skin because it contains Vitamin C. It has been cultivating in so many houses for both homely requirements and income.  Today, i have made Kerala style Tomato curry and its method of preparation is very easy but taste is really good. This is completely a traditional dish and we have spent some times to make only masala paste. Tomato doesn't have more cooking time so it can cook easily and its taste is increasing when it


Sapota fruit is one of my favourite fruit so I am trying to make different tasty puddings and drinks with this fruit. Every dish and drink of Sapota fruit is really tasty. Sapota is not that much looking attractive comparing other fruits such as Apple, Orange and Grapes. It doesn't have attractive colour  and smell also but it became very popular because of its taste. It is very sweet fruit and everyone likes its drinks very much so it is highly demanded item in shops. This will be available in both houses and markets and its price also is less comparing other fruits. In my home it is there so I am making different cool drinks and pudding by using this. Its colour is Brown colour and its inside pulp is very soft and sweet and it contains 2 or 3 Black seeds inside it. We have to remove the seed before making anything or eating it directly. Sapota doesn't have sour taste so we can use it with any ingredients especially when we make Milk shake. I got a great idea today and I mix


Liver is very tasty non-vegetarian item and we can use the Liver of Beef, Chicken and Mutton. Liver dishes are very tasty and its taste is entirely different from other non-vegetarian dishes. Today, I made a very tasty and spicy Liver masala which is made by Beef Liver. This is very spicy dish because I like spicy non-vegetarian dishes but you can adjust the spices based on your choice. Beef Liver also has the same cooking time like Beef. Its taste and softness will increase after cooing well. Liver is very good for the health of Eyes and Heart. Beef Liver will be available on market at any time with the same price of Beef. We can make Liver dishes by changing the ingredients and method and its taste will change based on the ingredients and methods. I made this spicy Beef Liver Masala by using traditional method. It is very easy and simple method and Lime Juice can give a special flavour to this dish. Its main tastes and smell are Garam Masala Powder and Cumin Seeds Powder. It can se


This is very spicy Taro Stem stir fry so I give this name for this dish and I think this name is very suitable for this stir fry. Stir Fry can make by using both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items and tastes may change based on the ingredients which are used. Everybody is using stir fry dishes on daily basis for lunch and dinner so it became a part of our daily day life. Its main specialty is that it can make very easily with limited ingredients that mean we can get a tasty dish without any efforts. I introduced different types of tasty stir fry dishes to every one, Today also I am going to share another healthy and tasty stir fry through this article. I am sure about that this will be very useful to each and everyone. This is entirely different dish from other dishes because I made it by using Taro Stem. Its taste is really good and it can provide good health to everyone. This recipe will be new to so many people and it is mainly used by the people who are living in rural area or