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We all know that Potato is very tasty vegetable so everyone is using it on daily basis. It can give good taste to any dish due to its creamy effect. Potato is usually considering as the main item for vegetarians. We can make many dishes with this from breakfast to dinner and it is also available anywhere including Hotels. This is one super combination with any non-vegetarian items. It helps to increase both taste and thickness of these types of non-vegetarian dishes.  I am going to show one tasty Potato dish that is called as spicy Potato curry. You can easily identify that it is spicy dish from its name. This is very tasty dish with the mixed taste of sour and spice and also contains creamy effect. Its main flavours and smell are Cumin Seeds Powder and Garlic. We can serve it with Rice, Appam and Chapati.   Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Potato - 3 Tomato - 1 Shallots - 10 Onion - 1 Garlic Cloves - 3 Turmeric Powder - 1/


This is very rich and delicious non-vegetarian dish. This is very tasty with thick gravy and its main specialty is that Beef cooked in Coconut Milk. In Kerala, it is also known as Beef Mappas. This is completely Kerala Style dish and one of the favourite dish for them. We can use this same method to make Chicken and Fish. It is also useful to make some vegetarian dishes such as Potato, Green Peas and Mushroom. Beef Mappas is my favourite dish and Coconut Milk can give creamy effects. To increase creamy effect of this dish you can add Cashew Nut paste and Almond Paste. This is mainly preparing my house for Christmas and Ester. This is medium spicy dish and good to serve as the side dish with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has the mixed flavour and smell of Cardamom and Cloves. Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Beef - 1/2 kg Onion - 2 Shallots - 10 Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1 teaspoon Cardamom - 2 Cloves - 2 Cinnamon S


I have shared so many Paysam recipes and today also I would like to share other tasty and sweet Payasam that is called as Rice Flakes with Yellow Garam Payasam. From its name, you can understand its main ingredients. This types of desserts are used by everyone and it is available anywhere in the world. We can't avoid this dessert in Traditional festivals such as Onam and Vishu. It is also serving as the special dessert for Birthday and Wedding celebrations. Payasam is very old dessert but also everyone is making it by using different methods and ingredients. Now, we can see many varieties in this dessert and we can create any ideas to make it very special. Making variety payasam is my hobby and I made many variety payasam in my house whenever I need this dessert. This is the first time I made payasam with two main ingredients such as Rice Flakes and Yellow Gram. Its taste is very nice and it has creamy effect. I know that this will be very special to each and every one. Let us en


Chilli Chicken is one highly demanded Chicken dish in restaurants so everyone has tasted it at least once. It can be made in different ways or methods. We will get the actual taste of this dish when use it hot. Hotel or restaurant dish will have good taste comparing homemade food but to get healthy dish try to make it at home. It is made with some Chinese Ingredients such as Tomato Ketchup, Chilli Sauce and Soya Sauce. I made it here as like restaurant style and taste. This is an excellent combination with Chapati and Appam. This is very easy and simple method so try to make it at home. Preparation Time - 20 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Chicken - 1 kg Ginger Paste - 1/2 teaspoon Garlic Paste - 1/2 teaspoon Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1 teaspoon Onion - 1 Green Chilli - 2 All Purpose Flour - 1 Cup Corn Flour - 1/2 Cup Black Pepper Powder - 1 tab spoon Red Chilli Powder - 1 teaspoon Tomato Ketchup - 1/4 Cup Green Chilli Sauce - 1 tab


Now a day, everyone has tasted at least one sweet Lassi in daily day life. I need to drink any cool and sweet drink in summer season. Sometimes I am making any fresh juice or Milk Shake or some sweet Lassi. Lassi is very popular drink and it is traditional cool drink. For making this cool drink we are using Yogurt as common ingredient. We can't make it without Yogurt but we can make it with any fruits. It can make cost effective if use any seasonal fruits. Yogurt will be available in all houses always so it can make at any time if you have any fruit. This is very tasty to drink and it helps to cool body and also providing energy when tired. Yogurt is very healthy especially for children because it is protein rich item. We will get a variety taste when add Sugar with this Yogurt. Fruits will help to increase the taste of this sweet dessert. But today I made sweet Lassi with Tender Coconut so I am going to share its recipe through this article. I would like to have Tender Coconut d


Red Cow Peas and Chilli stir fry is one very good and tasty vegetarian side dish that is one of my favourite dish. We all know about Red Cow Peas and we are using its dishes on daily basis. This is very good source of protein so it is useful to human body. This is suitable to everyone especially vegetarians. I used to make different tasty dishes by using this Red Cow Peas. Red Cow Peas is an excellent combination with any vegetables so we can make many dishes with this. This is also contains Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals apart from Protein. Today, I made very easy and simple dish with this but taste is really good. You have to sock it in Water for at least 4 or 5 hours to become soft and get real taste of this. Red Cow Peas and Pepper Powder is super combination so I used this combination to get good taste. This dish is entirely different from normal Red Cow Peas stir fry.     Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Decoration - Red Chilli and Curry Leaves Ingred


Today is December 25th and every Christian is celebrating Christmas. This is very famous and popular celebration so we are celebrating it in houses and church with Cakes, Wine and some other special dishes. Mainly I am making special non-vegetarian dishes and sweet desserts in this day.  Today I am going to celebrate this Christmas with very special and colourful fruit mousse. This is very good, tasty, cool and sweet dessert. I want to get a special dessert in this day so I made this dessert today. All ingredients I used here are very tasty and good. I made it by using Custard Apple and to get White colour cream dessert I avoided other colourful fruits. White colour desserts are looking very attractive comparing other colours. This dessert contains the crispness of Chocolate Biscuit and it is very cool and sweet dessert. This dessert is good to serve in special festivals and occasions.  COLOURFUL MOUSSE Preparation Time - 10 Minutes Cooking Time - 10 Minutes Decoration - Che


Creamy Beef curry is very simple but very tasty dish. Beef dishes will have good taste due to its fat. It will be very good taste if we use any method and ingredients. This dish is one special dish of my grandmother and she was making it for Christmas and Ester. I was using this with the side dish with Appam for breakfast and this combination is very good. Grated Coconut paste, Almond paste and Cashew Nut paste are giving creamy effects for this dish. This is delicious dish with enough spice, smell and different flavours. I used pressure cooker to reduce the cooking time of Beef. Potato is one super combination with Beef and it gives good taste. This also can serve with Rice and this will be very special too guests.  Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Beef - 1 kg Potato - 1 Onion - 2 Shallots - 10 Green Chilli - 2 Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 3 teaspoon Coriander Powder - 4 teaspoon White Pepper Powder - 1 teaspoon


We have tasted many stir fry dishes because we all like these types of dishes very much. I would like to share another recipe through this article that is called as mixed vegetable spicy stir fry. You can realize that this is made by mixing many vegetables from its name. Stir fry dishes are very tasty always if we follow any methods and ingredients. Mixed vegetable spicy stir fry is one traditional dish. Mainly we are using these types of dishes for lunch. We can make variety dishes by using any vegetables and non-vegetables. This dish is very tasty and we are getting the mixed taste of different vegetables such as Long Beans, French Beans, Ivy Gourd, Snake Gourd and Carrot. This is healthy dish with the flavour and smell of Cumin Seeds and Garlic. I made it with Grated Coconut and 5 different tasty vegetables. Carrot is suitable to use with anything and also gives good colour for this dish. We can get health benefits of different vegetables through this dish. This is little bit spic


Potato is mainly used by vegetarians and North Indians. Now a day Keralites also is using it to make different tasty dishes. It will be super combination with different vegetables and non-vegetables. This is very useful to make new variety dishes. Potato can give an excellent taste to dishes. I know that everyone knows about its taste because all are using it on daily basis. I am also making many dishes in my house because I like its taste very much. Potato dishes are very tasty if we use any methods and ingredients.   Today, I would like to share very tasty and spicy south Indian style Potato Masala. It is very easy to make but taste is really good and amazing. Butter and Coconut Oil combination is giving a special flavour to this dish. I used both Crushed Red Chilli and White Pepper Powder as the spices for this dish. It can be used as the side dish with hot Rice, Chapati and Appam. We need not to add too much Water to make this. This is completely a tasty and good vegetation dis


Fish fry is not only using with Rice and it is using as the side dish with mashed Tapioca and mashed Jackfruit. South Indians are using fish fry on daily basis so it became part of their life. Keralites can't  live without Fish dishes. Fish fry is the most common and popular dish with Fish and its taste is varying based on the types of fishes. Different fish is having different taste. My opinion is that fish fry should be little bit spicy then only we can get the real taste of it. We can make fish fry by using different method s and ingredients which we prefer. I made different types of Fish fry in my house with many methods and ingredients. Today I am going share another method to make Fish fry. Here I used Black Pepper Powder as the spice and that is the main specialty of this dish. Usually I am using Red Chilli Powder for making fish fry. Black Pepper Powder gives good Black colour to this dish and variety taste. I used this fish fry with Rice and Sambar and this combination i


Stir fry dishes are very important in our daily day life so we are using it from breakfast to dinner. We all are using at least one stir fry dish daily with chapati, Rice and some other dishes. These types of dishes are the favourite items for children so making stir fries are the biggest target for mothers. These dishes are essential for them when they to school. Many are making same dishes every day so all are getting irritated getting same taste. But my opinion is that making stir fry dishes are the easiest process because we can apply any new ides in this area. We will get variety tasty dishes by using different combinations. Through this article, I am going to share variety and tasty new stir fry dish. Its main ingredients are Long Beans and Chines Potato. These two vegetables are very tasty and I like very much. This dish is one good example for making new and variety stir fries. This combination is really very tasty and it is an excellent combination with hot plain Rice for lu


Traditional dishes are very tasty and highly demanded item always. We can make traditional dishes with vegetables and non-vegetables. Dishes will be changing different places because methods of preparations will be different. Every place will have its own traditional and special dishes. South Indians have many tasty traditional dishes especially Keralites. I am using traditional dishes on daily basis because it is very good to health. Many hotels are there in Gulf countries with Kerala special tasty traditional dishes.  I would like to share traditional Kerala style Onion curry without Coconut through this article. Normally we are making traditional dish with Coconut but here I have not used Coconut but taste is similar to that. We can make this with limited ingredients and I used Poppy Seeds paste to get good thickness for this dish. It is medium spicy dish and Tomato increases its taste. I am preparing this dish sometimes and it is super combination with Chapati. This recipe is v


Pudding is one of my favourite dessert so I am spending time to make different pudding in my home. Pudding can be used to serve as the main dessert for our special occasions and festivals. Many puddings are there now because we all are using it. Everyone likes to eat pudding and usually we are depending shops to buy this. Some people know about the preparation of these types of desserts and some others don't know about this. According to me the preparation of this dessert is really very easy and we can apply any ingredients as per our preferences. Popularity of these types of desserts is increasing day by day. I have made pudding with different types of fruits and vegetables. Pudding will have both sweet and cold. Today, I made this dessert by mixing of two fruits such as ripe Mango and ripe Papaya. These two fruits have dark Yellow colour so I got Orange colour dessert finally. This combination is really good and it helps to get attractive colour pudding at last. Both were well


Vegetable stir fry is one famous Kerala Style recipe. Coconut is mainly used by Keralites for making different dishes. We can make stir fry dishes with different vegetables. Taste will increase if use or mixing different vegetables. I like this type of dishes very much so I am making different dishes by mixing vegetables. Potato is one good ingredient which is suitable with anything and it increases the taste of dishes.  Today, I am going to share another tasty stir fry recipe through this article. Here, I used crushed grated Coconut for making this but its taste will increase if use roasted Grated Coconut. This method is good for health so I followed this method there. We need not to use more quantity of Coconut Oil for this dish. Its main flavours and smells are Cumin Seeds and Garlic. We can make it very easily with limited ingredients. This is completely traditional stir fry because it has pure traditional taste. This is spicy less dish and it contains full of proteins and fibe


Chinese Potato is very tasty item that is like Potato, Colocasia and Yam. This is also known as Koorka in Kerala. I think it is mostly used by Keralites and it will be available on market in the month of November and December. Removing its peel is little bit difficult process but we can use different methods to remove its peel. So try to select big Chinese Potato from market when you buy it. I cannot express its taste by words and I like it very much. We can make variety tasty dishes with this tasty vegetable by using different methods. I have made many dishes with this and all are really tasty and good. I made spicy Chinese Potato stir fry here. Coconut Pieces is giving good taste to this dish. I used only traditional ingredients to make this dish. It is having the mixed smell and taste of Garam Masala Powder, Fennel Seeds Powder and Cumin Seeds Powder. This is an excellent combination with hot plain Rice for lunch. Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Decora


Lassi is one traditional drink and it is very popular sweet drink in India. This is very cool drink and it will become soft, smooth and frothy when we blend well. We all have tasted at least one lassi in our life. It can make with any fruits which you like. I made many lassi in my home by using different fruits and Mango Lassi is my favourite among them. Mango lassi, Apple Lassi, Pineapple Lassi and Watermelon lassi are the most common lassi drinks. Today, I made cool and sweet Lassi with red colour Cherry. I haven't get fresh Cherry so I used sweet red Cherry from shop. I used fresh Cherry Lassi from outside but taste may change if use this Cherry. My opinion is that Fresh Cherry is better to make Cherry Lassi because it will have a fresh and good flavour. This drink can make within few minutes because its method of preparation is very easy. This is better to use in summer season. This is made by using the combination of chilled Milk and Yogurt which is very useful to health


Soups are very good to health so we are using it on daily basis. Soups are very useful to anyone who needs to lose weight. We can make different soups with vegetables and non-vegetables. Taste will change based on the ingredients which we are using to make soups. I have made so many soups in my house. Today, I am going to share very tasty and creamy vegetable soup through this article. This is made by mixing Carrot, Potato and Onion. To increase the taste and creamy effect I used fresh cream. This is very healthy soup and its method of preparation is very easy and simple. Its method of preparation is entirely different from other soup recipes so its taste also very special to everyone. Coconut Milk is also giving a special taste to this. Creamy soups are there in hotels and we can make in houses by using easy methods. It can store for 3 days but also try to use it immediately to get good health. Creamy soups are very good for children also. It is very thick soup and also having the s


This is one super tasty dish and it is completely Bengali style dish so I give this name to this dish. This recipe will be very useful to vegetarians and it can use as the side dish with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I got this recipe details from my best friend Mini and I followed the same method. This is her favourite and special dish so she introduced about this curry so I made it and I also like this very much. This is having a variety smell and taste and Potato and Cabbage is really very good combination. Its taste will become double when Red Lentils add and also increase the protein content. This this thick curry and has the flavour and taste of masala. This is super combination with Chapati. This is very simple and easy to make at home.  Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 25 Minutes Ingredients Potato - 3 Cabbage - 250 gm Red Lentils - 1/4 Cup Tomato - 1 Cloves - 2 Cinnamon Stick - 2 (1/2 inch lengthy) Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder -


This is one protein rich stir fry and it can serve as the side dish with hot plain rice for lunch and dinner. It is having the mixed taste of both Banana Flower and Green Gram. This is completely traditional tasty dish so I prepared this with Grated Coconut. We can make this type of dishes by mixing Red Cow Peas and Black Chick Peas. Banana Flower has a lot of health benefits and it reduces blood pressure and weight. This stir fry is very useful for diabetic patients. This is completely a Kerala style traditional dish and its taste is really good. This is spicy-less dish and it is very simple and easy method. Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Banana Flower - 1 Green Gram - 1 Cup Garlic Cloves - 4 Onion - 2 Green Chilli - 5 Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 1/4 teaspoon Grated Coconut - 1 Cup Coconut Oil - 1 teaspoon Mustard Seeds - 1 teaspoon Chopped Shallots - 1 teaspoon Curry Leaves - 2 Sprigs Salt - To Taste Wa


Red Lentil dishes are the favourite item for North Indians. Now a day, Keralites also making different types of Lentils dishes. These types of dishes are available in hotels. I am making Red Lentils dishes in different ways and I like these types of dishes very much. Here, I am showing South Indian style spicy Red Lentil Curry so I used Curry Leaves. It has attractive taste and smell so I am very much happy to share. This is thick dish and I made it by using only natural ingredients. This is spicy dish and this is completely my mother's recipe. This is pure vegetarian and Protein rich dish.    Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Decoration - Fried Shallots, Curry Leaves and Bird's Eye Chilli Ingredients Red Lentils - 1 Cup Split Yellow Gram - 1 tab spoon Onion - 2 Ginger Paste - 1 teaspoon Garlic Paste - 1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Red Chilli Powder - 3 teaspoon Coriander Powder - 2 teaspoon Cumin Seeds Powder - 1 teaspoon Ga


Parotta is one favourite item for everyone especially for Keralites so they can't avoid it from their life. It can be used as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was getting only from hotels earlier but now we are making it from houses. It is considering as the main item when guests come home. Usually it will be available in the evening time. We are using Maida for making this and it helps to get soft and layered Parotta. Health conscious people can use Wheat Flour to make this. We are using more quantity of Oil to make this so it is not that much good for health. We can make it very easily at home with practicing. I am making Parotta in my home when I am free and I was facing difficulties to make Parotta first time but now I can do it well without any difficulties. I would like to have this with any Chicken dishes. Here, I made completely vegetarian Parotta so I haven't used Milk and Egg. This is completely Kerala style layered Parotta.        Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Wa


' Chocolate' this name is very much popular and everyone knows about this so I need not to explain about its taste. We all are remembering Brown colour sweet when we here this name. Its popularity is increasing day by day because its usage is increasing. We are making different types of dishes with this and it is costly item but everybody is busy to buying it. Chocolates are the favourite item for kids so it will be available with attractive packing. There are two types of Chocolate, one is dark Chocolate and other one is White Chocolate. We can get different types of sweets with these Chocolates. We can make homemade Chocolate with Coco Powder and Butter. Chocolate Laddu, Chocolate Milk sweet bar, Chocolate Coffee, Chocolate Tea and Chocolate pudding are my favourite tasty dishes which are made in my kitchen. I like Chocolate very much but I don't buy it from market.  Today, I would like to share one another tasty and popular cool drink which is called as Chocolate smoo