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In Kerala, Tender Jackfruit is also known as Idi Chakka and this name is very popular. Jack Fruit and Tender Jackfruit dishes are favorite item for them. Tender Jackfruit is small jackfruit so we are using it to make stir fry. But here I made one variety dish with this which is called as Tender Jackfruit Masala. This is completely traditional Kerala Style dish and it can be made very easily at home. This is little bit spicy dish and very tasty. Jack Fruit is there in my home and this is the season for Tender Jackfruit. This types of dishes are available only in houses, we can't get it from hotels. Tender Jackfruit is available in some super markets. This is very healthy and natural dish. Usually I was making stir fry but today I decided to make one variety tasty dish. This dish is having the taste of Sour, Spice and Masala taste.  Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Decoration - Fried Red Chillies Ingredients Tender Jackfruit - 1 Garlic Cloves - 3 Cl


Spicy Lemon Chicken is my grandmother's special and she was making it monthly once so I could use it when I go there. But I didn't know about its ingredients and cooking method at that time. Just I got some special variety feelings at that time so I requested my mother to make this dish but she did not know about this recipe. I got this recipe details from my grandmother so I made this dish so many times in my home. Everyone in my family like this dish very much so I am really happy to share this through this article. I would like to make variety tasty Chicken dish. I will be very happy when I make different Chicken dishes. According to me Chicken is one good item to try new recipes and it will be available in everywhere at anytime. I like the dishes which is having mixed taste of spice, sour and sweet taste. I am getting entirely different feelings when I use this types of dishes but I can't express its effect by words so I requested you to try these types of dishes. Thi


American Chopsuey is very famous and tasty Chinese dish and we can feel its amazing taste from its picture and method. It is actually rich dish with both vegetation and non-vegetarian combination. It can be used as the special item for dinner time. I like Chicken Chinese dishes very much.  Preparation Time - 20 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Noodles - 500 gm Boneless Chicken - 300 gm Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1 teaspoon Onion - 1 Carrot - 1 French Beans - 2 Cabbage (1 small) - 1 Red Capsicum - 1 Tomato - 2 White Pepper Powder - 1/2 teaspoon Tomato Sauce - 3 tab spoon Corn Flour - 2 tab spoon Chicken Stock - 1 Cup Vinegar - 1 tab spoon Sugar - 1 tab spoon Vegetable Oil - 1/2 Cup Egg - 1 Salt - To Taste Water - Required for cooking. Method Pour Water in a pan and boil it well. Add Salt and Noodles into this and cook it for 3 minutes and drain Water completely and keep Noodles aside. Heat a pan and heat Vegetable Oil in


We all are using different cool drinks in hot summer season. So we are making fresh juice, sweet Lassi, Milk Shakes and Ice Creams in this season. So many people are trying to make homemade drinks now a day because everyone is health conscious. But so many people are using artificial drinks from outside. We can get many health tips through social medias so we need to make natural drinks. We can make cool drinks with any fruits and vegetables. I have shared many drinks through this earlier. Today also I am going to share one tasty smoothie which is called as Mixed Yellow fruits smoothie. Its main ingredients are Ripe Mango, Muskmelon and Yellow Pumpkin. I used very natural sweet Mango which is there in my home so its taste is very good. We will be very tired in Summer season due to hot so we have to drink cool drinks to get freshness and relaxation. If we don't have cool  drinks we are drinking Ice Water to get cooling effect. But cool drinks can give some energy for us. This smoo


Tapioca Black Chickpeas is one tasty Kerala style traditional dish. It is made by mixing both Tapioca and Black Chickpeas. Tapioca is one popular and famous item which is mainly used by Keralites so it will be available in houses and markets. Usually Tapioca dish is using with any non-vegetarian dish but this combination is also really good and tasty. Many people don't know about this dish so this will be helpful for everyone. I made it very easily and you will have a tendency to make it again and again if you taste it once. It can be used for both vegetations and non-vegetarians. It can use as the main dish for breakfast. But you can serve it at any time whenever you need. Its taste will increase if you serve it with Onion Salad and Lemon Pickle. This is completely a healthy dish because I used only natural ingredients. This is medium spicy dish so it can be useful for everyone including kids. Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 40 Minutes Ingredients Tapioca -


Beef Cashew Curry is my favourite tasty dish. Beef dishes are very tasty and favourite dishes for non-vegetarians. Beef dishes are mainly used by Keralites and we can see different tasty dishes in special occasions such as wedding, birthday and other celebrations. I made many tasty dishes with Beef. I like spicy non-vegetarian dishes. Today, I am going to share very tasty and variety Beef Cashew Curry. This is spicy dish and it also has creamy effect. I made this by using traditional method. I would like to use this with hot plain Rice for lunch. This is having thick gravy with taste and smell of Masala. Grated Coconut and Cashew Nuts Paste can give excellent taste to this dish. This is completely variety taste Beef dish and it will be very special to everyone. Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 35 Minutes Ingredients Beef - 1 kg Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1 teaspoon Cardamom - 2 Shallots - 10 Cloves - 2 Cinnamon Stick - 2 (1/2 inch lengthy)


Green Chutney is very tasty that can make very easily within few minutes. I used Green Colour ingredients to make this Chutney so we will get Green Colour dish. This can give us freshness feel and it has good flavour and smell. It has the flavours and smell of Mint Leaves, Ginger, Cumin Seeds and Mustard Seeds. We can make this Chutney by using any method. We can make this without Mint Leaves. You can select or decide ingredients based on your taste and preferences. Now this Chutney is there in almost all supermarkets. We can make different tasty Chutney at home. Yellow Chutney, Red Chutney, White Chutney, Sweet Chutney and Coconut Chutney are the some examples of tasty Chutney. Today, I made completely healthy dish because I used natural and fresh Mint Leaves and Coriander Leaves that was there in my home. These two leaves combination is very good to remove poison from human body. This Chutney is having the mixed taste of spice, sour, sweet and salt taste. This helps to improve dig


We can make many dishes with Tender Jackfruit. I made many dishes with this by using South Indians and North Indians. But mainly Jackfruit and Tender Jackfruit are used by Keralites. Today I made spicy less Tender Jackfruit stir fry. This is one healthy dish because it contains Tender Jackfruit. I like Jackfruit dishes very much so I made it today. It is an excellent combination with hot plain Rice with Sambar. This is completely traditional dish so it will be very useful those who likes traditional dishes. This is Tender Jackfruit season so we can make many dishes with this season. Here I used Black Pepper Powder and White Pepper Powder as spices. Grated Coconut, Cumin Seeds and Pepper Powder are the good combination. We can make it with very easily at home. I used limited ingredients to make this stir fry. I love this dish very much so I am really happy to share this to all. Preparation Time - 10 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Tender Jackfruit - 1 Onion - 2


Green Cooler is one of the good cool drinks which can use in hot summer season. I give this name due to its Green Colour and cooling effect. This Green Colour is looking very attractive and it is completely natural colour without adding any artificial colour. I have made many Green Colour drinks such as Raw Mango Juice, Green Grape Juice and Bilimbi Wine. We can make both spicy and sweet drink in this Green Colour. We will get different types of fruits and vegetables with this colour. We will be very tired in summer season so we have to drink any cool drink to get relaxation and cooling effect. Cool drinks can give extra energy and mental relaxation. We can make different cool drinks with any fruits and vegetables. I made this today for my aunt who came my home so I decided to give this drink. I made it with Cucumber and Green Apple. To get sour taste I have added Lime Juice. It is having the mixed taste of both sweet and sour taste and this is super combination to give excellent tas


I have made this special pudding many times in my home because it is one of my favourite desserts. It is very cool dessert which is made by both Mango fruit and Mango Essence. I am making both hot and cold pudding but this is entirely different pudding from that. Its method is little bit different comparing others because I boiled it first then cooled it. It will have a variety taste so I can say that it will be very special to everyone without any doubt. It is looking very attractive with natural Yellow colour. I like this colour for Pudding, Juice, Milk Shake and Cake. This pudding is really tasty and you have to try it to get this amazing taste. I used very less ingredients to make this and that will be the main advantage of this special dessert. All ingredients are really good taste and Milk and Egg Yolk contains protein. I used very less quantity of Sugar because I used very sweet Ripe Mango. This is one creamy Mango pudding. We can use this same method for Apple, Jack Fruit, Bu


Today, I would like to share another tasty combination through this dish. I made this tasty stir fry with Beef and Chines Potato. These two ingredients are really tasty so this dish also will have amazing taste. Many people tried this dish and taste will be different based on the ingredients. This is completely traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish. I like this kind of dishes so I am trying new combinations. This combination is one famous South Indian dish. I used natural and traditional ingredients to make this stir fry. This is little bit spicy dish with the flavour of masala. I used pressure cooker to reduce the cooking time of Beef. I used Black Pepper Powder as the main spice for this dish. Chinese Potato is super combination with Beef. It is an excellent combination with hot plain Rice for lunch. Preparation Time - 15 Minutes Cooking Time - 30 Minutes Ingredients Beef - 500 gm Chinese Potato - 250 gm Chopped Ginger - 1 teaspoon Chopped Garlic - 1 teaspoon Sh


Muskmelon is one good fruit which has creamy effect. It is not that much familiar for Keralites. It is mostly used by North Indians. It will be available in all supermarkets and some other shops. It contains a lot of health benefits. It has high quantity of Potassium that can help to reduce blood pressure and hypertension. It also has Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. Vitamin A gives both skin glow and eye glow and also keeping us young. It doesn't have sour taste. We can make Juice, Ice Cream and pudding with this tasty fruit. It is better to make very tasty cakes.  Today, I am going to share very tasty Muskmelon Milk Shake through this article. I bought this fruit from supermarket today so I decided to make Milk Shake. This is very simple and easy method of preparation. It is really tasty to drink. This fruit doesn't have any smell so I used Vanilla Essence to get good smell and flavour. You can use any fruit essence which you like. But Vanilla Essence is better according to m


Today, I have come up with very tasty dessert which is called as Mango Popsicle which is made by ripe Mango. Mango Popsicle is one of the tasty Mango desserts. Mango taste and smell are giving freshness. Yellow colour of Mango is very attractive and I have made it many times in my home. Usually I am making this in Mango Season because I can make it very healthy and natural by using fresh Mango. Here, I made it with ripe Mango which is from market. Mango will not be there in my home at this time so I bought it from shop today. I am remembering my childhood memories when I see this. We can make Popsicle with Grape, Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Milk and Vermicelli. You can make it with any colour, smell and taste as per your taste. We need not to add artificial colour if use natural colour fruits. Popsicle is the favourite item for kids. Mango Popsicle will have the taste Milk, Fresh Cream and Sugar and it also has creamy effects. We have to spend lit


Sharjah Milk Shake is one Banana Milk Shake. This is very famous and popular cool drink in Kerala. It is common Milk Shake which will be there in all Ice Cream parlour at any season. I am sure that everyone has tasted it. We can garnish it with anything such as dry fruits. Usually we are getting it from shops with Vanilla Ice Cream and it will be looking very attractive. Its main ingredients are Frozen Milk, Banana and Horlicks. It is very tasty cool drink and I made here very natural White colour Milk shake. I used Robusta Banana to get good flavour. I made it today to serve for my best friend Mini. First I thought to give Grape Juice but frozen Milk was there in fridge so I decided to make this Milk shake. She became very happy when I serve this drink. It is very good to use in very hot summer. It is very thick cool drink and it can give energy when tired. You can realize its effect if you drink it when you tried. It will reduce hungry immediately and also our stomach will become


Mutton is very tasty non-vegetarian item like Beef and Pork. Mutton is very costly item comparing other non-vegetarian items. Mutton dishes are mainly using for Wedding, Birthday, Ester and Christmas celebrations. We can make different tasty dishes with this and many dishes are available in hotels. This contains fat inside so it will have really good taste. Mutton is very soft meat and its softness will increase when we cook it. I made Mutton Pepper Gravy today and it is very tasty and my favourite dish. I would like to have this dish with Mashed Tapioca, Chapati and Appam. You can use it with any food which you like. Mutton dishes are very good for the health of human heart. I used pressure cooker for reducing the cooking time. Its taste is different and it will have the mixed flavour of Cumin Seeds Powder, Fennel Seeds Powder and Garam Masala Powder. This is little bit spicy dish and it can make very easily. It will have thick gravy and this recipe is very useful for everybody espe


Red Amaranth Stir fry is one of the tasty dishes and it can be included in our daily food. It contains Iron content which is very good for human body. It increases the quantity of blood and reduces Anemia. So many spinach's are there and these are available in both houses and markets. It will be available with Red, Green and White colours. Its price is little bit less as comparing with other vegetables so it can be affordable for everybody. We all know that the benefits of Spinach very well. We have to give to children when they go to school.  Today I made very tasty and healthy stir fry which is made by natural Red Amaranth and it was there in my home. It is very simple and easy recipe. We can get very good dish with limited ingredients. I have followed traditional method to make this stir fry. This is spicy less dish and it is an excellent combination with hot Rice for lunch. I am sure that this recipe will be very useful to health conscious people. We need at least on stir f


Onion Raita is one famous side dish and it is mainly using with Biriyani, fried Rice and Ghee Rice. Everyone has tasted it so I need not explain its taste. It is very easy to make at home and we can make it in different ways but taste will almost similar if we use any method. It is one spicy less Raita which is made by Onion and Yogurt. It will be very special and favourite for each and every one especially children. It is also very healthy Raita and it can make within few minutes with limited ingredients. We are using different types of pickles and Raita with Biriyani and Fried Rice but we need to get Onion Raita with these dishes because it is the super combination. Today, I decided to get some variety taste so I used Cumin Seeds here. We can get different flavour when add this ingredient. Cumin Seeds are super combination with Yogurt. To get a little spicy I used Green Chilli. I used very thick Yogurt to get thick Raita. There are a lot of different Raita such as Tomato Raita, Cuc


Chapati is very famous and popular in the world and it is mainly used to have at the time of dinner. Keralites were using only Rice for dinner 10 years ago but now 50% has been changed from Rice to Chapati for dinner. Chapati has a lot of health benefits so it became one important fact of our life. Mainly it is helping to reduce weight and it is scientifically proved. Health conscious people are using Chapati to get its health benefits. In North India, it is also known as Roti and they are the main consumers of Chapati. Everyone would like to have Chapati daily basis but so many people are facing difficulties to make it properly. Sometimes we can't get soft and round shaped Chapati so we can't get its exact taste. I was also facing the same situation first time but I tried it again and again and I got soft and round shaped Chapati by practicing. We can make it very easily at home with practicing. I am making t when I get free time and I would like to have as breakfast and Din


Black Chickpeas Curry is one favourite dish for everybody always. Mainly we are using it as the side dish with Dosa, Idly, Appam and Bread for Breakfast. It can also serve as the side dish for both lunch and dinner. It is very healthy because it is protein rich item. So many are not aware about its benefits but everyone knows about its taste. We are making Black Chickpeas curry in home by using different methods. Every place will have their own style to make this dish and its taste will change based on the method which we used to make. We can use our new and innovative ideas to make this dish. This is one of my favourite dish so I made it in different ways. I used to make it spicy, spicy less, with and without Coconut. We will get both Black Chickpeas and White Chickpeas in market. Both are really good and tasty but mainly we are making dishes with Black Chickpeas.  Black Chickpeas in Coconut gravy is one traditional dish and it is made by using South Indian style. Keralites can


Raisins Chutney is one sweet Chutney which is made by Raisins. It is very tasty to have and it can make very easily at home. I got this recipe from my best friend Mini and I tasted it from her first and we both were working together at that time. I didn't know about this Chutney earlier. I was using Raisins to making Cake, Payasam and Puddings. I was so exited when I heard about this Chutney. I love the dishes those have mixed taste of spice, sour and sweet. We can get different types of sweets from market with this mixed taste and it can give us freshness feel. I followed the same method which I got from my friend and I am really happy to share this new taste to all. We can use it as the side dish with Dosa and Idly for Breakfast. It is also an excellent combination with Chicken Biriyani, Fish Biriyani, Egg Biriyani, Fried Rice and Vegetable Rice. Usually we are making sweet Chutney with Dates and Beetroot so this can give you a new and fresh experience. I used White Vinegar to


Tomato Cashew Nut Masala is one tasty dish and tasted it from one hotel which is located in Bangalore. I used it as the side dish with Chapati in the evening. Its taste was really amazing so I decided to make it from home. But here I made little bit changes from that so its taste also is little bit different. They have added fresh Coriander Leaves but here I used Curry Leaves so it became as Kerala Style dish. But Coriander Leaves can give another flavour and freshness. This is spicy less and thick gravy masala curry. It also has the special flavour of Cashew Nut and creamy effects. It is an excellent combination with Chapati and Bread. This is completely vegetarian dish and it can make very easily t home. I like Tomato dishes very much and all dishes of this vegetable are really good and tasty. Tomato can be used as the combination with Chicken, Beef and Fish. This masala dish has the mixed taste of sour and spice and also has the flavour of masala. This dish is entirely different f


Snacks items are the favourite item for each and every one in this world so I need not to explain its important in our life. Eating something became habit for many people and they are spending a lot of money for buying different snacks from shops. So many are interested to have fried snacks such as Onion Fritters, Banana Fritters, Banana Chips, Potato Chips and Jackfruit Chips. But we have to use healthy and homemade snacks in the evening. These types of artificial fried snacks are very harmful to our health but we can't get that much tastes from our natural snacks. Now a day many new diseases are coming day by day because of these tasty artificial snacks. So we have to give importance to homemade and natural chemical free food. If we are ready to give some time to spend for making good food we can make very tasty food from our home itself.  I am going to share one tasty and healthy snack recipe through this article. Its main ingredients are Rice Flour and Ripe Banana. We can m


We all are using many cool drinks in our daily day life and Milk Shake is one among them. I think that I need not to explain its important by words. Milk shakes popularity and demand is increasing day by day. We all are giving first priority when we go any cool bars and hotels. Vanilla Milk shake is one world favourite Milk shake so everyone knows about this. This is very smooth and creamy Milk shake. It is made by both Vanilla Ice Cream and Vanilla Essence so we are calling Vanilla Milk shake. This is very favourite for each and every one so it is highly demanded Milk shake in everywhere. We all are using different Milk shake in our daily day life. All remembering Vanilla Milk shake when hear Milk shake first because Vanilla flavour is that much famous. We can get it very easily wherever we go. Vanilla flavour is suitable to use with anything such as Cake, Pudding, Milk Shakes, Biscuits and sweets. This flavour can give us special and verity flavour and it can't express by words