About Us

Welcome to Eastern Recipes,

I'm Dhanya George, I'm an MBA graduate. I finished my graduation from Bangalore University. I have specialized in HRM and Finance and I worked as an HR Executive after completion of my graduation. Currently I am living Kannur, Kerala with my parents. Cooking was my hobby but now I would like to take up my culinary skills professionally to share my cooking ideas and creativity to the world. I would like to present a unique and variety cooking experience to all those who go through this site.
I love cooking because I find it really interesting and refreshing. If you are tensed just try cooking something and I am sure you will see the difference. Cooking has joy of sharing also, the most personal and intimate thing you can do for someone is to cook something for them. You are literally providing plated nourishment's with love made with your own hands and creativity. Cookery gives you immense opportunities to be creative and innovative to develop new recipes for making delicious and variety dishes. Cooking is my passion since my childhood and I like to taste new dishes always. My grandmothers and mother are very good cooks and they are my inspiration in this field.
I have started this with the great support of my sweet elder sister Remya George who is very much interested in cooking and a gifted cook. Apart from her culinary skills, she has specialized in Human Resource Management and works as an Administrative Officer in an IT firm. Cooking is her passion since childhood and she has attended many cooking classes and cookery shows to enhance her cooking abilities. Her expertise and innovative ideas are of great value and inspiration for me. I value her suggestions and corrections from time to time. It won't be an exaggregation, if I call her as the backbone of this site. We both enjoy and very much happy to share our tasty recipes to all and we are always committed to come up with good, tasty and healthy recipes from different sources for people with different taste.
This site contains a wide variety of commonly used cooking tips that can be used for everyone in the world. Through this site, we aim to make the food more natural, healthier, attractive and affordable. Cooking is also one art like other field and everyone can cook easily if you have interest and time. Food is the first priority to everyone and we can't live without food. A good recipe will take place in the human mind. It will be easy to follow a recipe but it is very challenging to develop a new one. Making tasty, healthy and variety food is the important task for everyone especially mothers. Mainly I am focusing on traditional cuisines because I like such types of food and I found they will be very good to use on daily basis. I am planning to research in cooking field to get more ides and develop new variety dishes. Mainly we provide recipes of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, desserts, beverages and snacks items. Here, we recommend only natural and healthy ingredients to make dishes so almost all dishes are very good to use on daily basis. I don't like to add artificial ingredients to make recipes so you can trust my dishes 100% natural. All dishes are made in my kitchen and the photograph is taken by us. I am posting dishes daily once and anyone can search your favourite dishes through this. I feel so satisfied when I introduce good, tasty, healthy and quality foods to others. Cooking is a good platform for love and recognition and cooking is also an area where you can bring many changes with creativity. I hope this site is very useful for everyone who wants to learn cooking. We desire to give a  unique and different cooking experience to all through this.